Replacing the TV matrix ли can I fix how to make a plasma if I broke

Plasma TVs have long since become permanent cohabitants in our apartments, because such devices give a very high quality image. Image transmission quality is ideal for action movies, sports events, and even cartoons. But then a weighty children's toy flies into the TV, and your “electronic friend” stops transmitting the image, showing only a crack with colored stripes on the display. What to do in such cases? Can I repair the LCD TV if the screen is broken? Do not rush to be sad, perhaps this article will help you find the most optimal solution to such a problem.

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What is a plasma TV screen?

The main component of such a screen is the matrix. The matrix contains just a huge number of particles that are filled with a mixture of neon and xenon. The perimeter of the matrix is ​​framed by semiconductors. An electric current passes through the gaseous medium and creates a UV glow, which causes the phosphors to glow. This whole tricky process leads to the illumination of the cell in the right color, and in the aggregate tens of thousands of cells form the picture that we observe daily.

The entire screen device is located in a relatively small space between two planes, which are usually made of special glass.

Important! Previously, models could boast of glass thickness, which was only 3 millimeters. But progress along with manufacturers made new models with a thickness of only 2 millimeters. Such innovations markedly reduced the weight of the device, but made it even more fragile, which leads to fraught consequences.

Read in another article in more detail about different TV malfunctions.

Can I fix a broken LCD TV screen if it is cracked? Let's talk about it.

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If the display is cracked

Cracks in the outer glass violate the integrity of the matrix, and the gas mixture freely leaves its “reservoir”. It is impossible to repair such a malfunction. Only one way out is to buy a new matrix.

Important! The matrix of the device is almost the same as the TV itself, so it is often easier to purchase a new TV.

Experienced users recommend that you do not fix the plasma panels, which are a component of a home theater and do not have any sound output devices or other useful components. This case will definitely require the purchase of a new panel. But if a plasma TV with a huge set of functions is broken, then it will already be possible to speculate. But it is worthwhile to understand that only in 1 out of 5 cases it will be beneficial to repair. Most likely you will need to replace the TV.

So check out immediately Top 40 LED TVsmaybe you decide that buying a new TV will still be more profitable, instead of fixing the TV that crashed and crashed.

Important! Remember that the quality of any device depends on the brand and place of assembly of the device. Find out about where they collect TVs of different brands.

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Still decided to change the matrix?

The matrix can be repaired, but here you will have to be a little upset: you can’t repair the house, and even here there are huge difficulties - it is plasma transportation. Experts recommend transporting such equipment only in an upright position and avoid any tilt angles so as not to cause overload.

Important! If you are a happy owner of a huge plasma, and you have a small passenger car in the yard, you will have to fork out not only for repairs, but also for the transportation of a broken device.

Before sending the “corpse” of the TV to the technical center, make sure once again that all the manipulations are cost-effective. To avoid huge idle costs, it is recommended to call the master at home. A specialist will come, carry out diagnostics and put forward a solution with which it is best to agree, it may be necessary to replace some details. Also, in addition to diagnostics, for a small fee, the masters themselves will transport the TV in compliance with all safety rules. You will only need to coordinate questions about the meeting and make a decision, wait a couple of days and go behind the finished TV.

Important! Can I repair the LCD TV if there are streaks or spots on the screen? You can, and more about this in the articles:

It’s best to try to avoid such damage in the future.

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Preventative measures

A refurbished TV came home to you, but are children, animals, or an awkward family member still able to break the screen? Something urgently needs to be done.

For such TVs, special protective screens are made of acrylic. Such surfaces are not afraid of water, scratches, and children will be able to throw their toys on the screen without forcing parents to take a loan for a new device. Moreover, such protection saves from dust, which, by the way, is also an old sworn enemy of televisions. Therefore, the purchase of an “accessory” is the most sought after. If you protect your equipment, you can watch football, movies or cartoons for a long time.

There is also another preventative measure for caring for TV. To do this, you need to purchase a bracket. Using the bracket allows the installation of plasma directly under the ceiling. Such measures will help to avoid accidental “pushing backs” or the consequences of children's active games at home. True, the bracket will cost a little more, and its installation is already a completely separate topic.

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Now you know how to change a broken TV screen. Be careful with your equipment, and it will delight you with its work day after day.

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