How to disassemble the remote control from a Samsung TV?

The situation when you urgently need to switch the TV to the desired channel, and the remote control does not work well is a common occurrence if you do not clean your equipment on time. Various pollution is to blame - this is food, because who does not like to eat in front of the TV, and pouring liquids - from banal tea to nail polish remover. The result of all these situations is the same - we are wondering how to disassemble the remote control from the Samsung TV in order to clean it, because this process is not an easy task, it needs some skill and knowledge. Now we will consider in detail how to open or open the remote control from the Samsung TV.

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Step 1

First of all, study the remote control - whether the back cover is fixed with screws. Then you need to:

  1. Open the back cover where the batteries are.
  2. Remove the batteries and see if there are mounting bolts in this compartment. They are usually small and with a Phillips screwdriver.

Next - take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws around the entire perimeter.

Important! Do not forget about the battery compartment. Otherwise, in the process of disassembling the remote control from Samsung TV, you will forget about these fasteners, and you can break the entire case.

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Step 2

To further disassemble the remote:

  1. Take a plastic card and insert it with a corner into the remote control, gently tucking the lid.
  2. Run along the entire perimeter of the case with a card - carefully, do not break the latches. After you have done this, you need to carefully remove the battery contacts from the grooves.

Important! In the lid itself are the batteries and their power system, that is, those springs or terminals that provide the remote with power.

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Step 3

After opening the back cover, pay attention to how and how the board is mounted in the remote control system. Again, if these are cogs, then just unscrew them. If these are latches, then carefully open them.

Important! It happens in most cases that the microcircuit simply presses on the back cover, which we have already opened.

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Step 4

Pay attention to how the IR diode is located in the socket. In most cases, it is free. If it is somehow fixed, then just with extreme caution, release it from the slot. Next - get the board.

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Step 5

Rubber buttons are very easy to get. You just need to shake them out of the seats. If they do not want to go out, then you can put pressure on them from the front and release them.

Now you can continue to do what you planned, for example, cleaning the device, because you already managed to deal with the disassembly. And this was one of the main tasks in this process.

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How to disassemble the remote control from a Philips TV?

How to disassemble the remote control at home? If in your case a Philips TV, and you do not know how to disassemble the remote control from a Philips TV? You don’t have to go far, since the remotes of all brands of TV are almost identical assembled at the manufacturing plants. Therefore, if you use our tips above how to parse the remote control from the Samsung TV, then you will not make mistakes and successfully carry out this manipulation.

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Helpful hints:

  1. To properly clean the remote control, prepare suitable equipment - alcohol or liquid containing it, a special tool for professional cleaning, clean rags and a soft brush, toothpicks, cotton buds.
  2. To assemble the entire device in the reverse order, lay the parts near you on the table in the order in which they are removed. It is desirable that on the surface, in addition to the details of the equipment, nothing more is present.
  3. Try to keep the remote control away from your plasma as far as possible from food and drinks. Put it in the same place, then you don’t have to rush to look for it to quickly switch the channel.
  4. Periodically clean the remote control, since the dust in any case penetrates inside, clogs the contacts and contributes to premature wear of the parts of the mechanism.
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