How to choose a TV in the kitchen?

The kitchen is where we spend most of our time. The presence of a TV in it allows you to combine the useful with the pleasant: to cook food without stopping from watching your favorite series, or to find out the latest news with a cup of tea or coffee. Which TV to choose in the kitchen so that the purchase does not disappoint after a while, what features and characteristics are worth paying attention to? - All this you will learn from this article.

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How to choose a TV in the kitchen? Main criteria

Unfortunately, when choosing a TV, most people focus solely on its appearance and the tips of sales consultants. However, in order to choose the best option and make a well-considered purchase, you should pay attention to a number of very important criteria, such as:

  1. Screen diagonal.
  2. Viewing angle and types of matrices.
  3. Functionality.
  4. Mounting and placement.
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The first and very important parameter is the size of the diagonal. In order to choose the right TV for the kitchen, you need to take into account the area of ​​the room. For each diagonal there is the most suitable distance for watching TV shows. If the distance is too far, the image will be poorly visible, and at a shorter distance, there is a risk of spoiling the vision.

Important! To watch a TV with a large screen, the distance must be at least 2.5 meters. With a diagonal of 15-20 inches, a distance of 1.5-2 meters will be optimal for viewing.

Small kitchen

For a kitchen with a small area, TVs with a small screen are suitable. Therefore, for a comfortable viewing of television programs in a room ranging in size from 6 to 9 square meters, you should opt for models with a diagonal of up to 23 inches.

Important! The best option would be 19-20 inch TVs.

Kitchen area of ​​10-16 square meters

Premises with such an area are most often found in new buildings and private homes. For a kitchen with an improved layout, a TV model with a screen size from 26 to 32 inches is suitable.

Important! You should not save and buy too small a TV, as it will be difficult to see. And to see the image, you have to strain your eyes, which does not affect your vision in the best way.

Big kitchen

If you are the owner of a spacious kitchen-studio or it is combined with the living room, then of course, you can not limit yourself when choosing the size of the TV. For a room with an area of ​​more than 16 square meters, devices with a diagonal exceeding 40 inches are perfect. And the ideas from our publication will help to properly fit it into the interior“Wall Design with TV”.

Important! The size of the diagonal is determined in proportion to the size of the kitchen and the viewing range.

Do not forget that in the kitchen during cooking, fumes of fat are released that settle on all surfaces of the kitchen. Never use a normal wet rag to get rid of it. Follow the link and find out how to wipe the LCD TV screen.

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Viewing angle

Unlike a living room or a hall where watching TV is in one position, you have to move a lot while cooking in the kitchen, changing the viewing angle. Therefore, choosing a TV for the kitchen, you should pay attention to such an important aspect as viewing angle. It is he who determines the color rendering and contrast of the picture, depending on the viewing point.

Important! Nowadays, a good viewing angle is an angle of 178 degrees.With this viewing parameter, no matter which side you watch TV, the image on the screen will not be distorted.

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A TV for a kitchen with a good viewing angle can be selected, taking into account the type of matrix. Matrix is ​​the most important parameter of the TV. It depends on it the viewing angle, image contrast, color reproduction. There are several types of TV matrices, we described them in more detail in our separate publication"Which TV is better - plasma or LCD or LED?".


LCD is the most popular form. Image display technology is based on the use of liquid crystals, which have amazing properties. A liquid crystal screen is a matrix consisting of many pixels that are divided into three subpixels. Under the influence of electric fields, liquid crystals inside the elements change their position, creating an image.

In turn, LCD matrices are divided into:

  • TN + Film - this matrix is ​​notable for its low price and low power consumption. However, it also has its drawbacks, among which are not very high-quality color reproduction. Contrast and viewing angle are also not at a high level.
  • IPS - has a large viewing angle and has the best transmission of shades. That's just the contrast in this type of matrix is ​​far from the best.


The plasma matrix is ​​based on cells filled with an inert gas and coated with a phosphor. Under the influence of UV rays, depending on the composition of the phosphor, the cell creates a certain color, forming an image.

A TV with such a matrix is ​​an excellent option in terms of value for money.

Important! The screen size of plasma TVs is at least 32 inches, so such models are suitable only for spacious kitchens with an area of ​​16 square meters or more.


