Which laptop is better - Asus or Lenovo?

When buying a laptop, a logical question arises: which model to choose - hp Lenovo, Acer vs Asus, which computer device will be more reliable in use? Definitely answer it is very difficult. Even a well-known manufacturer does not guarantee a high-quality perfect assembly of computers, as factory defects are sometimes present. Basically, they are produced not by the main enterprises, but by branches located in China, Ukraine, and Russia. In addition, sometimes a breakdown occurs as a result of a careless attitude of the user himself, and in this case it no longer plays a role of which laptop company you have, since everything depends only on the person himself. In this article we will try to figure out which laptop is better - “Asus” or “Lenovo”, or “Acer”.

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Which laptop is better - Asus and Lenovo?

When buying a laptop, a lot of controversial issues arise, especially when it comes to choosing a manufacturer. This situation arises due to different levels of sales of branded companies and different opinions of users. No sales consultant will be able to find the answer to your question about which model of computer equipment is better. Only you can make your choice, having familiarized yourself with the necessary information, and decide which qualities and technical characteristics are more important to you. In this case, you will have to look for answers to the question of which laptop has the best processor, what determines the sound quality, what is the difference between two different models from the same price category.

In today's market there is not such a wide choice of computer companies offering laptops. Asus and Lenovo are one of the leaders in the computer field in the laptop market, have established themselves as reliable and high-quality manufacturers. It is best to conduct a comparative analysis in a universal way, analyzing all the positive and negative sides of specific models.

Important! On the forums, users note that modern devices by ’ус с ус компании” are much less likely to be damaged than representatives of the Lenovo company. The most common failure is the problem of a rupture of the cable, which is located between the screen and the case.


Consider the model Asus X55A (X55A-SX208D) Black. The appearance of this device is not bad, although all Asus models look excellent.

Let's go over the technical characteristics of the selected model to understand which laptop is better - “Asus” or “Lenovo”:

  1. The large screen has a diagonal of 15.6 inches.
  2. Screen resolution - 1366 × 768.
  3. Dimensions are 374 * 265 * 45 mm (w * d * h).
  4. Weight is 2.6 kg.
  5. Intel Celeron 1000M dual-core processor.
  6. The processor frequency used is 1.8 GHz.
  7. The amount of RAM is 2GB.
  8. Type of RAM DDR3 -1333 MHz.
  9. HDD capacity - 320 GB.
  10. The presence of an optical drive DVD Super Multi.


A striking representative of the laptop is the Lenovo ThinkPad X121e (3053AE4) Midnight Black. Consider the technical characteristics of the Lenovo brand laptop:

  1. The screen is classic with a diagonal of 11.6 inches.
  2. Screen resolution is 1366 × 768.
  3. Dimensions are 289.6 * 208 * 23.5 mm. (w * d * h).
  4. Weight is 1.55 kg.
  5. AMD Dual-Core E-300
  6. Applicable frequency 1.3 GHz.
  7. The amount of RAM is 4GB.
  8. Type of RAM DDR3 -1333 MHz.
  9. HDD capacity - 500 GB.

Compare Lenovo and Asus laptops

Which laptop is better - Asus or Lenovo? When comparing two models of computer technology, we will consider the difference between these devices and determine what we should focus on:

  • Appearance completely depends on your preferences. Some people like the matte surface of the Lenovo model, while others prefer the glossy finish of the Asus laptop.
  • The Asus model, unlike the Lenovo laptop, has a large diagonal screen, and both devices have the same display resolution. If you spend a lot of time behind the laptop screen, you need to choose the appropriate option.

Important! If you like a high-quality image, you can choose a Lenovo laptop with a screen diagonal of 17 inches, however, the price will be slightly higher, but you will enjoy viewing the image. And be sure to read aboutmatte or glossy laptop screen is better.

  • There is a noticeable difference both in the dimensions of the models and in weight. The Asus device is heavier and looks much larger.
  • Laptops of these models are equipped with dual-core processors of various modifications with different frequencies. Find out which processor is better in our notebook processor rating.
  • The amount of RAM is twice as much for the Lenovo model. Both models are characterized by the same type of RAM.
  • Both the Lenovo model and the Asus laptop are characterized by integrated graphics. They have good quality for this line from the middle price category.
  • Lenovo brand computer device is the leader in terms of HDD capacity. In a separate review on our portal you will find informationhow to choose the best SSD for laptop.
  • “Lenovo” and “Asus” have the same Wi-Fi 802.11 network adapter and Bluetooth function.
  • The downside of Lenovo's laptop is the lack of an optical drive. While the model of the Asus company has this element.
  • Both one model and the second are characterized by the presence of a webcam and built-in microphone, which are used to access the Internet. By clicking on the link, you will find outwhich modem is better for a laptop.
  • The Lenovo ThinkPad model has 3 USB 2.0 ports (one of them supports PowerShare), VGA, HDMI, LAN (RJ-45), a combined audio input, and a 4-in-1 card reader. Unlike a Lenovo device, the Asus model has only 2 USB ports, with one USB 3.0 and a second USB 2.0 port. In addition, the Asus brand device is equipped with VGA and HDMI, LAN (RJ-45). This model also has a microphone input and headphone output, as well as a card reader.
  • Both representatives of the laptops of the companies being compared are characterized by the same Windows operating system.
  • Both one and the second model are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, both of which are 6-cell.
  • In the delivery package of both models there are also no differences. The kit consists of a laptop, battery, documentation, and a power adapter.

