What to do if the shoes are large 🥝 how to narrow down boots, shoes, if too big

Sometimes situations arise in which the favorite shoe model is too big and does not correspond to the desired foot size. And you ask yourself, “Do you buy such shoes? To take, and then not go out into it and don’t put it on. ”In such cases, the process of socks causes a lot of trouble and problems. There are also cases when, over time, the stretching of the shoes occurs, and the beloved pair of shoes is no longer so comfortable. Many people are upset about this and stop wearing problem shoes. In our article, we will try to figure out what to do if the shoes are large.

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How to wear big shoes?

If the purchased pair of shoes turned out to be large, do not be upset, because there are so many methods that allow you to wear large shoes. Consider the most popular options.

Simple ways:

  1. You can wear thick socks, or better yet, wear a few pairs of socks. This is the easiest method to wear large shoes. So you can replace thin silk socks with thick cotton ones. It is also possible that socks can be worn on top of each other in the amount of two or three pairs. The thicker the worn socks, the greater the likelihood of comfort in large shoes. This method is great for sports shoes and boots.

Important! In hot weather, this method is not very suitable.

  1. To reduce shoe size, you can place tissue paper, toilet paper, cotton wool, or other thin material in the toe of your shoe. This is a great option when the heel takes a squishy position when walking. Practically this method can be used anywhere. This is a good option for heeled shoes if a closed toe is present. In addition, boots and shoes with solid soles can reduce their size in this way.

Important! Long walks or sporting events are not suitable for this method, since an intense load causes a knockdown of the “filler” and causes inconvenience.

  1. You can use the insole. In accordance with the standard, the insole length determines the size of the shoe and is expressed in centimeters. The use of an additional insole allows you to solve the problem if the insole is 0.3-0.5 cm longer than the foot. The insole is a soft insert in shoes made of special gel or foam. The presence of the insole contributes to the cushioning process and to support the feet while walking. Insoles are used not only to adjust posture, but also to wear large shoes. Insoles for shoes are sold. This option helps to reduce the size of any type of shoe, suitable for products with heels and in the presence of an open toe on the product.

Important! When purchasing insoles, you need to test them to make sure they are comfortable. So, for Dr. Insoles Scholl and Foot Petals are characterized by practicality and durability, but for any large shoe any insoles are suitable.

  1. If the shoes are large, you can use tabs that contribute to the lifting of the arch of the foot. If you choose full insoles, wearing shoes will be uncomfortable. Very often use small tabs.They serve to fit under the lifting arch of the foot. The presence of such tabs is imperceptible, and they can be used for shoes with heels or wide soles.

Important! There are tabs of different colors, so it’s possible to choose a tab for the shade of the shoe.

  1. The option of using strips on the heel is possible. With a large size, you can stick strips with a special pad on an uncomfortable heel of the shoe. This method contributes to the comfortable wearing of large shoes. Strips can be glued not only on the heel zone, but also at another point in large-sized shoes. This method is used with any shoe option, most of all it is suitable for a stiff heel.

Important! Before purchasing, you need to test special strips, as they can rub your feet.

Difficult ways

If you want to solve the problem of a large shoe size for a longer period, and simple methods did not fit, then you can use more complex options. Consider the most effective ways.


For this process, first wet the shoes, and then dry them. If this procedure is carried out correctly, then good results can be achieved.

Important! There is always a risk of shoe damage, so first you need to re-read the shoe service label.

How to act:

  • In order to wet shoes from suede or skin, you need to apply a spray. Any other shoe option can simply be put in water.
  • Shoes should dry on a balcony or other open area. If this is not possible, then you can use a hairdryer.

Important! A household appliance must not be dried at a short distance from shoes, as there is a risk of damage to some materials of the product.

  • After completing the drying procedure, you need to wear these shoes. If the shoes are still large, then this process must be repeated several times. In order for the shoes to not become small in the end result, you need to carry out the drying procedure on your feet so that the shoes are just in size.

Important! Leather or suede shoes can be treated with a special conditioner, which must be purchased at shoe stores.

Elastic band

Using a needle and thread, you can use a tight elastic band to tighten the material of the shoe, which will reduce the size. If the shoes are large, you must do the following:

  1. We stretch the elastic on the inside of the shoe and attach it with pins.
  2. Stretching the elastic, sew it. Usually sewn on the back of the boot, but it is possible in any other place.
  3. We release the elastic band - it contracts and tightens the heel zone of the boot.

