Digital TV tuner - what is it?

To watch your favorite movies, broadcasting in excellent quality tv is not enough today to buy a good TV. You will need more related equipment, and as soon as the equipment is complete, you will definitely make sure that you are not lost. What does tv tuner mean? An independent video tuner, receiver, decoder, digital set-top box - it's so hard to figure it all out. Meanwhile, all these names are for the same device, which is necessary in order to receive and decode digital television signals. In our article, we will find out the digital tuner for the TV - what it is and what it is for.

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The benefits of digital television

Why do I need a tuner and how does it work? All televisions are equipped with tuners that receive an analog signal, but after the television has appeared “in digital”, this may not be enough. What is so good about digital broadcasting?

  • Higher picture quality.
  • Good signal protection.
  • The possibility of unlocking the potential of modern devices.
  • A large number of channels.
  • A lot of other functions: teletext, recording the transfer to external media, you can stop the broadcast, then continue it and much more.
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Digital Television Broadcasting Standards

The international standardization organization includes national committees from a large number of countries. It consists of special groups that deal with solving problems in various industries.

There are various television standards, let's consider those that are accepted in European countries to understand which digital tuner for a TV is better to choose:

  • DVB-C. Is a standard cable digital television. To gain access to the channels, a provider card is inserted into the tuner. This standard is based on motion picture coding and MPEG-2 audio.
  • DVB-C2. It is the second generation of the standard indicated above. One carrier in it is replaced by OFDM, which provides additional noise immunity and flexibility.
  • DVB-S. It is a digital satellite broadcast. A satellite is used to transmit the signal, but it is received using a satellite dish and a decoder.

Important! This type of digital broadcasting is the most reliable, fast and economical. At the same time, high signal quality is maintained at any distance.

  • DVB-S2. It is a modification of the previous standard. It does not bind the transport frame to certain standards; therefore, it is possible to transmit both MPEG-2 transport packets and arbitrary streams having a packet or continuous structure.
  • DVB-T. It is a digital terrestrial television. Radio is used to transmit the signal, and an individual or collective antenna connected to a TV or receiver is used for reception. For work, a decimeter or meter range is used.
  • DVB-T2. It is the second generation of the previous standard, which has fundamental differences. Thanks to this advanced type of transmission, they are broadcast not only in HDTV format, but also in 3D. Audio and video are compressed into the international MPEG-4 standard.

Important! This technology features improved bandwidth, transmission is more stable.

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Choosing a TV tuner

TV tuners are high-tech devices, thanks to which a video signal is received, which is then converted and broadcast on the screen. Which TV tuner is better to buy for a TV, because different manufacturers produce a lot of models?

Important! They all have wide functionality, thanks to which it is possible to capture video not only from external sources, for example, video cameras, but also receive a radio signal. If you install the tuner on a computer, you can safely listen to the radio, watch TV shows and record them, and much more.

As in the case with other modern devices, devices of this type have characteristics and parameters that need to be studied before purchase.

Important! First of all, you need to determine for what tasks the receiver will be used, to watch which television: satellite, digital or analog. To receive satellite or terrestrial digital television, it is worth paying attention to hybrid models in which various television receivers are combined.

It is advisable to decide on some technical details that are of great importance:

  • Type of connection. A cable is used to connect external models, internal ones are inserted into special slots.
  • Video standards. It can be analog, digital and hybrid.
  • Video capture, so you can record any broadcasts.
  • Video compression. Some models provide the ability to compress video in some formats.
  • The presence of radio reception.
  • Freeze frame function.
  • Mirror projection.
  • The function of deferred viewing.

Important! On our portal of useful tips in a separate review, we talked in detail abouthow to set up a TV tuner on a TV.

Tuner type

These devices can have a different type of installation and design:

  • External devices have their own video outputs. You can directly connect these USB tuners to a computer, monitor, or TV. It is usually presented in the form of a small box. Follow the link to learn aboutsetting up a TV tuner on a computer.
  • The view of the internal tuners for the TV, like an expansion card. They are installed inside the computer.

Important! Of course, such devices have a number of advantages, primarily regarding functionality. The downside is that not every computer can insert an additional expansion card.

  • A stand-alone tuner does not require a computer and its software. When receiving and processing a signal, the resources of the tuner are used.

Important! It has much better reception quality, as well as advanced features.

Important! Do you have a big family and everyone has their own preferences when watching television? Read the instructionshow to connect Tricolor to two TVs from one receiver.

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Popular models

Today, there are many manufacturers on the market, each with their own models of TV technology. This variety may make you dizzy, so let's pay attention to the models that are most popular, find out which TV tuner is better.

Strong SRT 8202

It is one of the leading models in the modern market. Carries out reception of an on-air digital television of the DVB-T and DVB-T2 standards. The image quality is the highest - up to 1080p.

This device has the following functions:

  • Teletext
  • TV guide;
  • Supports recording video to external media;
  • Ability to stop the program.

Important! If you use a USB flash drive, you can play files in a variety of formats. Built-in support for AC3 sound.

The device is equipped with a small display to display basic information. In general, it has small dimensions. In addition, this digital TV tuner is equipped with a remote, small and easy to use.

Galaxy Innovations Matrix Lite:

  • This receiver features support not only for DVB-T2 digital terrestrial broadcasting, but also for satellite DVB-S2 and cable DVB-C.The weight of the device is 230 g, the dimensions are quite compact.
  • There are not only standard features, but also Internet browsing.
  • The device can be attached to the TV, but you can control it using the remote control thanks to the remote infrared sensor.
  • The device supports a maximum resolution of 1080p, which allows you to watch programs in excellent quality.

Important! Thanks to the special function introduced by the developer, energy is consumed very economically. However, you will have to pay more for this.


This device has in its configuration all the most necessary functions, while the price is quite affordable. As in other modern models, you can:

  • record and stop broadcasts;
  • use a TV guide and teletext;
  • Watch a TV show a few days in advance.

Built-in support for playing files with different resolutions.

Important! The main disadvantage is the lack of a display, but there is a completely convenient and understandable remote control.

U2C T2 HD Plus

Almost the most inexpensive modern device of this type:

  • Built-in support for DVB-T and DVB-T2 standards, the maximum resolution is 1080p.
  • With it, you can play a variety of file formats, record and stop video, use teletext and TV guide.
  • Setting up, connecting and controlling the device is very simple. All this can be done using the remote control is large enough.

Important! You can get a high-quality image on a good-quality TV. We have prepared separate reviews that will help you choose the best TV:

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Stock footage

If you want to watch TV shows in excellent quality and at the same time enjoy the sound of sound, our advice is to take a look at the TV tuners that allow you to do this. For the rest, we hope that you have figured out the information in this article, and now choosing the appropriate receiver model is not so difficult for you.

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