Dark spot on LCD TV

Any TV with a liquid crystal coating, even the most expensive and proven as a reliable technology, may be malfunctioning or quickly deteriorate if used improperly. In this article, we will try to figure it out and find out what needs to be done if a dark spot appears on the LCD TV screen.

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The main causes of dark spots on the screen

Such “blots” and dots are often first slightly visible and invisible, and then grow and interfere with viewing TV shows, distorting or closing the panel. In this section, we will try to understand the causes of the malfunction.

Dark spot on the LCD monitor

Often a dark spot formed on the liquid crystal coating indicates a malfunction of the most important part - the matrix. Basically, these are factory defects.

So, here are the main reasons for the appearance of dark spots on the LCD TV screen:

  • The defect appeared at the factory itself. If you purchased an LCD device and found a dark growing spot on it, immediately bring the device back to the store, provided that the warranty has not expired.
  • The screen was accidentally pressed or hit on it. Most likely, this is your fault and the guarantee will not help you, but you can try.
  • Other damage to the coating.

Important! Dark spots are not the only problem with TV screens. Follow the link and find out whyvertical stripes on an LCD TV.

Plasma dark spot

The appearance of a dark unpleasant spot on the plasma TV screen indicates a problem with the blocks themselves, the image being edited. Most likely, these blocks have already worn out. Also, in rare cases, the device manufacturers themselves are to blame.

Important! During operation, scratches can form on any item, and the TV screen is no exception. In our separate review, we described in detail howremove screen scratches.

Black dots on the picture tube model

Such “blots” often appear on such a model; the most common cause is the shedding of the phosphor deposited on the inside of the monitor. It also provides viewing of TV channels.

This defect occurs as a result of shock, pressure, falling of the picture tube or its wear. Here only the replacement of the tube itself can help, but it costs a lot of money. It happens that it is impossible to change it. Only buying a new TV will help.

Important! Remember that if the warranty for the equipment has not yet been issued and may still be valid for some time, then immediately contact a service center in your city and hand over the equipment according to the warranty sheet.

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What to do if black spots appear on the LCD TV?

As mentioned above, in most cases, the appearance of a dark spot on the LCD screen is a factory defect.

Most likely, these pixels “die off” from improper installation of the LCD screen. Typically, black spots of this nature increase in size over time.

Here are some tips on what to do if you saw such “blots” on your LCD screen:

  • If the warranty is over, try to write a letter with claims to the manufacturers. In extremely rare cases, in order not to lose their reputation, factories can replace faulty equipment.
  • If you are refused, we recommend that you purchase new equipment, because screen repair often exceeds its price. In general, it's up to you.

Important! For the future: for the warranty period and the manufacturer’s obligations to work for sure, buy the equipment of reputable companies. These are mainly brands such as SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, PHILIPS.

Important! Some owners of Smart TV have problems connecting the Internet to the TV. Our site of useful tips will help you solve this problem, read the special post “How to connect the Internet to Smart TV?”

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Color spot appearances

It also happens that for no reason color stripes and “blots” appear on the monitor, which terribly distort the image. Such a story only happens with old picture tubes.

When you witness the appearance of such spots on the TV screen, do not rush to run to the store, take the equipment or write angry letters to the manufacturers, because such a problem is very simple to fix yourself.

We will understand the causes of the problems:

  • Kinescope demagnetized. This problem is the most frequent and it is very easy to fix it.
  • Frequent and abrupt turning the TV on and off.
  • Placing powerful devices near the appliance that form strong electromagnetic waves. For example, speakers, a computer, sometimes even a telephone.

So, we figured out the reasons, but what to do to make the strange glow disappear? It’s not necessary to call the master to the house, the whole problem can be eliminated independently:

  • The most popular and easiest way is to unplug the appliance for several hours and turn it on again. If the problem persists, try again. For prevention, this procedure can be carried out once a month.
  • If the method presented above did not work, most likely your posistor burned out. In this case, you need to replace the thermistor with a working one, but this is not an easy task. We recommend involving a master in this, so as not to break through your technique.
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In the proposed article, we figured out the causes and methods of eliminating various spots on TV screens of any shape and size. Remember that even a well-proven technique requires special vigilance.

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