This method can also be applied with one of the listed methods.

Important! If you can’t solve this problem yourself, you can contact the shoe shop. Since the services of a professional craftsman are not cheap, this option can be used if you have good quality shoes.

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In the process of wearing large shoes, you need to remember a few simple rules:

  • You need to try to maintain your posture.

Important! If, using the above methods, it was possible to change the shoes from a larger size to a smaller one, then walking may cause problems with posture. Since the size is reduced from the inside, the shoes are still large on the outside, so you need to monitor your posture.

  • When walking, you need to straighten, straighten your shoulders and raise your head. It is always advisable to look directly.
  • When walking, you need to roll from heel to toe. You need to step from the heel, then move to the base of the foot, toes, only after that push off from the ground.
  • When walking, it is necessary to maximize strain on the gluteal and abdominal muscles, which help to straighten the spine and keep it upright.
  • You need to be very careful not to catch on anything.

Important! When purchasing large-sized shoes, you need to understand that it is more spacious than the usual version of shoes. Therefore, taking steps, it is necessary to raise the legs much higher than in the usual case. If you do not adhere to this condition, then there is a risk of stumbling, or you can hit a stone lying on the road or some other object.

  • Try not to wear oversized shoes for long walks. Even when using the above methods, if one of them fits, wearing such shoes will not be as comfortable as with a suitable size. If you have a long road or a long trip, it is better not to wear large shoes, as corns or other injuries may form.

Important! In addition, there is a risk of injury. So, playing sports in big shoes, the ankle is constantly experiencing inconvenience and is often injured.

  • If the shoes are too big, then it is better to abandon them. All of the above methods are suitable for shoes when it is not much larger than the usual size. If the shoes are chosen incorrectly and are too big for 1 or 2 sizes, then it is very difficult to wear them and all the tricks can be inconclusive. Therefore, take care of your feet and do not injure them. It is better to buy a new pair of suitable shoes. In extreme cases, you can use the old worn pair, rather than wearing a new one, but not its size.

Important! When purchasing shoes, you must carefully try on them. It’s better to understand that shoes are big in a shoe store than to discover such a flaw at home.

  • Some models of shoes have straps in the heel and ankle zone. On sandals, high-heeled shoes, sneakers, the presence of such straps allows you to adjust the shoes to the required leg fullness.

Important! Also find out a lot of interesting ideas, how to update your favorite shoes.

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Is there anything you can do if you bought big shoes?

What to do if the shoes are one size larger? Ideal when a pair of shoes is purchased a little more than normal. In this case, there is no situation when the toe takes the form of fingers and will not be bent upward when moving. This condition has an absurd picture, especially when the model is accompanied by elongated socks. The main condition for the convenience of shoes is that the toes do not rest on the product. Even for models showing stylish outfits on the stage of the catwalk, shoes are selected whose size indicator is larger than the size of the foot. With this option, the shoes on the legs look much more refined and elegant than the shoes of a small size.

Important! If your favorite shoes do not match the desired size, then you can try to find a suitable way to use it. When the shoes are intended for the child, the problem is very easily solved. In addition, shoes for children are not entirely profitable to purchase for one season, as the kids grow quickly.

1_53649a3c60b2e53649a3c60b69Of course, every consumer is guided in the exact size of their shoes. However, many resort to the services of online stores and order shoes from catalogs. In this case, the product of the appropriate size does not always come. In addition, each person has an individual foot structure. This feature may cause a discrepancy in size indicators for some shoe manufacturers. Therefore:

  • If you purchased winter boots, then you need to carefully look at the outsole. It should be made of a very strong and thick material with a special tread that does not allow to glide when ice. The insulation should be made of natural fur, the insoles should also have a winter insulated version.
  • For demi-season shoes, dense tights or terry socks are ideal. If the sneakers or shoes were a little large, then an ordinary piece of foam can help solve this problem. Feet will be comfortable and comfortable and the product will not be lost.
  • The main condition for spring-autumn shoes is protection against wetness.Using a cotton swab with the shoe toe closed can save a large product. After some time, the cotton wool takes the form of toes and the owner of the shoe does not feel uncomfortable when wearing his favorite shoes. It is very convenient to use special tabs that can reduce the space in the area of ​​the toe of the shoe. Such silicone tabs can adjust the shoes to a whole size.
  • If the shoes are large, but made of high-quality leather material, then you can use the "chemical" methods that allow you to reduce the size of the shoes. The shoe industry produces a special spray for the stretching procedure, which can be successfully applied to the reverse process - to reduce the size of the shoes.