This type is a matrix consisting of organic LEDs that are based on carbon. Under the influence of electric current, the LEDs emit light, creating a picture. Such a matrix is ​​the most expensive technology to date, which allows you to get the highest quality image.

Important! In order to choose a TV in the kitchen with a good viewing angle, to make sure of high-quality color reproduction and image contrast, you must independently evaluate these qualities in the store. Acquiring the model you like, switch channels, ask the sales assistant to demonstrate video clips.

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Today, the TV serves not only to watch television channels, but is also a home multimedia center. Modern models of this technique may have additional functions.

DVB-S2, DVB-T2 and DVB-C

DVB-C - support for digital cable television. DVB-S2, DVB-T2 - standards support for watching satellite digital television.

These standards make it possible to view channels in digital quality and are available on most televisions. The exception may be the cheapest models.

Important! Watching digital TV in good quality will help you with special devices - digital consoles

USB port

Used to connect hard drives and flash drives. It makes it possible to listen to music, view videos, photos, slide shows from removable devices.

Important! When choosing the best TV model for the kitchen, do not forget to pay attention to the screen resolution. About what it is, which is better, and about other nuances we described in our separate article “What is the best TV screen resolution?”

Built-in radio

This function is suitable for those who, being in the kitchen, like to listen to radio broadcasts. Works with the screen off.

Smart TV with Wi-Fi support

Allows you to connect to the world wide Internet, without having to pull the cable into the kitchen. This function will allow you to watch a movie on the net during cooking or try a new recipe from the culinary site.

Important! To choose the best TV for the kitchen, you should pay attention to how the connectors are located on the device. It is wise to buy models with a lateral arrangement, since reaching the connectors on the back of the TV is not always easy and convenient.

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Mounting and placement

Having decided on the choice of model, you should think about the placement and installation of the TV. It is worth remembering that you can’t install the TV over the hob and near the tap to avoid water and grease getting on the device.

Important! It should be located at eye level. By setting the device much higher or lower, the color rendition of the image will not seem the way it really is.

There are two ways to install a TV.

Wall mount

When fixing the TV to the wall, a special holder is used - a bracket. For ease of viewing, when choosing a holder, you should consider their types:

  1. Wall swivel bracket. This type of holder is fixed on the wall with anchors. Using special profiles, the TV is fixed securely and you can easily change the angle of the screen. Very convenient is the ability to rotate the device in different directions, which allows you to watch TV shows from any location.
  2. Straight wall mount. It is mounted similarly to the previous type, but has a significant minus. It lies in the fact that when using such an arm, only the angle of inclination can be adjusted.

Important! The type of holder should be chosen taking into account the size of the diagonal and the weight of the TV. Models with a small monitor should be hung on the swivel bracket. If the TV screen with a large diagonal, then for its safety it is better to choose mounts not rotary type. You will find all useful information on our website in a special review. “How to choose a TV bracket for the wall?”.

  1. Built-in TV. With this method, the video equipment is fixed directly in the furniture set, for example, in the kitchen cabinet. To do this, first make a hole for the TV in the furniture, and then firmly fix it, using special fasteners. This installation method saves space, but you cannot turn the device monitor. In addition, if the model is built into the cabinet door, then when you open it there is a risk of scratching the TV screen.

Important! The choice of installation method always depends on the size and weight of the TV, as well as on the characteristics of the wall. When installing, you must follow the basic rule of fastening, which is that there is a gap between the wall and the back panel of the device. Therefore, it is better to mount the TV on the wall with the bracket. Without clearance, only small models can be placed.

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Modern models of kitchen TVs

Large, bulky televisions are already a thing of the past. Manufacturers have tried to make modern models look like works of technical and design art. So, today you can buy a refrigerator, range hood or other kitchen appliances with a built-in screen.

Important! The cost of such equipment is much higher than usual. Therefore, in order not to be disappointed in the purchase, it is worth studying its characteristics in detail, since the built-in screen can turn out to be only an effective detail, and not a high-quality functional TV.

Not so long ago, a new specialized model appeared on the TV market. This is a waterproof and wireless TV for the kitchen. It consists of two separate units: a liquid crystal monitor and an analog Wi-Fi tuner.

