How to clean the microphone in the phone?

A modern person is uncomfortable if he does not have a mobile device at hand. But constant contact with technology obliges us to understand some things from scratch. This means if you want to use modern technology, you need to be prepared for all unforeseen situations. Devices need constant maintenance, and sometimes even repair, which is easier to do on their own than to give any amount for fixing minor problems in the service center. There is one problem that most users have already encountered - the unstable operation of the microphone, which is built into the mobile phone. You may need to repair the component or clean it to fix the problem. Today we will learn how to clean and repair the microphone in the phone.

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The main causes of breakdowns

There are three of the most common problems that can disable a sound recorder. A careful examination of each of them will help to solve the problem on their own.


How to clean the microphone? Accumulations of dust, particles of skin, small debris can get on the sound-sensitive head of the microphone, which leads to the loss of its beneficial properties. To fix in this case, you need to get cotton wool, an alcohol solution and a screwdriver, and you also need to know where the microphone is located in Samsung and other models:

  • Disassemble the phone, or rather its body, and get the microphone.
  • Now dip the cotton wool in alcohol, the main thing is not to overdo it.
  • Carefully clean all dirty plaque from the sound-sensitive head.

Important! Be careful not to leave cotton particles on the surface of the devices.

  • Now wait until the alcohol has completely evaporated and return the microphone to its place, tightening all the screws firmly.

Moisture exposure

Often, condensation builds up between the microphone pads and its head. The head itself is not subject to corrosion, but moisture still does its job. Again, you need to disassemble the housing, release the head and put it to warm up under an incandescent lamp.

Important! An ordinary desk lamp will do just fine with this. If the device is equipped with gaskets, then the same actions should be carried out on them.

Broken wiring contacts

Another reason for the failure of the recorder is a break in the incoming wire. There are two options for restoration work for this case: replacement and soldering. You need to choose one of them, focusing on the specific situation:

  • The best option is to use a soldering iron to repair a broken wire.
  • But if in the headphones the wire has gaps in several places, then it is better to replace everything right away.

How to repair a microphone? If the problems with him are more serious than the above, then the entire node should be replaced, especially when it comes to a smartphone. But if there are serious problems with the headset, then it is better to just buy a new one.

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In order to find out if the device works, you need to get a multimeter or an analog tester, in which an ohmmeter is built-in. Disassemble the phone case, remove the microphone from it and ring it with an ohmmeter.

Important! A working microphone should ring like a diode in one direction, and in the other, the measuring device should show somewhere 20 kOhm.If the values ​​on the device are different from the nominal, then the component is defective and will need to be replaced.

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Repair instructions

First you need to determine the exact cause of the breakdown, and the nature of the breakdown itself. The most common complaints usually occur on the following things:

  • The microphone has stopped working.
  • Microphone sensitivity decreased.

If you still undertake the recovery procedure yourself, then:

  1. First of all, check if the device is correctly connected to the phone. Perhaps the integrity of the wire is violated, then you will have to wield a soldering iron.
  2. If the microphone does not work even after that, you should take it out of the case and take it apart. Check that all his contacts are not integrity, you may need to bend or fix something in order to bring the device back to life.

Important! As a rule, such simple preventive work is carried out in combination. Other parts are also being cleaned at the same time as the microphone. For step-by-step instructions for doing this work with your own hands, read the following articles:

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Microphone Replacement

In order to replace the old microphone with a new one, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Solder an old broken microphone with a soldering iron and a blade. If you look at the entire structure from the side, you can notice the soldering of contacts, which must be warmed up.
  • Now you need to put a flat blade under the microphone, while warming up all the legs. Next, we simply separate the microphone from the microcircuit, without putting much effort.
  • Inspect the microchip for contamination, clean it with an alcohol-containing liquid, and remove the “remnants” of the microphone. Now you need to prepare the site on the chip in order to install a new microphone.
  • With the help of a soldering iron and solder, we sit the microphone on the vacant area. If necessary, you can float old wires.
  • Now you need to slightly press the sound recorder to the board and solder the wires protruding in all directions to the pads.

Important! Solder quickly to avoid overheating.

  • We remove excess consumables and check the device for performance.

Important! When the device inside is clean and serviceable, you can pay attention to its appearance. Read about the most effective ways in the following articles:

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  2. How to remove scratches from the phone case?
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Congratulations! Now you know how to repair a microphone at home and at no extra cost.

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