Floor scales show LO - what is it?

Floor scales are one of the most popular accessories in every family. A healthy lifestyle is becoming more common. Being healthy today is not only pleasant, but also prestigious. When buying an electronic gadget, buyers often have questions. For example, floor scales give out lo - what does it mean? The article contains the most common questions regarding this product and the answers to them.

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How often and at what time of the day is it advisable to check body weight?

The time of day for weighing is not important. Of course, you need to do this at the same time of day. The recommended frequency of mass control is 1 time per week.

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The Start / Stop function is highlighted - what is it for?

Using this function, instantaneous display of the body mass value is carried out on the display. You do not need to wait for a zero on the display.

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Can I change the weight in pounds per kilogram?

Can. There is a switch next to the battery compartment. If you did not find it, carefully review the instructions for the scales.

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Diagnostic scales - what is their operating principle?

When a person becomes barefoot on the device platform, a weak electric current is supplied to his body through the electrodes. With excess fat, current transmission from one leg to the other is more difficult.

Using this effect, called bioelectric resistance, you can estimate the amount of fat in the body. The gadget runs on four 1.5 V batteries, so the current is very weak and completely safe. It is the level of nutrition that will be the reason if the floor scales show LO.

Important! Read more in the article on the link all about how to set up electronic scales.

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What is the procedure for using diagnostic scales?

In order for the information received to be as accurate as possible, you must always weigh yourself under the same conditions:

  • Get on the device without shoes, with dry feet. Stops when weighing should be located on the electrodes. Do not forget that coarsened skin can affect the measurement results.
  • The recommended weight control time is in the morning, 15 minutes after sleep. At this time, the fluid is in the legs.
  • Make sure that the legs do not come into contact during weighing. If necessary, place a paper sheet between your legs.
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Is it possible to stand on the scales with wet feet?

Looking at which ones. Diagnostic is not possible, because the result will be incorrect. When weighing on a conventional outdoor appliance, moisture does not affect the weighing result.

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How to clean the device?

To clean the device from contamination, you can use a dishwashing liquid. Do not use abrasive powders and metal washcloths. Do not wash the scales by immersing them in water.

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Are there any rules for storing the device?

It is stored horizontally. Do not place any objects on it. If you do not plan to use the appliance for a long time, remove the batteries from it so that the floor balance does not finally show you the LO symbol.

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Which batteries do you want to use?

It is recommended to use new alkaline batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries or salt batteries. In some models, lithium or tablet power sources are used.

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After the batteries were replaced, message 8888 appeared. What does it mean?

This is a normal occurrence. After installing the batteries, the balance is in the initialization state. The duration of this period is from 5 seconds to half a minute. Place the scale on the floor and wait a bit until the message leaves the display.

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LO writes electronic scales: what does it mean?

If the electronic balance shows LO, it means that the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. Replace and the unit will operate normally.

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The error ERR is displayed. Does this indicate a malfunction?

No. This is just a malfunction when weighing. Get off the platform and wait until 0.0 appears on the display. Now repeat the weighing again.

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The virtual keyboard is not responding. What to do

The activation of the virtual keyboard occurs after the weighing process is completed. Observe the following conditions:

  • At the end of the weighing step off the platform.
  • When the button is pressed, the balance should be on the floor.
  • Press the buttons with your finger without using foreign objects.
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Do diagnostic scales include belly fat?

Yes, this gadget takes into account all the fat, regardless of its location. The result obtained is the difference between total and dry body weight.

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When weighing on a diagnostic device, is the weight of the clothes taken into account?

Yes. The mass of clothes is added to the mass of fat.

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Why is it important to use the same instrument for weighing?

Different weighing instruments show slightly different values ​​from each other. Therefore, to monitor body weight in dynamics, it is better to use one device.

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Can i use smart scales during pregnancy?

This makes no sense, because the results on body fat mass will not be correct.

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Can smart scales be used with a pacemaker?

People who wear a pacemaker or some other medical device cannot use smart scales. Even a small electric current passing through the body can damage the pacemaker or cause a malfunction.

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The device has worked out its life. How to dispose of it?

The scales use recyclable materials. The best option is to take them to the waste collection point in your locality.

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We hope that the information presented in the article will be useful to you. We hope questions like scales show lo - what this means will no longer arise.

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