What can be made of old jeans?

Today jeans are in the wardrobe of every family. But the inventor himself - Leiba Strauss, an emigrant from Bavaria, could not even imagine that work clothes for miners and gold diggers made of dense hemp canvas would become the most popular for many generations. Denim is very strong and durable, but sooner or later, things sewn from denim go out of fashion, become out of size or wear out. Of course, you can buy new things, and just throw away the old ones, but we recommend that you turn on your imagination and use old jeans to make useful things and crafts for the home. Today we will tell you what can be made from old jeans and offer you ideas for crafts that will not only be useful, but will also bring aesthetic pleasure to you and your loved ones.

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Do-it-yourself things from old jeans

Today, for sure, in every wardrobe there will be more than one pair of jeans of various shades, styles. If things have lost their charm or worn out, then you can always breathe new life into them. There are many interesting solutions for this.

Color change

Completely repainting the product is not necessary at all - just show a little imagination and create a unique designer item using special dyes for the fabric. You can also use folk methods for staining. Do-it-yourself jeans crafts are welcome.

Fabric decoration

To make fashionable jeans from old, use a technique such as decorating fabric. For example:

  • Rhinestones are perfect for decorating and decorating fabrics.
  • An excellent solution would be embroidery stitch, cross-stitch, or in any other way available to you.
  • A fashionable and relevant option may be a drawing. You can apply any drawing using a stencil. DIY paintings can also be used to decorate old things.
  • You can use various stripes.
  • Rivets, spikes - another popular option for decorating the product.
  • Fabric, lace appliques will help to keep the product, which is worn in several places.

Make the product look worn

If you want to give the product a well-worn look, then use a grater or sandpaper. Cheese grater is also quite suitable. Add a few cuts and the jeans will have a unique look.

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What to sew from old jeans?

If old jeans were drifted to holes, then try turning them into new clothes, such as a skirt or shorts. Jeans can be useful for sewing an apron for sewing and needlework craftsmen. Below we will tell you how to make things from old jeans with your own hands.

Short denim shorts

If the lower part of the product has become unusable, then with the help of scissors and improvised jewelry you can make short shorts - ideal for hot summer days.

For work you will need:

  • Old jeans.
  • Chalk.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Turn the jeans inside out.
  2. Mark the desired length on the product with chalk. In order not to hurt the back pockets, step back from the codpiece 7.5, or better - 10 cm.
  3. If you will be bending the edges of the shorts, then draw another line for the hem.
  4. Fold the old jeans in half.
  5. Align the line of the belt and align the seams.
  6. Cut one leg.It is better to cut off a little lower from the intended line, as, perhaps, you will later use some kind of jewelry for the fabric.
  7. Attach the cut off leg to the second (whole), and cut off the second leg. The length of the legs should be the same.
  8. Roll up the edges of the shorts and lay a decorative stitch.

Important! It is not necessary to leave the new item in its received form. You can add a little creativity to its appearance:

  • To give the shorts a bully look, fray the edges, and the fringe can be done with tweezers.
  • