Samsung TV itself turns off and on - the reasons

Life without a TV in the 21st century is already completely different. But often the owners of SAMSUNG TVs are faced with the problem of turning off the TV themselves. Let's try to figure out this behavior of technology and find out what to do if the Samsung TV turns off and on itself - the causes of this phenomenon can be trivial and available for correction with your own hands.

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Simple Causes of a Problem

There are many explanations for the independent operation of technology, and very often far from the manufacturers of equipment are to blame. So, here are the reasons that the Samsung TV itself turns off and on:

  • Incorrect settings. This is the most common cause. If you incorrectly configured the device by turning on the TV on / off program yourself, then only you are to blame. So before you run to the service center, check the availability of these settings in your device.
  • Poor outlet. Weak contact with electricity can be the main reason that the Samsung TV turns on and off immediately. Try using a special device that measures the voltage in the outlet.
  • Lack of internet connection, which is why the TV periodically reboots.
  • Frequent power surges, because of this, a spontaneous shutdown may occur.

Once you have checked and dealt with the problems of your TV, check if it matches the correct locationTV viewing angle. This is important for the quality of the picture, and for your health!

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We deal with more complex reasons.

If everything is normal with the settings of the device and the voltage in the outlet, then you should “dig” deeper. Behind the independent life of the TV can be more serious problems, which can only be fixed by the master of the service center. So why does Samsung TV turn off and on?

There are several dangerous phenomena for the TV.

Excessive dustiness of the device

It is a major major problem. It is dust that helps close contacts, although it is not a strong conductor of electricity. To remove dust, it is enough to simply vacuum the TV yourself, but many prefer to turn to a master who can professionally clean the device from the inside.

Power Circuit Problems

This reason can be identified by yourself:

  1. You will need to turn off the TV from the outlet and open the cover.
  2. Then we independently inspect the state of the board using a magnifying glass or other glass that enlarges the image.
  3. If you notice any, even the smallest crack on the parts, then this is the problem.

Important! This problem is very serious and to fix it, call a professional, he will do it himself.

The power supply is defective

To make sure that it is working, diagnose the standby indicator. When responding to shutdown, we conclude that the breakdown is in the power supply.

If it was not possible to identify the problem yourself, we advise you to immediately call a wizard to help you figure out and fix the problem.

Perhaps, during the diagnosis, you also identified other defects, for the solution of which we also have a lot of useful information, for example, we suggest reading articles:

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Self-fix the problem

In order not to attract a master and not pay him decent money, you can resort to fixing the problem yourself, but keep in mind that this can harm both your health and your equipment. You can use these methods if you are completely self-confident.

Important! All of the following procedures can be performed provided that the TV is switched off.

Dust in the device

This problem is much more common than others. Samsung TV constantly turns on and off (turns off) independently from excessive accumulation of dust, which, as mentioned, helps to close contacts

The way to eliminate it is also relatively easy. Simply vacuum your appliance with the smallest nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. It is not necessary to open the TV cover.

Important! On the case and SAMSUNG models there are special openings at the back through which it is convenient to suck out dust.

Inverter Power Circuit Malfunction

So, we found small cracks on the board that arise from sudden voltage drops, moisture accumulation, or overheating of the part.

Important! This malfunction is very serious, and we would not recommend repairing the device yourself.

If you nevertheless decided on this procedure, then here is the algorithm of actions:

  1. Check the status of the cable or router.
  2. Remove the cover and re-inspect the parts inside. Take care of the good lighting in the room.
  3. See if the device has swollen capacitors.
  4. Try to solder the cracks yourself.
  5. Clean contacts of various dirt.
  6. Purchase parts from the store and replace the defective ones.

After these steps, the Samsung TV should not turn on and off on its own.

Malfunction in the power unit

The power supply in your SAMSUNG, like in any other similar device, most often wears out due to constant power surges. Perhaps the main reason for actively turning the equipment on and off is precisely this. In this case, in no case can you trust yourself and repair the TV alone, you need to entrust your device to an experienced craftsman who will try to put your equipment in order.

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From this article, you learned the main reasons for turning the Samsung TV on and off independently and ways to solve them. If these tips did not help you, and your plasma TV continues for some time, no matter how many minutes and seconds, repeat periodic shutdowns, then we recommend that you immediately contact a service center to fix the problem, or purchase new equipment.

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