The phone stopped charging 🥝 repair the power connector at home

Now it’s hard to believe that mobile devices were the easiest way to connect with other people. Now a regular mobile phone has turned into a high-speed smartphone with huge multimedia functionality, and the case began to store the power of a good computer inside. Using devices is very addictive and some do not even take a break at least for a short time. This operation greatly affects charging, and constant recharging can damage one of the most important phone connectors. How to fix the phone's charging socket, if it is broken, you will learn from today's article.

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Can I fix the socket of the charging module?

How to fix the charging input on the phone at home? Here you need to thoroughly understand, then everything will work out. Inaccurate use of a mobile device very often results in some kind of breakdown that needs to be fixed. Sometimes a breakdown lies in the power cable connector. In this case, you need to find out how to fix it, but for this it is worth familiarizing yourself with the main causes of the defect.

The main reasons for the breakdown of the device socket:

  • You can spill some liquid on the device or just drop it well in order to disable this module.
  • Constant mechanical stresses deform the socket, which can make charging the gadget simply an impossible procedure - the plug will not enter the connector or hang in it, in which case the socket will need to be replaced.
  • Contact pads may also bend, which completely blocks access to electricity.

Let's talk right about the worst - about moisture.

Contact between the mobile phone connector and moisture is the most dangerous damage. Corrosion will start a chain reaction and all neighboring components will be oxidized. Such defects can also damage the dynamics, which are most often located at the bottom of the device. Also, the speaker itself gives access to moisture to get on the cable or connector. Therefore, not even heavy rain can damage your phone.

Important! Find out what you can do, is it possible to reanimate the gadget if a more serious nuisance happened to you - the phone fell into the water and does not turn on.

The most important thing is to assess the complexity of the damage, since not all cases allow you to repair the house. The best option is to use the services of a qualified professional from a service center. So you will not risk breaking your device.


Can I fix the device at home?

Very rarely, restoration work can be carried out independently. It’s best to find an alternative way to charge for a while, until you decide for yourself whether to repair it yourself. While the necessary amount is being set aside for repair in the workshop, read the instructions for charging a phone with a broken socket:

  • Insert the charger into your smartphone and plug it into the network.

Important! This method is relevant only for devices that have suffered from mechanical stress, and not from moisture.

  • Carefully move the cord and device in different directions. You may be able to close the contact and charge the device.
  • If the mobile phone still detects the presence of a charger, then it is worth fixing the position found. Books and other objects that can set the phone so that the power continues can be used.
  • Before carrying out all these steps, you should make sure that the problem is in the socket, and not in the battery. Prolonged use of the phone leads to the fact that it ceases to hold a charge. For this case, you will have to get a new battery, and not fight with the “phantom” breakdown.
  • If the matter is still in the nest, then repair can not be avoided. If the socket moves away from the tablet or the usb input is shaky, try changing the socket itself or replacing the cable.

Important! Remember that all these manipulations can loosen the nest even more, so do not apply much force during the work.

If everything is okay with the connector, but the problem of lack of energy in the battery still persists, read about What to do if the phone is not charging.

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Alternative charging method

If the design of your phone allows you to remove the battery, then you can use universal charging. Such devices are called “Frog”. It is, of course, not very cheap, but sometimes it is urgent to charge the phone. This gadget has special grooves in which you need to insert and lock the battery.

But this method also has a number of obvious disadvantages:

  • During charging, the smartphone will not work and it will not be possible to use it until the battery is charged.
  • The acquisition price of “Frogs” is quite high and does not always justify its purchase.
  • If the manufacturer’s reputation is very doubtful, then you will only harm your device.
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Charge the device directly

How to fix the phone charging connector? You can try to replenish energy reserves by disconnecting the power port itself from the phone.

Important! This method is very complex and requires the user to have basic knowledge and skills in working with equipment and electricity.

The essence of the work is as follows:

  1. Remove the battery from the smartphone.
  2. We disconnect the charger from the outlet, arm ourselves with a sharp object and remove the insulation from the wire by five centimeters.
  3. Strip the wires and determine where the plus is and where the minus is.
  4. Identify the polarities on the battery and connect the wires to it.
  5. Fix the makeshift terminals and apply mains power.

Important! It is not recommended to resort to this method, since you can suffer even while charging. Do not work with wires without insulation if you have never done so and do not know how the electric current behaves.

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Do it yourself repair

You need to act very carefully if you still decide to fix the jack to charge your phone with your own hands.

To disassemble the housing and remove the socket, we need:

  1. A small set of screwdrivers.
  2. Technical tweezers (also normal).
  3. Clerical knife or regular sharp.
  4. Soldering Station.

Now you need to do the following:

  • We unscrew all the screws on which the case is mounted.
  • Carefully remove the lid by prying it with a clerical knife.
  • We ground the soldering iron, solder the wire to minus (device case). The second end of this wire must be brought to the body of the soldering iron itself.

Important! These measures are necessary so that the mobile phone does not suffer from the accumulation of static electricity, which can harm parts. It would also be nice to make an antistatic bracelet and ground it.

  • Now solder all the wires from the socket. This is to prevent a short circuit.
  • Next, you need to remove the screws from the board that hold it. Now we have access to the microUSB connector.
  • We take out the old nest, solder a new one in its place, assemble the device in the reverse order, and check its operability.

You may also find our instructions useful. how to clean the headphone jack on your phone.

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Repair input for charging on the phone is over! If you did everything right, then the previous performance will return. We hope that from now on you will not have to deal with such a problem very soon, but for this you just need to carefully handle your equipment.

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