Is a matte or glossy laptop screen better?

Any user of modern technology will be happy to buy a brand new monitor or laptop. But often the question already arises in the store, but which matte or glossy laptop screen is better? To answer it, you should analyze the pros and cons of both options. And it’s better if you yourself will understand this issue, and not go on about the sellers, often interested in selling certain models of equipment. In order not to leave the store without a purchase at all, prepare in advance and decide for yourself which monitor is best. Actually, we will study and solve this issue in this article.

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Features of the glossy screens

  • The main features of glossy screens are considered brighter and more saturated colors, high color reproduction and significantly pronounced black color.
  • But in cases where such displays are used, glare and reflection become more noticeable.
  • When choosing which monitor is better - matte or glossy, keep in mind that even when the device is turned off, fingerprints are visible on the screen.
  • If the sun's rays fall on it, then the image is significantly degraded. Because of this, it becomes generally impossible to work on it.

Important! The glossy surface overloads the eyes.

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Features of matte monitors:

  • Matte “brothers” are distinguished by a special anti-reflective coating, due to which reflection is prevented.
  • It is convenient to work on opaque displays at any time of the day and under any conditions.
  • They do not overload the eyes as much as glossy screens.

Important! The only caveat - they do not convey colors well, and look dull and faded.

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Under what conditions should matte and glossy monitors be used?

If you are considering which screen surface is better - matte or glossy for use at home, then consider the following factors:

  • If the lighting in the room is not very bright, then the glossy display with the most saturated color return is ideal.
  • If you plan to work in a room with bright lighting or in general on the street, then a matte screen is preferable. But remember that all one hundred percent from glare, he will not protect you. Be that as it may, you will have to hide all the light sources located near the screen.
  • Many offices and workplaces use such sources of illumination of workplaces as floor and wall lamps. Therefore, in such situations, the use of matte displays is appropriate. Due to all their properties, they make the glare not so sharp, in other words, they blur it.

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  • Glossy surfaces when working with graphic pictures, objects can artificially increase the contrast, as a result - they turn out to be more saturated, bright. But excessive contrast only visually creates a feeling of false beauty. Therefore, if you often encounter such images in your work, then it is better to give preference to a matte monitor.
  • If you intend to just read the news on the Internet or watch movies, play video games, use a personal graphics editor for your personal purposes, then gloss will be your ideal option. Reflections are not so noticeable on it, and entertainment and color saturation are very important in films.
  • Please also note that glossy screens consume a minimum of energy on laptops, since at lower power the picture looks more bright and colorful.

Important! Naturally, it is impossible to foresee in advance under what conditions a brand new computer will be used in a month or even a few days, because the situations are different. For example, you can buy a device with a glossy screen, and you will be sent to work outside, then you will need to buy an anti-reflective film that will quickly solve this problem. But to completely remake the monitor in a glossy certainly will not work.

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Which monitor to choose for working with numbers or text?

If you buy a computer to work with numbers, texts, then determining which screen cover is better - matte or glossy, consider that it should be as comfortable as possible for perception with the eyes, and so that you can use it in a variety of conditions:

Important! If you are an active gamer and are looking for a laptop directly for games, it is very important that it meets all the specifications, such as processor power, memory, screen expansion, etc. Such gadgets are quite expensive, so in order not to lose money, check out one more of our article on how to choose a gaming laptop

  • Experts advise in such cases to buy matte monitors, because unlike their glossy counterparts, they are not so saturated with colors and bright. But if they are exposed to sunlight, they do not shine, and the text is well read.
  • If in the first place you have the maximum need for transmitting the tint gamma of the image in a room with secondary lighting, then it is better to consider a glossy model.

Important! If you used to work on a computer with a matte monitor and abruptly switched to glossy, then at first it will be difficult for you, and you will feel discomfort in the work.

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Advantages and disadvantages of modern monitors

To decide which matte or glossy laptop screen to choose, be sure to remember their pros and cons.

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The advantages of glossy screens include the following:

  • Clear black color.
  • Rich, vibrant hues and excellent color reproduction.
  • They are ideal for working with graphics, for watching videos and image processing.

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Cons of glossy surfaces are:

  • Negative effect on vision.
  • Glare caused by sunlight.
  • The manifestation of fingerprints.

Important! Have you decided to connect your laptop to the Internet? Then you can not do without such an auxiliary device as a modem. Read about which modem is better for a laptop.

Pros of frosted screens:

  • The presence of anti-reflective coating.
  • Comfortable conditions when working with numbers and texts.
  • Minimum response in games.

Cons of screens with a matte finish:

  • Low color rendering.
  • Dull and faded colors.
  • The presence of grit in low-cost models.

Important! Thermal grease ensures normal heat transfer between the surface of the processor and the heat sink of the laptop.Based on this, it should be borne in mind that it must be of exceptionally high quality. In order not to get into trouble, follow the direct link and you will find out about which thermal grease for laptop is better.

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In fact, if you analyze it, it becomes clear that both coatings have their advantages and disadvantages, but everything depends only on the conditions of use of the device - it will be work, watching movies or games. Finally determining what is best - a matte or glossy screen, you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons. No one except the user himself can accurately answer this question, because only he knows for sure what he will do and in what conditions to use his purchase.

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