Crack on the screen 🥝 how to remove cracked glass on a touch smartphone, can I fix the touchscreen

It’s hard for a person today to imagine life without a mobile phone. Without this device, we do not leave home, it accompanies us everywhere and is exposed to various risks. Very often, when carelessly using smartphones, cracks appear in front of the panel, as this is a very fragile part. The glass on the smartphone has cracked - what should I do if the sensor works at the same time? Can it be repaired? The screen has flowed, how to remove smudges and seal, seal, change the cracked screen? These are the first questions that arise for each of us in the event of a nuisance. We will answer them in the article below.

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Why does my smartphone screen not work?

The most famous reason for this is mechanical damage (crashed, broken, burst). What they don’t do with mobile phones - they drop them, sit on them, attack, put heavy objects, throw them on the wall. And if the owner carries his phone in the back pocket of his pants, then the likelihood of damaging the screen increases significantly. The only way out when you break the screen is to replace the display.

A very common problem is the flooding of the gadget with liquid. In this case, you should immediately contact a specialist. Only a competent master after drying and diagnostics will answer the question of whether it can be repaired.

Important! The problem of recessed gadgets is discussed in more detail by our specialists in a separate article "What if the phone fell into the toilet?".

Not in all cases the owner is to blame. There are a number of problems with the displays of touch phones that are independent of the host, namely:

  • Only a white screen is displayed on the phone. In this case, there may be problems such as a faulty controller on the board, the cable is damaged, the program has failed, or the display needs to be replaced.
  • The display lights up in blue - this is a problem with either the controller or the screen itself.
  • A ripple appeared on the screen - the controller is defective or a screen replacement is required.
  • The picture is distorted, the image appears or disappears - the loop is defective.
  • The picture is poorly visible, but the screen works in this case - in most cases this indicates a malfunction of the backlight circuit.

Important! Do not delay the trip to the service center if you notice any malfunctions in the operation of the screen of your gadget. The faster you do this, the easier it will be to restore your phone. If, according to the results of the diagnostics, it turned out that the repair would be unprofitable, we suggest immediately looking at the optimal model for the purchase. Our reviews will help you with this:

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  5. Overview of Asus smartphones.
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Temporary solutions

If the cracks on the screen are not very large, you can try to fix the situation yourself. The options below are suitable only if the functionality of the gadget is not broken, that is, the sensor works:

  • Try to carefully polish the crack with a special tool such as GOI paste or sandpaper of very fine grain.
  • As a workaround - stick a protective film or shockproof glasswhich “shake” the screen in its current state and do not allow the crack to grow in size.

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Touch Screen Replacement

Touchscreen phones have become very popular as they are easy to use. A touch screen or touchscreen is part of modern smartphones that lends itself to the greatest vulnerability. It is usually made of fragile glass or plastic, which can easily be broken, poured, scratched. If the glass cracked on the smartphone - what should I do? Do not worry! Replacing the touchscreen is not so difficult, and it will take a little time.

Important! Touchscreens that are completely broken and do not work cannot be repaired! Be extremely careful with them.

Touch screen replacement required:

  • There are cracks on it.
  • The touchscreen does not respond to touch or does what it pleases.
  • The smartphone freezes when pressed.

Important! The sensor is made of several active layers - if one of them is damaged, the touchscreen will not work. Very often, if the screen does not respond to touch, it is necessary to replace the glass, not the screen. In most cases, this will be much cheaper.

If the image has become blurry, it is not fully displayed, blackouts appear or the image is not visible at all, you must change the entire screen.

Do not try to fix the phone yourself - if the glass on the smartphone is cracked, use the services of specialists. When replacing the glass, original parts should be supplied, not Chinese ones, since the second ones break very often, after which it is almost impossible to repair the phone. Also, the service center will provide you with a guarantee on the part that you have been supplied with and the work performed by them.

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Should I change the screen myself?

If you are a jack of all trades, you can try replacing the screen yourself. For this you will need: a new display and special screwdrivers.

To get started, turn off the mobile device and remove the battery and SIM cards from it, select the screwdrivers suitable for your phone. Next, use step-by-step instructions that are suitable for your phone model, as different models have different nuances - you can find them on the Internet.

Important! Be very careful, fold the screws so as not to lose, write down which screws from which hole so as not to mix up.

If you replace yourself, you will not receive any warranty. And if you are not completely confident in your abilities, trust the specialists. Glass replacement is a very popular service and will take about an hour and a half.

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Check that original spare parts are used during repairs. Be careful with your mobile, and it will certainly serve you for many years!

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