How to connect bluetooth headphones to your phone 🥝 how to use a bluetooth headset for your phone

A Bluetooth headset is an indispensable thing for those who have to spend a lot of time talking on a smartphone with a loaded Android operating system. Many users who purchase the “hands-free” accessory have absolutely no idea how to use it and how to connect the bluetooth headset to a smartphone. In fact, this procedure is not difficult, and the connection process is very easy and simple. In our article, we will consider how to connect wireless headphones to a phone via bluetooth.

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How does a wireless headset work?

How to connect samsung, awei and sony headphones? For the modern rhythm of life, this device is an indispensable option for operating a smartphone, and for drivers, this is generally a relevant and irreplaceable topic. By connecting the bluetooth headset to the phone, the hands remain free, which allows you to carry out any work without interrupting the call, making communication comfortable and easy.

Important! The Bluetooth headset also has the name Hands Free and translates as “hands free”.

The presence of a wireless headset allows you to freely listen to music. The working principle of the Hands Free Wireless System is very simple:

  • In any modern smartphone there is a Bluetooth module. It is the presence of such a connection that allows the transfer of voice messages. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to establish a connection between the headphones and the phone.
  • When a Bluetooth headset is connected to a mobile device, the phone is synchronized with Hands Free, which in the future allows the smartphone to function only with connected headphones. This means that other telephone devices are not able to detect your “hands free”.

Important! If you have not bought such an accessory for yourself, but only plan to purchase it and monitor various information about reliable manufacturers and interesting models, then our review of the best wireless headphones.

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Headset connection

How to connect wireless headphones via bluetooth to the phone?

  • First of all, when connecting, you need to make sure that your smartphone supports the Bluetooth function. In principle, any modern gadget is equipped with such a headset.
  • The next prerequisite is the charge of both devices. Since the bluetooth connection procedure can be interrupted if the mobile device or headset is discharged at the most inopportune moment.

Now we will consider how the smartphone is paired on the Android platform or in the presence of any other system with a Bluetooth headset:

  • You must first turn on the hands-free accessory, and then activate the Bluetooth function on your mobile device.

Important! Such a function can be found in the “Settings”, and it is present in all models of other manufacturers and does not depend on the operating system on the gadget.

  • After this procedure of turning on and holding the key, the LED should blink in different color shades. This means that the transition to the pairing state has been implemented.

    Important! How to set up headphones on the phone? Very often, having acquired a bluetooth headset, which was not previously used for connection, it is not necessary to transfer it to the pairing state. In this case, just turn it on, the first time you turn it on, the headset is automatically configured in this mode.

  • After that, on the bluetooth headset we find a function key that can put it into pairing mode. In most cases, the main key is used for this purpose, which is pressed and held for several seconds.
  • After the list is replenished with the name of the required bluetooth device, you must select it and establish a connection. In this case, it is desirable to place the device data at a fairly close distance from one another.

Important! If the Android device asks you to enter a pin code, then in this case you can use a combination of four zeros. Also, the most common passwords for the connection are codes with the option of dialing numbers: 1234, 9999 or 0001.

  • After completing the pairing procedure, you need to open the appeared connection option with the bluetooth headset on the mobile device and tick the “Sound during a call” section.

Important! This operation must be performed so that when a call is made or received, all sound is transferred to the accessory and displayed in it.

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What if I can’t connect?

How to set up headphones on the phone and why doesn’t it work right away? Sometimes situations arise in which a smartphone with an Android operating system or a mobile phone on another platform is not able to connect to the headset. This problem does not indicate that this device has stopped functioning. To determine the correct operation of the accessory, you must use the following recommendations:

  • First you need to make sure that the Bluetooth device is turned on. There are situations when smartphone models are switched on not by a short, but rather long press on the required key. In addition, there are options for having a separate power button.
  • The second step is to check the pairing. Based on the above material, you need to configure the bluetooth headset when connected to another Android smartphone to set it to pairing mode so that the phone can see it. This condition is also met when new models of hands free devices are turned on, as sometimes situations arise when the first automatic start immediately activates pairing. Sometimes you have to configure this mode manually.
  • There are also times when you were unable to wait for the pairing procedure to complete or if the operation failed, in which case you need to repeat this activation procedure.
  • Sometimes the reason lies in the battery, as long-term operation of the equipment leads to the discharge of the battery or its failure. In this case, replace or charge the battery. If the headset has been in the store for a very long time, then in this case it can be discharged. Therefore, in the absence of the functioning of the device, you should not immediately think about the breakdown of the bluetooth headset.

Important! Check if the headset itself may be the problem, and our instructions will help you, how to fix headphones if one ear does not work.

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As you can see, using hand-free is easy and convenient. Connect and talk on the phone, listen to music as much as you want, freeing up your hands for other activities.

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