How to connect a laptop screen to a computer?

Your laptop has stopped working and are you going to get rid of non-working “junk”? Do not rush. Accessories that are still usable can always be sold or made into something interesting. For example, you can use a laptop screen as a monitor for a personal computer. Interesting, isn't it? But how to connect a laptop screen to a computer? We’ll talk about this today.

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Modern “Handmade”

No one is safe from unforeseen breakdowns, right? Household appliances are no exception. But did you know that technical problems can be made to work for themselves? It sounds pretty unusual, but it is. Here we have a broken laptop, and at home we are waiting for a personal computer without a working monitor. Why not turn a laptop display into a new monitor? Why throw money away?

This will require the presence of the laptop itself and, of course, desire. How to connect a laptop monitor to a PC? Let's get acquainted with this interesting procedure together, paying attention to the most important nuances.

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How can I connect?

How to connect a laptop monitor to the system unit? Here we have in our hands a device that once properly performed its work. Its presence is enough for a very creative way out of an awkward situation. In order to start implementing this interesting plan, you need to prepare a little. First you need to familiarize yourself with the most common ways to pair two devices.

Cable switching

How to connect a system unit to a laptop via vga and how to connect a laptop to a computer instead of a monitor? For the first case, you will need a connection cable, with which this whole thing will turn. Most likely, a VGA cable will be enough, but no one forbids you to use its analogues. One such representative is a DVI cable. Also, this option will require the presence of the installed Windows operating system on the used personal computer.

Important! But there are exceptions here. Owners of devices based on the Mac operating system will need to get an HDMI cable.

Then you need to follow this instruction:

  1. Insert one end of the wire into the laptop connector and connect the other end to the computer.
  2. Start the laptop, wait until it is fully turned on.
  3. Right-click on an empty desktop space.
  4. A context menu will open before you, in which you need to find and open the “Properties” tab.
  5. Now you need to select “Screen Properties” and go to the “Settings” section.
  6. You will see in front of you a picture on which the screens with numbering are indicated. Select the second screen and set the position that matches the actual location of the laptop.
  7. Next, check off the necessary item for displaying visual information. To select the main monitor, you need to set a mark on the tab “Use this device as primary”.

Important! You can always return everything back by doing the same actions.


Everything is simple and clear here, but how to connect a laptop monitor to a PC to owners of “apple devices”? How to display a computer screen on a laptop? The following steps need to be done if you have already established a device connection via cable:

  1. Go to the “System Settings” section and find the “Monitors” tab there.
  2. The same arrangement of image output devices will appear as users of Microsoft operating systems might have noticed.
  3. Do the same screen layout manipulations.
  4. Save the settings and get to work.

Devices are ready to use!

Important! You may also be interested to know:

Remote access using software

And if you don’t want to use wires, having “apple technology” in stock, you can use a special application called “Air Display”. You will need to install this software on a working laptop. This program is freely available on the official Apple website.

This method is as simple as possible, because to pair it is necessary to run the program after installing it and follow the instructions that the developer carefully equipped with this software.

Important! Using “Air Display” you can not only switch monitors, but also use them together. Work is carried out according to the principle of remote connection.

If both of your devices are running on the Windows operating system, then no one is stopping you from installing software for working with Microsoft products. Programs do not cause any difficulties due to ease of use. We recommend that you use this particular connection method if your devices are working properly and meet system requirements.

Important! Do not forget that when using any computer software it is advisable to use security programs. We invite you to read about which antiviruses are better.

Pairing devices using Wi-Fi wireless

Wireless Internet has long ceased to be a rare occurrence. So why not use it for this case? You can synchronize by doing the following:

  • Install a program called “MaxiVista”. The software developer did not bother to create a free version, so you have to fork out a little or use the trial version of the program.

Important! The functionality of the trial version differs from the full functionality! Read the product description carefully.

  • After installation, it is necessary to use special modules and configure them according to the instructions from the publisher.
  • If you did everything right, then there will be a great opportunity to control screens remotely using Wi-Fi.

Important! If you spend a lot of time working with a PC, you probably get bored with the screen design from time to time and want to change it. In order for you to have room for imagination, we suggest that you keep your bookmarks with useful tips and instructions:

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Stock footage

Nothing complicated, right? Now you know how to save money on buying a new monitor, using the old technique.

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