How to choose a sewing machine with an overlock for the home?

How to choose a sewing machine with an overlock for the home? - This is a really difficult question, if you do not clearly know what exactly you need. Nowadays, a very large assortment of sewing machines with various additional functions. We will help to understand the types, capabilities, features of different models. With the help of our tips, you can choose the model that is more suitable for you, and you will have a good sewing machine with an overlock for the home.

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Top manufacturers

There are now companies on the market that have been manufacturing sewing machines for decades. There is no doubt in their quality. Here are the most famous:

  • Janome;
  • Bernina;
  • Pfaff;
  • Brother
  • Singer;
  • Husqvarna.

Important! If you give preference to a model of one of these manufacturers, you will be sure that you have a good sewing machine with an overlock for the home.

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Do you need an overlock?

Why do you need to buy a sewing machine with an overlock? Yes, because the standard sewing machine uses a zigzag stitch. This line is not so strong and reliable.

Important! Previously, experienced seamstresses bought separately an overlock machine for overcasting seams. Now manufacturers have combined these two functions in one equipment.

Both the range of models and pricing are very different. The price primarily depends on the type of machine.

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Types of Sewing Machines

To choose a sewing machine with an overlock for the home that will meet your expectations and allow you to do the things you plan to sew, you first need to decide on its appearance. The following models are on the market:

  • mechanical;
  • electromechanical;
  • computer;
  • overlocks.

Mechanical and electromechanical

Mechanical almost never released, this type of machine is already in the past.

Basically, at the moment they produce electromechanical ones.

Important! All internal parts are mechanical. Electric is only an engine that makes all mechanisms work.


  • Reliability.
  • Affordable price.
  • Inexpensive service.


  • It is not possible to execute stitches of complex shape.
  • Low speed.

Important! Despite the shortcomings, this type is suitable for both beginner seamstresses and professionals.


Such models are distinguished by the presence of a computer board that guides the overall process. The movement of the needle relative to the fabric is controlled by a microprocessor. What depends on the amount of memory and the number of programs that this model can do.


  • A huge number of types of lines.
  • Dozens of types of overlock finishes.
  • Knitted stitches.
  • High speed job.


  • High price.
  • Costly service.
  • Moody setting.


As mentioned above, they are designed to process the edges of the product.

Important! When choosing a product, pay attention to the simplicity and convenience in threading and sewing.

Overlock functions are also available in computer models. However, the seam made on the overlock is more reliable and accurate.

Important! For comparison and a complete understanding of which particular technique is best for you, view a separate article “Coverlock - what is it?”.

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Criterias of choice

Consider the main parameters by which we determine the capabilities of the model, that is, how to choose a sewing machine with an overlock for the home:

Type of fabrics for which the machine is redefined

There are models for working with various types of fabrics:

  • for the lungs - chiffon, silk, synthetics;
  • for medium and heavy - coat, denim, linen, cotton.

Important! You can find universal models that can process any type of fabric.

Should I take a universal sewing machine with an overlock for the home? - Specify the features:

  1. When you sew mainly lightweight fabrics, then take a model for lightweight fabrics - the quality of the stitch will be much better than in the universal. As an example, we suggest you use our master class tosew a chiffon skirt.
  2. If you will sew products mainly from coats, then your choice should fall on the model for heavy and medium fabrics. In these models, the gap between the foot and the needle plate is much larger. You can easily flash a thick layer of matter. And of course the motor will be more powerful. To understand all the features of the process in this case, read our publication "How to sew a man's coat?".

Max Stitch Length

This parameter varies up to 5 mm. The maximum zigzag width is up to 7 mm. The larger these are, the better.

Shuttle Type

When choosing a sewing machine with an overlock for the home, pay attention to this parameter. He can be:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical.

Important! Horizontal is more reliable, because it does not have a bobbin case. Because of this, fewer parts can break.

The loop

According to this principle, models are distinguished:

  • Automatic
  • semi-automatic.

To understand which model is better, you need to know the following:

  1. The machine can carry out up to 7 different types of loops. In one operation, he remembers the size of the loop, can do exactly the same as many as you like.
  2. With a semiautomatic device, you determine by size what loop is needed, and perform the actions in 4 operations.

Additional options

When choosing a machine, you should pay attention to additional accessories. They play an important role. To obtain a high-quality result, you need to choose the right foot, needle, thread for each tissue and operation. This will help you instructions with a table of the ratio of needle and thread, which is attached to each machine, as well as our overlock thread overview.

Please note that the package includes such parts:

  • teflon foot;
  • foot for roller hem;
  • pads for dressing and for sewing frills;
  • foot for sewing oblique inlay;
  • foot for sewing, beads and sequins.

All these devices facilitate and accelerate the process of sewing products.

Important! When choosing a manufacturer, ask if there is a service center in your area for servicing this brand of machine. An important role is played by the availability of the acquisition of parts for replacement, additional accessories.

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Good sewing machine with overlock for home

After processing customer reviews, we have compiled for you a list of the most popular electromechanical sewing machines:

  1. Janome My Excel W 23 U - this model has 24 sewing operations, including basting and automatic buttonhole. A high level of elevation of the foot, which allows high-quality stitching of multilayer samples. Among professionals, it is called a “skin machine”. There is also pressure adjustment on the foot, which gives high-quality stitches for knitwear and airy fabric.
  2. Janome JK 220 S is a good overlock sewing machine for the home. A great option for beginners and pros. Ease of use and the presence of 23 operations guarantee high quality of various types of stitches. There is a foot for overcasting the edge of the product.
  3. Brother LS-2125 is the best option for beginner seamstresses. Available has 14 operations: the loop is performed in a semiautomatic mode, the basic types of lines. Very reliable and easy to use.
  4. Brother Artwork 31 is one of the most reliable.It can qualitatively process products from both dense and light fabrics.

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The best electronic sewing machines

Examples of the best models to date with this principle of action are as follows:

  1. Brother SM-340 E - the most popular model among electronic sewing machines. It has at its disposal 40 types of operations, 7 varieties of loops, high engine power with low noise, all operations are automatic.
  2. The Janome Exact Quilt 60 is another electronically controlled model. It has an informative LCD display, a wide variety of lines, allows you to perform work in the patchwork technique, various embroidery.
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The best computer-controlled sewing machines:

  1. The Astra Lux 7350 Pro is a prime example of the latest technology. It can produce over 500 kinds of perfect stitches. Performs work on complex finishing of seams, decorative sewing (fur, lace). Well suited for working with knitwear.
  2. Bernina B 750 QE - a modern model with the ability to connect to a computer. Over 330 operations. Not only does 11 types of loops, but also knows how to sew buttons automatically.

Important! If you plan to do sewing clothes thoroughly, consider organizing your workplace to the smallest detail. For starters, you can make a table for a sewing machine.

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Stock footage

Of course, these are far from all the models that are on the market. We described only the most popular according to buyers. But by listening to our advice, you can approach the choice more consciously and clearly define the criteria that should be present in your sewing machine.

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