How to remove an asterisk on the phone?

Even very advanced smartphone users can discover unexpected icons on the screen that seem to come from nowhere. And then what to do with them, and an even more important question - what do they mean, you have to solve it by experience. Even more common is a similar situation, if the gadget falls into the hands of a small child - it’s enough of his interest to dig out all the hidden features of your phone. This article will discuss how to remove the star on the phone at the top.

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Where did the asterisk come from above the screen panel and what does it mean?

How to remove a star if it appears on the phone screen and what does it mean? Each phone of any brand - from Chinese models to the well-known apple device, has a lot of settings in its functionality. As a rule, users initially set the standard gadget settings that they are used to and which are most convenient for them. And this is already a matter of personal taste and preference.

However, many of the options remain unclaimed, especially if they are an innovative solution from the manufacturer of the operating system. So, the asterisk on the phone at the top of the screen is just one of these options. It is typical only for Android operating systems from version 5.0 and higher. And its meaning is very simply deciphered - this is the phone’s mode of operation when only “important” messages and calls are received.

Important! This version of the smartphone is one of the versions of the “Normal”, “Do Not Disturb” modes. You can set it both for a certain time, and on any schedule.

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Remove the asterisk from the display

In fact, there is absolutely no difficulty in removing the asterisk from the phone screen. For this:

  1. Go to the main menu of your gadget - this can be done by clicking on the gear icon.
  2. Next, go to the “Modes” settings.
  3. There, uncheck or click “Disable” near the “Important” tab.

Important! During the development of a new gadget, sometimes a lot of very different and seemingly such simple questions arise. In order not to waste extra time and nerves, the easiest way is to have clear hints for such cases, which we have already prepared for you:

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Stock footage

Everything is ready! Your smartphone will now work in your usual interface without unexpected settings and bugs. Of course, provided that the gadget does not accidentally unlock in your pocket or purse, or if an advanced child no longer gets to it. Good luck

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