Important! Naturally based skin is characterized by a property in which the constriction itself occurs. High-quality leather shoes have a “rest” option, when after a few days or a week the material of the shoes returns to its original state without outside interference.

  • If the product, as a result of prolonged wearing, is greatly stretched, then you can use a cream that is copiously applied to the inside of the shoe or to the back of the shoe.

Important! Starting the above experiments, you need to make sure that the reason is really in the shoes, and not in the use of tights and stockings. Because very often there is slipping of the legs due to the smoothness of the hosiery.

To prevent free sliding of the legs, especially with regard to summer sandals, special means are used inside:

  • Soft stickers are glued in the heel area.
  • For the surface of the feet, insoles and half insoles are used, which can lift and fix the legs. If the model has an open toe, then you need to choose the color and texture of the insole so that there is no violation of the aesthetics and the appearance of the shoes does not spoil. Necessarily on the periphery you need to sew or glue an additional version of the insole.

Important! The use of orthopedic insoles can not only reduce the size of the shoes, but also improve the condition of the foot by removing excess load from it.

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Shoe tips

The many-day trip to shoe stores has ended; finally, shoes have been selected that delight with the design, heel height, and workmanship. But time passes and a serious problem arises, since shoes that look perfect on the foot, for some reason, have become a little large.

To avoid this kind of trouble, you need to try to correctly choose shoes. So that the shoes are not large, it is necessary to adhere to such recommendations:

  • Impeccably selected shoes help to properly present yourself and put emphasis on the beneficial sides in any microclimate and in any circumstances. It is imperative to try on your favorite model while standing. Next, you need to walk on a hard surface, and not on the carpet. This procedure allows you to navigate how convenient and comfortable to be in the selected shoes.
  • It is preferable to purchase shoes in the afternoon. In the evening, even in the most healthy legs there is a process accompanied by “swelling”. Therefore, if shoes are purchased in the evening, then in the morning the shoes are too big. Or - on the contrary, the new thing that was made in the morning towards evening time becomes small. Since the legs are swollen, they do not fit into the shoes, respectively - they press.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the location of the fingers. In shoes, they should be free to move easily and move unhindered. A very small or too narrow pad causes the thumb to bend over time. This is a physical defect, which in the future is very difficult to correct.Also, with an incorrect load on the surface of the foot, complex diseases arise that are characterized by inflammatory processes of the ankle and knee joints.

Important! When choosing shoes made of genuine leather, it is necessary to consider not only the size, but also the shape of the foot.

  • Also very bulky shoes can be harmful. With useless and indecent load on the legs, varicose veins develop. As a result, swelling of the legs progresses, which causes negative changes in posture, gait, appearance, and most importantly, moods.
  • Shoes with a rounded toe contribute to a visual reduction in foot size. In the presence of a sharp and elongated sock, the leg visually increases.
  • High-heeled models are characterized by lengthening of the legs and they become more slender.
  • If there is a complex in which the girl does not really like her legs, then when choosing shoes, she should abandon the use of bright colors.
  • Owners of a full set should not wear shoes with thin heels, since he is unable to withstand the load and break at the most undesirable moment, which will entail injury if he falls.
  • If the shoes have ankle straps, then this option is preferable for women with thin legs.
  • Be sure to carefully inspect the entire product. Toe and heel should have elastic and elastic skin. There must be an arch support under the insole, and to check this - just bend the sole.
  • It is necessary to give preference to products made from natural materials. It is such shoes that are convenient and comfortable; various diseases do not occur in such shoes.
  • In summer, it is preferable to wear open options for shoes so that there is no excessive sweating. For the summer, you can buy a new thing that has a cork, wooden or leather sole. The presence of natural natural materials allows you to “breathe” shoes, which causes a beneficial effect not only on the health of the legs, but also on the whole human body.

Important! Even when wearing high-quality shoes, various problems are possible, so we will also tell you what to do if shoes stink, and how to remove the smell of cat urine from shoes.

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Choosing shoes at the same time you can have fun and get problems. But a correctly selected version emphasizes the beauty of female legs and causes positive emotions when worn. We hope you no longer have to bother with the question of what to do if the shoes are large.

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