Protective glass on the phone 🥝 how to stick on your own

The modern market offers each buyer a huge number of different models of gadgets, smartphones and other similar devices. Despite the fact that the display is made reliably, the buyer decides to extend its life by purchasing a protective glass. This is due to the fact that over time we are not as careful about smartphones as at the first stage. Today we will talk about how to clean the phone before the glass sticker, how to get rid of dirt, remove stains, how to clean the gasoline and rainbow stains, cut off, wipe the protective glass from the inside and what tools we need for this.

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What is safety glass?

Safety glass is a modern type of display coating on smartphones and gadgets. They make it using a chemical method based on tempered glass.

Important! Compared to ordinary film, it is several times thicker and harder. That is why, if this coating is present on the phone, it protects the screen from fingerprints, scratches, moisture and even shock. Despite these characteristics, the brightness and color does not change.

Any problems with the appearance of the gadget can be prevented if you use the right care products. Read on our website,how to clean the phone.


Due to the multilayer coating, the glass thickness varies from 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm, the composition of which is as follows:

  • The first layer is always made on the basis of silicone. It sticks to the display.
  • The next layer is a bond. It is he who does not allow fragments to spread if a crack or mechanical shock occurs.
  • The third coating layer is an anti-reflective film. It retains the visibility of the drawings on the screen if direct sunlight or other bright light enters it.
  • The protective layer protects against shock, falls and other mechanical damage.
  • The most recent layer is an oleophobic coating. It provides protection against moisture, fingerprints and simplifies screen cleaning.

With active use, the top coating, which ensures the reliability of the unit, becomes dirty. It is then that the question arises of how to clean the protective glass of the phone. How to do this and what is required for this, we will consider further.

Immediately pay attention to the state of the back of your gadget. You might find the informationhow to remove scratches from the phone.

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What is a protective film?

The protective film appeared on smartphones for a long time. It is not a high-tech product and is present on every gadget. This product is characterized by the presence of three layers:

  • the lower one sticks to the screen;
  • medium absorbs ultraviolet radiation and provides brightness when exposed to bright light;
  • top - is responsible for protecting the display screen.

Important! The most important thing for the film is proper bonding. To do this, you need to have a little skill, since the first time it can not always work out.


All protective films that are present on the market of smartphones and gadgets are divided into three types: matte, glossy and mirror. Let's take a closer look at each view to see if there will be a difference in cleaning:

  • Matte film absorbs glare and also hides fingerprints. The main disadvantage is that it degrades the image quality. However, its cost is very low. Many masters attribute such a film to technological and advise not to stop the final choice on this product.
  • Glossy protective film is the most popular among similar products. The main disadvantage of such a coating is that it is easily damaged. The film strongly reflects light, scratches and other mechanical damages quickly appear on it. Fingerprints are also visible.
  • Mirror film is the least popular among similar products. The peculiarity is that with an extinct screen, it can mirror the image. However, the quality and brightness of the screen changes when sticking this coating - this is the main disadvantage.

All of the above films are contaminated and this is especially noticeable when the dust gets under the coating. How to clean the film for the phone, we will now analyze.


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How to clean the protective glass on the phone?

If you are thinking about how to clean the film for the phone, then ordinary tape or, as it is also called, adhesive tape will help you. For this you need:

  • take a wide tape;
  • cut a piece from it about 30-40 cm;
  • stick it to the surface so that the sticky side is on top.

After that, it is worth sticking the protective film with the sticky side to the adhesive tape. Then, very carefully and slowly, immediately peel off the film. All dust that was present on the product will go away and the sticky layer will remain.

Important! If you need to remove scratches from the top of the protection, then polish the defects with felt, a soft cloth or with the help of auxiliary products - white toothpaste, GOI paste or olive oil.


Another way to clean the protective glass from the inside is to use soap and water. For this:

  • You need to remove the contaminated product from the phone.
  • Wash off all dust particles in hot water.

Important! We recommend that you do this at a certain angle and in bright light so that you can see the dust particles that you will clean.

  • After this procedure, it is very good to soap the sticky layer with soap. To do this, it is better to use two or three layers.
  • After that, take and wash the soap solution under water. See to the glass water film.
  • Then, glue the film on a clean wet display using an ordinary credit card.
  • We watch that air bubbles and other villi did not get.

If all else fails, the best way to restore the appeal of your gadget is to replace the protective part. On our website you will find detailed instructions onhow to change glass on the phone.

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Today we disassembled all types of protective films and talked about how to clean the protective glass from the inside. As you can see, doing this is quite simple. Now you do not need to throw out the old film and stick on a new one, because you can simply clean and re-stick the same protection on the gadget again. Use our tips and simplify your life!

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