The uniqueness of this model lies in the absence of a wired connection. This makes it possible to install the tuner in one place and freely carry the monitor around the kitchen. You can connect satellite or cable TV, a computer and other information sources to the Wi-Fi tuner. Visually, the monitor resembles a tablet, only more voluminous.It should be noted that the cost of such a model is quite high.

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Which brand is better?

How to choose a TV for the kitchen? - It is worth giving preference to well-established manufacturers on the market. The leaders in this area are:

  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • Toshiba;
  • Philips
  • Sharp
  • Sony
  • Gorenje.

It is impossible to give a definite answer which of them is better. It all depends on the quality and functionality of the model itself.

Important! The quality of the TV largely depends on the country of manufacture. Models made in Japan are considered to be better quality. However, in our time, parts can be produced in one country, and assembly can be done in another. Therefore, it is best to purchase a TV from a trusted company.

Very well in the video equipment market, the English brand Luxurite has established itself. This company specializes in the production of modern TVs. Among them are kitchen, moisture resistant, built-in, door, street and mirror models. Such devices are expensive, but there is no doubt in their quality.

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Top 10 TVs in the Kitchen

Given the above information, deciding on a choice will help the top 10 popular TVs that choose the kitchen. This rating consists of models that are small in size and perfect for the kitchen.


  • The TV has a full range of technical functions: DVB-T2 and DVB-C; Smart-TV. Screen size - 22 inches.
  • The model provides high image and sound quality along with comfortable use.

LG DM2352T:

  • Has a display with a diagonal of 23 inches.
  • It features high image quality, excellent viewing angle and the presence of a surround sound system.
  • There is support for the 3D function.

LG 22LF941U:

  • The advantage is a very good viewing angle.
  • There is also full access to the Internet.
  • Almost perfect color reproduction.
  • High functionality.


  • Compact 19-inch TV with good functionality.
  • The viewing angle is 170 degrees.
  • Pretty good color rendering.


  • Stylish designer TV with an excellent viewing angle of 178 degrees.
  • Modern technology provides a high quality picture when viewed from any medium.
  • Due to its functionality, this model is a full-fledged multimedia center.


  • Supercompact model. The quality and availability of functions is not much inferior to large TVs.
  • An ideal option for those who wish to purchase a budget, but high-quality TV.


  • A distinctive feature of this TV is a large number of functions for a relatively low price.
  • Equipped with a 24-inch screen.
  • Viewing angle 160 °.


  • Multifunctional model with excellent design.
  • The main qualities are ease of use and low price.


  • It is very popular because of the high-quality assembly and beautiful design.
  • Among the advantages, it is worth noting good contrast and improved image brightness.

Philips 32PFL3606H:

  • The diagonal of the monitor is 32 inches.
  • There is support for receiving digital signals, a USB port.
  • A distinctive feature is the low power consumption.

Important! When choosing a TV in the kitchen, you should consider financial opportunities and personal needs. If when choosing a TV you are limited in budget, then it is better to save on functionality, and not on quality and size.

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How to choose a TV for the kitchen? Shopping Tips

Having decided on the model, you still need to know how to make a purchase in order not to be disappointed in the purchased product. The basic tips for choosing a TV in the store will help you with this:

  1. One of the most common “chips” is to artificially improve the quality of a picture in a demo sample. Therefore, when purchasing a TV, you should carefully check its settings.
  2. In the store, TVs often drive not a television, but a composite signal of high quality. When purchasing a device, ask to turn it on in the broadcast mode. Spend more time and check the technique in more detail to make sure the quality of the selected model.
  3. Very often in stores there is a situation when they show one TV, and then they bring the same from the warehouse. Do not agree to such a replacement, because even the presence of a seal cannot guarantee the efficiency and lack of marriage.

Important! Buy only the device that you have carefully inspected and checked.

  1. If you make a purchase in an online store, then you should first watch a video review and read customer reviews about this model.

Important! When buying goods, remember that no expert opinion can replace your personal impressions of the quality of the TV.

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Stock footage

The incontrovertible fact is that television in the kitchen is watched more often than the one installed in another room. Therefore, the choice of this technique must be taken seriously. Using the information in this article, you can easily purchase the best TV for the kitchen, which will meet all your requirements.

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