Important! Please note that these well-known manufacturers produce transformer notebooks. If you need just such a job, and you understand that you will spend a lot of time searching for the necessary information on forums and thematic sites, the ready-made one will definitely come in handy rating of the best models of transformer laptops.

Which laptop is better - “Asus” or “Lenovo”? Comparing models from Lenovo ThinkPad X121e (3053AE4) Midnight Black and Asus X55A (X55A-SX208D) Black, there is no clear winner. As it turned out, the choice of a laptop computer clearly depends on the user's personal preferences.

Important! If the diagonal size or the presence of an optical drive is important for you when buying, then you should give preference to the Asus X55A model. And if you pay more attention to the value of RAM or the amount of HDD, then it is better to purchase a Lenovo ThinkPad model.

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Which laptop is better - Asus or Acer?

When comparing products of well-known companies, not only the brand plays a role, but it would not hurt to analyze the technical characteristics of the model of a particular product that you like. It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question which computer equipment of the firms under consideration is better or worse, since they have completely different tactics and have a different price segment.


Acer is a well-known Taiwanese company that has managed to establish itself in the international market of computer equipment, household appliances and state-of-the-art electronics. Under this brand name, laptops are released, smartphones, tablets, stationary personal computers, various household devices and other computer equipment.

Acer products are distinguished by such key features:

  • quite affordable price;
  • no overpayment for branding;
  • the presence of low and medium levels of prestige;
  • the presence of good technical capabilities.

Important! Due to its low price category and high quality, Acer household appliances are widely popular in all countries of the world.


Asus brand products are among the best companies that manufacture computer equipment. The Asus company produces optical drives, video cards, laptops, stationary personal computers, monitors, mice, smartphones, and motherboards. Asus products are characterized by the following parameters:

  • belonging to an average or high price factor;
  • superior performance
  • good brand reputation.

Important! Asus laptops have proven their worth when climbing Mount Jomolungma. From the words of climbers, it is known that at an altitude of 5000 m only Asus products were able to function normally, while laptops from other companies could not even turn on at that altitude.

Comparison of Acer and Asus laptops

For comparison, several key parameters are used that distinguish Acer products from Asus computer equipment. Any user can get acquainted with the main characteristics, make the right decision and give preference to the company they like in each case.

Let's consider the main differences to determine which laptop is better - Acer or Asus

Video Card:

  • Acer PC graphics card is characterized by relatively good quality. Basically, the laptop kit includes separate cards that increase the overall dimensions of computer equipment.
  • Asus laptop video card demonstrates excellent quality and considerable memory. Laptops of this brand are characterized by integrated graphics cards.

Cooling system:

  • Acer's laptop cooling system is only slightly inferior to the corresponding Asus products. Even with this slight difference, there may be a risk of overheating.
  • The cooling system of Asus brand computer devices is very well designed, so laptops do not overheat and are capable of functioning for a sufficiently long period of time ensuring comfortable operation.

Important! The cooling system of any laptop works in extreme modes. To ensure normal heat transfer between the processor and the heatsink, use high-quality thermal grease. Do not think that only a professional needs to understand this. Everyone who has a computer and uses it regularly should know for surelaptop thermal grease - which is better.


  • Acer's laptop case is made of a material that is soft, pliable, and extremely sensitive to any mechanical stress. As a result, damage occurs in the case in the form of scratches, cracks, scuffs.
  • The Asus laptop case is characterized by increased strength, which helps to maintain the pristine appearance of the surface of a computer device for a long time.


  • Computer technology brand Acer is characterized by a bulky and unattractive design.
  • Asus computer products are distinguished by a well-designed and stylish design.


  • The battery in computer devices of Acer models has a short life, very quickly deteriorates. After several years of active operation, the battery charge can hold only fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Asus laptops have a long battery life.

Warranty Period:

  • By purchasing Acer products, the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty.
  • Asus brand models are typically characterized by a two-year warranty on purchased products.


  • Acer computer equipment is characterized by a relatively low price category located in the lower segment.
  • Asus brand models are distinguished by a rather high price corresponding to the middle and high segment.


Which laptop is better - Acer or Asus by this criterion?

  • Acer brand products are the leader in the number of calls to service centers. Mostly the damage occurs due to the failure of the “motherboard” and the south bridge, which leads to the failure of some keys.
  • It is believed that Asus computer equipment is much less likely to undergo repair work, but it all depends on the model. The service life is affected by the assembler of parts of the existing model.
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In this article, we examined the main points regarding the products of different brands. To read customer concerns, you can do this on the forum. We hope this information has helped you determine for yourself which laptop is better - “Asus”, “Lenovo” or “Acer”.

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