How to clean the TV from viruses (“Samsung”)?

Today we will talk about a very important and requiring attention problem: viruses. If we are used to encountering them when using computers and mobile devices, then on TVs we can’t even think bad. But in vain, because you can catch viruses on TV! This problem is relevant for modern models equipped with the Smart TV function. Are there any ways to secure the operation of the device and is it possible to clean the TV from the intervention of third-party software? How to clean the TV from viruses (Samsung) and other issues will be discussed in this article.

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Virus cleaning

How to clean Smart TV and how to clear the cache if the TV slows down? There are various ways to achieve this. First, let's try to work on the device’s memory, maybe it needs to be freed.

What caused a low memory error?

This problem is caused by the fact that, most likely, your device is not intended for viewing multimedia online. On such models, you will have to forget about using a simple browser to watch movies and TV shows. It is worth using special programs that can be easily found in the application store.

Errors of this kind can also be associated with “real” clogging of the system. Many users joyfully clog the TV's memory with third-party applications and widgets, which they practically do not use. In this case, it’s worth going through the list of installed applications and removing those that you consider necessary.

It is worth noting that this error is not caused by malicious software, then another question arises.

Important! Smart TVs can watch TV online, like on a computer. The only catch is software. There are no special tricks here, and you can easily cope with the task. Just follow our instructions. installing flash player on samsung tv.

Can I catch viruses on Smart TV?

Theoretically, yes. Many TVs are based on the android operating system. But there are few instances of interference with the system, so we can conditionally say that viruses for Smart TV practically do not exist. Most errors are caused by system failures, which are “fixed” in the following ways.

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Clear Lg TV Memory

Very often, TVs are equipped with a small amount of memory, so it is advisable to immediately “clean up” the browser operation traces and regularly delete viewing data through its settings.

So, how to clean your TV:

  1. First you need to quickly dial a combination on the remote when the TV is off. It is a quick click on: info, menu, mute, power.
  2. Your device will start turning on and the English-language menu will be available on the screen, in which you need to find and select the “SmartHab Reset” item.
  3. Initially, the option is disabled and set to off. We need to run this option and replace off with wait.
  4. We wait a couple of minutes, then turn off the TV and immediately launch it back.
  5. Now you need to launch “SmartHab” and the browser again. The installation of various updates will begin, here you will need to be patient and wait for the end of all operations.
  6. After this procedure, you need to restart the browser and see that everything works.

Important! If the software update for some reason did not start, you should repeat all over again from the first step. Try not to miss anything.

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Other cleaning methods.

How to clear the memory of Lg or Samsung in other ways? If the TV is equipped with an external hard drive, you can do the following:

  1. Disconnect the media from the device.
  2. Connect it to a personal computer using a USB cable.
  3. Open the antivirus that is installed on the PC. Scan the disk for threats.
  4. Delete detected threats, if any, after analysis.
  5. If you can’t get rid of the problem, you can perform preventative formatting of the media.

Check out our other article to also find out how to remove an application from a Samsung Smart TV.

Important! The last item is needed only for prevention. Resort to it if the problem cannot be dealt with in other ways.

For the same prevention, you can install an antivirus that will secure the operation of your TV.

Important! It is possible to connect various devices to the TV that perform separate functions. With the help of additional consoles on the TV, you can watch movies, listen to music, play games, etc. Transmit the picture will help special devices. Read our review "Which media player to choose for the TV?".

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Antivirus for Smart TV

No one forbids installing a protection program for your Smart TV, but first you need to prioritize:

  1. Without hacking, you will not be able to equip your device in any way. Such operations with the device can only be done at your own peril and risk, since such manipulations “reset” the warranty conditions, and indeed can lead to damage.
  2. Do I need antivirus for the TV in general? Most new TVs run on new operating systems, which have a number of differences from devices on android. One of these differences is the closedness of the file system. This feature is the main protection against intruders; therefore, manufacturers themselves do not release any antiviruses for their products. What for? It is impossible to penetrate into such a system.

Important! We advise you to refrain from installing an antivirus for your TV, because you can cause irreparable harm to the system and you will have to pay for the TV repair yourself, since the warranty conditions will no longer be relevant after your intervention in the operating system.

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Now you know that most of the problems that can arise when working with such devices are connected with the “incorrect” operation of the device and you don’t have to think about how to clean your TV from viruses, it doesn’t matter - “Samsung” or “AlGi”. Try to keep the memory of your TV clean, install only proven applications and stop watching multimedia through a standard browser. Compliance with such simple rules will help you enjoy watching Smart TV, because you don’t have to always fix your mistakes.

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