Samsung TV does not turn on

Currently, television is the most affordable and popular form of family leisure. Despite the general availability of the Internet, television is stubbornly unwilling to give up its positions. And the most popular manufacturer of such home appliances is Samsung. Therefore, the situation when Samsung TV does not turn on, plunges many people into a state close to panic. To panic and feverishly press the buttons of a mobile phone early. Perhaps the help of the wizard is not needed. It is likely that your equipment is in perfect working order.

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Where to begin?

If you find that the TV receiver refuses to turn on, carefully examine it. It is possible that the problem is in the wrong mode of operation, problems with wiring or in a randomly pressed button. Be aware that different types of televisions require a different approach to a similar problem.

Important! In this article, we looked at probable problems with TV panels only regarding on and off. You may also find useful reviews of the causes of malfunctions and how to resolve them in such cases:

  1. Dark spot on LCD TV.
  2. Vertical stripes on the screen.

There are three types of television receivers.

  • CRT tubes.
  • Plasma
  • Liquid crystal.

Important! However, you are unlikely to be able to repair television equipment in case of complex breakdowns. Therefore, the tips from the series “Why the TV doesn't turn on” given in the article are, to a certain extent, universal. What can cause a problem with the LCD device may well apply to both plasma and kinescope techniques.

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Trying to find a reason

If you purchased a brand-new television equipment, and it does not turn on, the problem is most likely not in the device itself. The risk of marriage is very low, since respectable companies carry out a thorough inspection of the equipment before sending it to distributors.

Most likely, the reason is as follows:

  • Incorrect connection.
  • Management error.
  • The remote control is defective.

Read the instructions carefully again. For example, the power button can be turned off:

  1. If the indicator is steady on without blinking, then there are no problems with the power supply.
  2. If the indicator goes out, the cause is most likely a fault in the wiring or the power button is off.

Check the socket and cord (you can check the voltage with a screwdriver with an indicator). If the Samsung TV does not turn on, the red light blinks, contacts may be withdrawn. In some cases, the indicator does not blink due to a lamp failure. Of course, this can not be considered a serious breakdown.

Did not find any malfunctions, but the TV did not turn on? So - you need to look for a problem in another.

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Wrong mode selection

Again, you have to pick up the instructions and study it. It is possible that the TV receiver is in sleep mode (it is also called standby). Diagnosing it is quite simple: the screen goes blank, the TV does not turn on, the lamp flashes green or red.

Important! Carefully check the operating modes of the device. Some models of LCD TVs are equipped with a special button that determines the current mode. For example, if the DVD or game console mode is set, and the gadgets are not connected, the screen goes blank automatically. Only the indicator lights.

Once you understand the modes, be sure to read some useful information that will help you understand how correctly you installed your panel. Remember that the comfort, convenience of watching TV largely depends on how correctly chosen TV viewing angle.

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Technical troubles

Sometimes the cause of all the problems is the remote control:

  • If the Samsung TV or LG does not turn on, the light flashes when you press the power button, then the remote control is undoubtedly working.
  • If there is no reaction from the side of the indicator, it is worth doing the remote control.

We deal with the remote control and TV:

  1. Maybe it’s just time to change the batteries in it. Do you have an identical remote? Try turning on the TV with it.
  2. If there is no other remote, try using the button on the dashboard.
  3. Samsung TV does not turn on, the button on the dashboard does not work? So - everything is somewhat more serious than you thought at first. The clicks in the back of the case indicate the activation of the blocking module. Have to call a specialist. If a blown fuse in a kinescope TV receiver can be replaced independently, then the technologies used to create modern TVs are much more complicated. To understand how much a recovery solution will be in principle feasible, read our article on LCD TV repair.

Important! It happens that when a breakdown and attempt to turn on the TV makes extraneous sounds. There are models that make a squeak when the mode is set incorrectly (for example, the game console mode is set, and the gadget is not connected).

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Stock footage

TV is not a cheap thing, so taking risks with self-repair, without having the same skills and experience, is simply unreasonable. Therefore, if your Samsung TV does not turn on, and the reasons are not in the remote control and not in the incorrect mode, it's time to call the master of such a technique and clarify the possible consultation time.

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