How to glue film on the phone 🥝 how to glue film on the screen without bubbles at home, how to glue yourself

Many people buy smartphones of new models, not only in order to use all the modern functions of such gadgets, but also to emphasize their status. And what style can we talk about if the screen is scratched or cracked at all. In order to prevent such possible troubles, almost every phone user uses a protective film for the display. Bubbles are caused by air that gets under the surface of such a useful accessory as film. It happens that a “defect” is formed due to a small speck of dust, then the process is a bit more complicated - you have to change the whole film. In order to first or re-stick a film on your smartphone, you need to know how to remove bubbles from the phone’s film, because this is perhaps the only and main nuance in this matter. Today we will talk about this in more detail and try to get around all the obstacles.

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Film replacement

This procedure requires extreme caution and a high level of cleanliness in the room. It is best to carry out all the manipulations in the bathroom, because due to humidity, dust does not fly in the air. To do the following:

  1. We pick up a smartphone and smooth out the air bubbles that have appeared with our fingers or another flat, but not sharp object, our task is to remove them without scratching the phone. If nothing comes out, then the film will have to be peeled off and try to return it to its place again.
  2. The display of a mobile device is best wiped with a special computer towel. With the same cloth you can clean all the dirt from the old film.
  3. Now firmly take the device in your left hand, hold the edge of the film with your thumb and gently stick it on the glass so that air does not get under it. Try to smooth the film over the entire surface.

If you were careful and your film is not very worn, then everything should work out without difficulty.

No one is safe from damage to the screen - one awkward movement, and a grid of cracks already covers the display. If this is exactly the situation that happened to you, but you don’t plan to change the phone in the near future, read the different ways aboutwhat to do if the glass is cracked, but the sensor works.

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Safety glass

How to remove air from under the protective glass? Everything is a little more complicated here, since excessive movements can violate the integrity of the protective accessory. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most common tips from experienced mobile device users:

  • Use a driver’s license or a plastic card to “squeeze” air from under the surface of the glass.
  • You can use the most common needle that everyone has at home. Take a needle and pass it under those places in which air has accumulated. Carry out the procedure very carefully - you need to raise the edge, and then firmly press it so that the air can not get there.
  • If you have fishing equipment at your fingertips, then you can use the fishing line. Pick up the fishing line accessories and guide it until the problem areas are over. It remains only to return the glass to its place and gently press.
  • Some experts recommend using a household hairdryer to fix defects. Warm the glass of the mobile device at a distance of 20-30 centimeters, put it face down on a flat coffee table and leave it under pressure from books for the night. During this time, all the air should come out.

Important! You can also remove the glass using any of the above methods and clean its surface with a strip of tape. Scotch tape will collect all the dust and small debris, after which you can glue the protection back.

All the details abouthow to choose a protective glass for the phone, we will tell you on another page of our site.


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To avoid problems in the future, we have prepared a short list of recommendations for you:

  • Do not stick if your hands are dirty. Rinse sebum off your fingers, otherwise - it will be able to “leave marks” in the work and still have to get rid of them.
  • Both protective glass and film are best replaced in a humid ventilated area. These precautions can help prevent dust from entering the surface.
  • Do not make much effort when replacing the glass, otherwise - you risk breaking it.
  • You can use Dust Remover to remove excess dust.
  • To remove the bubbles, you can use the most common medical syringe. Pass the “nose” and pump out air from under the surface of the film or glass.
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Now you know how to remove bubbles from the phone’s film at home without the help of specialists who require a considerable amount of money for such a simple procedure. We hope our tips come in handy, and now your modern gadget looks exactly what an expensive phone should look like.

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