How to clean the headphone jack on the phone?

Well, imagine a modern person without such a gadget as headphones. Today, the world of sounds is filled with car signals and loud people talking on the phone. For a long time in the heart of the city you can’t sit down and leave your thoughts if you don’t have headphones with you. But did you know that prolonged operation without proper maintenance can lead to the breakdown of such a wonderful device as a headphone jack (socket) in a smartphone? It must be cleaned regularly, and if it starts to function poorly, the wire crashes, then do it immediately. How to clean the headphone jack on the phone on your own? We will take some time for this procedure and understand its nuances.

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We clean the headphone jack in the phone

Continuous use of the smartphone can lead to unstable operation with headphones and other headsets. There are cases when this component refuses to work at all and it turns out that the sound appears and disappears on its own without our knowledge. Even in such cases, do not despair, since most of the problems can be eliminated on their own with the help of the usual cleaning, perhaps garbage got there and got stuck there. And to do all this is not so difficult.

Important! Do not forget to turn off the device before performing all manipulations. If you do not, then you risk burning the port or damaging something.

How to clean the headphone jack on a mobile device? Before you start cleaning the connector, you need to understand that the entire procedure must be performed with special attention and caution. Try not to damage the outlet itself and other fragile components that are located next to it. For cleaning, use only those products recommended by the manufacturers.

Important! When you are finished removing dirt from the connector itself, critically inspect the headset itself. Depending on your gadget model and accessories used, we suggest you use the following instructions:

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Basic cleaning methods for the 3.5 mm jack

In order to clean the output for the 3.5 mm minijack, it is customary to follow the following two methods.

We use cotton wool and a toothpick

The essence of the first method is the following nuances:

  • First you need to get the most common toothpick, a piece of cotton wool and a small amount of alcohol.
  • A piece of cotton wool should be carefully moistened with alcohol.
  • Then this piece is inserted into the connector. It is necessary to make several rotational movements for cleaning.

Important! If the fleece is very dirty, which happens in all cases, use a new piece.

  • Repeat manipulations until clean. Pure cotton wool after one of the repetitions will give a sign that it is time to stop, cotton wool needs to be pulled out.

Important! Be careful not to leave cotton particles inside the connector.

You can handle a toothpick even without cotton wool. This small, sharp stick is just perfect for removing various fibers, lint and other debris, which very often stuffs in there from our pockets.

Important! Also, some experienced users are advised to use a technical vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air, with which you can blow even the smallest dust particles.

There is a more budget option that can compensate for the lack of a technical vacuum cleaner and a can of compressed air - this is an enema. Actions should be intuitive to any user.

Important! If the headset does not work after cleaning, the wires come off, perhaps the cause was not a blockage. Learn more about:


We use a plug from the headphones and a cotton pad

This method requires you to:

  1. Take care of having a cotton pad. Before cleaning, divide it into two parts along its thickness.
  2. Take a side that has a high density, slightly moisten it in alcohol. Now wrap the headphone plug with it.
  3. Insert the plug into the connector and make circular motions until the need for replacing the dirty fleece with a clean one disappears.

This method should also be carried out with extreme caution.

Now you know how to clean the headphone jack in the two most convenient ways.

Important! The look of your gadget also deserves attention. If it looks rather worn out, try to put it in order using the methods we have proposed:

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Tips from experienced users:

  • Some mobile phone models have a built-in water sensor, which is often installed at the very bottom of the connector. If you somehow wet it, you will get a cancellation of the guarantee.
  • In no case do not use water for cleaning, give preference to technical alcohol.
  • Cleaning the headphone jack will not always save you audio problems. But in any case, if you cleaned it, then do not turn on your device for a while, so that all components are completely dry from the alcohol-containing substance.

Important! If none of the methods helped solve the problem with sound even a little bit, then the problem most likely lies in the headphones themselves, which are also very often dirty and require care. Cleaning your headphones didn't help either? Then you need to contact the nearest service center where experienced qualified specialists will solve this problem.

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Equipment maintenance should be carried out regularly - only in this case your devices will please you with their stable and high-quality work for a very long time. If you doubt your abilities, it is better not to take up the “cleaning” of the connector yourself. Even this simple procedure can lead to the breakdown of any of the components if the action is incorrect. Be careful and attentive!

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