Computer cooler 🥝 how to install it correctly on the processor, case and in the system unit

A computer is a complex device with many components that must work continuously. Cooling is an integral part of this entire complex system, as every part gives off heat by consuming electricity. If there had been no cooling, then the risk of sudden “burning” would have grown tenfold. But what if the old cooling fails? Definitely, you need to look for a replacement and take up the installation. How to install the fans in the computer case? You can find the answer to this question in this article.

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A little about the main thing

It will not be a secret to anyone that all components of a personal computer tend to heat up. Some of these elements are very hot. The CPU, GPU and motherboard are the most warming parts inside the system unit. That is why every user should take care of proper cooling and high-quality heat flux removal.

Most often, computers use air cooling because it is very practical and cheap. The principle of operation of such a mechanism is very simple: the elements give off heat to the air around them, and already hot air is blown out of the body of the system unit using fans. Also, quite often, PC parts are equipped with heat sink elements (radiators).

Important! To make the computer warmer less during operation, it will not be superfluous to also buy special stand for laptop.

The importance of the cooling system is simply obvious, but how to install the cooler on the processor and other components of the device?

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Choosing New Components

Before embarking on a search for additional coolers, you should carefully examine your gadget:

  • Remove the system unit case cover, determine the number of places for installing additional components.
  • It is also worth taking a look at the motherboard, because all the connectors for parts are located on it.

Here are some tips to help you choose:

  • It is better to choose the device with the largest suitable size.
  • Give preference to devices with a large number of blades. Such devices work quieter.
  • When buying, you should pay attention to the stickers on the devices, because they indicate the noise level.
  • If your motherboard is equipped with four-pin connectors, then you should buy a four-wire fan.

If all devices are purchased, then you should be wondering how to properly install coolers in the system unit. Now we will answer this question.

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Install new components

In order to install the details in the computer, it is worth familiarizing yourself with several main variations of the arrangement. We will only talk about standard cases, since for each everything is individual.

When there are no additional cooling elements in the case

This layout is standard for almost all modern personal computers that are sold in electronic stores. Hot air always rises, and the fan in the power supply unit (power supply) takes it out.

Important! This arrangement has one tangible drawback - all the heat that passes through the power supply only heats it more. Also, heat transfer is deteriorated due to the fact that cold air is sucked into the housing randomly and from all sides.

But even this method is better than the incorrect location of additional equipment.

We have a cooler on the back of the case

This method is relevant only if we have only one place for an additional cooler. The device should be located directly under the power supply, which will help ensure proper air circulation without serious consequences for the aforementioned power supply.

Important! And here there is one minus - the dust will accumulate faster than usual, and this is due to increased sparseness.

How to install an additional cooler in the system unit in another way? Read on!


Location on the front of the system unit

This option is also suitable only for those buildings in which there is only one seat. The fan must be located on the front of the PC, but put on “Blowing”. The part must be positioned so that it is opposite the hard drive (s), since all the cold air that enters the device will blow them.

Important! This installation is one of the most effective, because with it, an almost perfect circulation of cold air flows is achieved, and the dust inside will not be delayed. The overall noise level is very low.

We put two coolers in one case

Of course, this method will be the most effective of all. Here the installation process is quite simple:

  1. On the front wall of the casing one fan is installed, working on "blowing".
  2. A second cooler is installed on the rear panel of the PC case, but already on “blowing”.

Important! A constant directed air flow will circulate through your device, which will help to avoid overheating in any part of the PC. Dust will not settle at all inside the housing, the overall noise level will decrease, and the pressure inside will stabilize.

Now you know how to install an additional cooler in the system unit, but what should you be afraid of during installation? Talk about improper installation.

Important! Overheating of the system also occurs due to the increased load in terms of clogging the operating system with junk files.

To reduce the risk of such an adverse event, be sure to put and use good computer cleaning utility.

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How not to put coolers?

In order to understand, we will pay a little attention to the following cases of incorrect installation.

The cooler at the back works by “blowing”

Such cooling will not bring any effect, since all the heat that the BP gives up to the environment will be immediately absorbed back, and the air will not move at all in the lower part of the system. This method is not suitable for anyone.

The cooler is located in front and works on “blowing”

With this arrangement method, you will turn your computer into a real dust collector, since there will be very rarefied pressure inside the case. Fans will operate in overload mode, and all adjacent components will terribly overheat.

The cooler at the back works for “blowing”, and at the front - for “blowing”

This location creates a closed air ring, which prevents the rise of hot air. At such a rate, only increased overloads of low pressure inside can be achieved, which, again, will affect cleanliness.

Both components are blowing

In this case, the pressure will be excessively large, which directly proportionally affects the load on the coolers.

Both components work on “blowing”

The most dangerous mode for the operation of the cooling system. Low pressure prevents the normal operation of all parts; air does not circulate at all, which leads to very fast overheating.

Important! Even with the most powerful coolers installed, internal contamination of the system cannot be avoided. Read about how and how often do I need to clean my laptop from dust.

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Stock footage

Well, you got acquainted with the main highlights that you need to know about if you decide to tackle the cooling system yourself. Now you know the answer to the question of how to properly install the fans in the computer case, and you can answer it to anyone. Follow the tips given above, and then your personal computer will last you a long time.

It is important to determine which side to connect. Ventilation must be set up to cool the computer efficiently.

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