How to fix a loop on the phone?

Are you familiar with the principle of connecting all moving elements to a printed circuit board in all modern mobile technologies? The connection of these elements is achieved using loops. During continuous use, this component may fail. How to fix and restore the loop on the phone? Users without experience immediately panic and hit in search of the nearest service center. But in the workshop, loopback services cost quite a lot of money, but who loves unforeseen expenses? This article will help those users who have basic knowledge in working with modern technology. Today we will try to repair, solder and connect the loop with our own efforts.

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A little bit about the device and upcoming work

Modern models of mobile phones very quickly lose their relevance, because they are being replaced by new versions of devices. Not every user is ready to give a large amount of money in order to get a brand new powerful smartphone. Therefore, you need to do loop recovery. Components for such devices are not very expensive, but installing them is a rather expensive undertaking.

Is it possible to repair the loop with my own hands? If you disassemble your gadget, you will see that the contact pads are attached directly to the display. On the back of the case, these parts are attached to the printed circuit board in a certain sequence.

Important! In order to determine the malfunction, you need to get a brand new multimeter, in which an ohmmeter will be built in to measure resistance. In the same service centers, the connecting components are bent in opposite directions to identify problematic contact.

If other problems are revealed during the diagnosis, we advise you to eliminate them at the same time. Perhaps in this case our other publications will come in handy:

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To carry out repairs at home, you need to be well prepared and find special materials and tools, such as:

  1. Flat screwdriver.
  2. Magnifying glass.
  3. Needle.
  4. Alcohol solution.
  5. Sandpaper.
  6. Soldering Station.
  7. Thick layer of polyethylene.
  8. Adhesive tape and multi-core MGTF cable.

Important! Before you begin restoration work, think a few times. All manipulations are not particularly difficult if you have ever done something like that. If there is no absolute certainty of success, we recommend that you still find a service center where skilled workers will take matters into their own hands.

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Method one

In order to repair the phone loop, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Remove the back cover of your device and remove the battery.
  • Now you need to unscrew the fixing screws using a flat screwdriver.
  • Remove the main circuit board and the plastic overlay under the screen. The last component is attached to the double-sided tape.
  • Next, you need to do a gap search on any of the tracks. To do this, get rid of the insulation with a needle.

Important! Use a magnifying glass to facilitate the procedure.

  • We pick up a soldering iron and wrap a piece of copper wire on its tip.A component with low power parameters (somewhere around 20-25 watts) is best suited. We solder the remains of the wire insulation.
  • The edge that has just been stripped must be prepared for connection to the board.

Important! If for some reason several conductors were damaged at once, then we repeat the last manipulation for each of them.

  • If you have finished with the previous paragraph, then go to the soldering itself. Solder the edges to the printed circuit board and carefully inspect the entire circuit for gaps between the tracks.
  • Take a thermal film or a layer of polyethylene in your hands, wrap at least one layer of the edges of the soldered cable. Warm up this whole thing until you melt the film, thereby sticking it to the tape. An iron is perfect for this action, but you need to take into account that the entire procedure must be carried out with extreme caution.
  • It so happens that the track is cracked not at the edges, but in the very center. To fix this problem, it’s best to duplicate this track with pieces of mounting wire.
  • Now we assemble the mobile device in the reverse order and test it for operability.

Important! You should also know that the loop can be made independently. To do this, lay the conductors on the layer of a conventional medical patch.

How to repair the phone loop in another way? Everything is very simple.

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Second way

Restoration work can be carried out as follows:

  • First, grind a small amount of rosin to a powder and dissolve in an alcohol solution. To create a solution, use a proportional ratio of one to six.
  • Now we take in our hands the good old glue “Moment” and glue the damaged area onto an insulated plate. Then you need to put this compound under the most common technical microscope, which everyone used in biology classes at school.
  • We proceed to the removal of insulation. As a tool, you can use a scalpel or a small knife. We remove somewhere 1.5 mm of wire in the place of a break. Next, you need to apply a little of the solution that was in the first paragraph, on the tape section. Use a brush to apply the mixture. After application, touch the tip of the soldering iron to this area of ​​the loop.
  • Remove the varnish with a scalpel and carefully lubricate this section with a solution of rosin and alcohol. Taper the conductor 25 mm from its edge and carefully solder it to the outermost track with respect to the extreme loop.

Important! For convenience, it is better to raise the wire in the middle above the parts that are damaged.

  • We bend the portion of the wire that connects the two sides of the non-working path and bite off the excess parts that formed during the operation with wire cutters. It remains to solder the cable to the board.
  • If there is a need for “extension" of the loop, then use another section of the loop with the corresponding geometric dimensions. Cut the component perpendicular to the damaged area.
  • We clean, connect and solder both halves. We isolate the sections of wire that are exposed and assemble the mobile phone in the reverse order.
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Stock footage

DIY repair of a tablet’s loop is a very simple and profitable task. From the video and text above, you will learn how to replace a flexible cable, solder a torn cable, and what to do if it is removed. On your own, you can save your money and save it for the future.

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