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Mobile devices have long been an integral part of human life. Ten years ago, many of us calmly dispensed with smartphones, using other means of communication and navigation. Now the need for mobile phones is very great, because it is very convenient to take the gadget with you and always be with access to important information. According to statistics, each person uses such devices at least once every few hours. Constant operation leads to the fact that the device’s body is quickly contaminated, and this affects its appearance and not only. Accumulations of dirt can impair the operation of important components of the device. Failure may occur: control buttons, speakers, microphones. If such a situation arose, then there is a need to get rid of the effects of pollution. How to clean the speaker grid of the phone and its other components? Everything is very simple, if you know a few tips.

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How to clean a samsung smartphone?

How to clean the earpiece speaker grid on samsung? Before tackling any components, you need to pay attention to cleaning the mobile phone case. It is different:

  • Plastic is the most common material for the manufacture of modern devices. This material is very easy to clean with a damp piece of cotton, but this method is not very effective against germs that accumulate very quickly on the surface. Some users may recommend the use of alcohols, but do not.

Important! Alcohol can dissolve the paint applied to the surface of the gadget, or just leave marks.

  • Metal cases are also not recommended to be treated with such substances, since the metal has the property of oxidizing. Do we want the device to rust or get damaged?

Important! Use only special substances and napkins that can be easily found in any electronics store.

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Cleaning the device display

A huge screen is a common feature of a modern phone. It must be handled with special care in order not to cause scratches or more complex damage. The main source of pollution is human hands, since we literally do not release the device from them. The difficulty is that getting rid of fingerprints is not so simple. It is not recommended to use a normal cloth for cleaning. Sleeves, towels and paper towels will not help you.

Important! In order to clean the screen of dirt, you should buy a special microfiber cloth, which simply does its job with a bang. If the matter is not only in the dirt, but also in some mechanical defects, use the effective methods from the following articles:

Very often, due to pollution, the sound output device is interrupted. Will you have to change the column in your smartphone or buy a new model? Not worth it! You can try to eliminate the effects of pollution on your own. You just need to understand how to clean the speaker of the phone at home.

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We clean the speaker of a mobile phone

If your lifestyle is active, then you most likely often relax in nature or simply are in perpetual motion.In this case, grains of sand, dust, debris, metal dust and other foreign bodies can get into the speaker. A similar incident can disable the speaker, which no user wants.

Often the problem can be solved independently, for this you need:

  • Take a cotton swab and walk very carefully through the dirtiest places on the phone.
  • If the result did not satisfy you, try to take a technical vacuum cleaner with a thin nozzle, set the lowest power and blow through the design of the device so that all the garbage flew out.
  • If the design of the device allows you to disassemble it a little, then do it and walk with a soft brush around the speaker.
  • You can also try using a can of compressed air instead of a vacuum cleaner.

Important! If cleaning the phone’s speaker did not bring any special results, we recommend that you take the device and go to the nearest service center for help from a qualified specialist.


Got metal shavings?

It happens that the speaker of the phone magnetizes small iron debris, which is not so easy to remove. If you do not have the opportunity or desire to take the device to a service center, then you can try to follow the following user tips:

  • You can try to use a neodymium magnet to collect all the iron litter. This method has the most positive reviews.
  • You can try to remove the garbage with adhesive tape or tape. Simply apply a strip to the membrane and pull it very carefully so as not to damage it.
  • Some users recommend using semi-dried PVA glue or “Moment”. But here only at your own peril and risk. You can accidentally fill the entire structure, which will force you to arm yourself with a solvent and spend several hours cleaning.

Now you know how to clean the phone speaker from metal dust. And in order not to waste time in vain, immediately use our instructions to clean the headphone jack of the phone. It will also be very simple and you can easily cope with the task.

How to protect yourself in the future?

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Precautionary measures

In order to prevent re-contamination, use the following protective equipment:

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Stock footage

As you can see, all situations are not critical, and you can easily cope with the regular cleaning of the gadget yourself. The main thing is to do this very carefully, without harming other components.

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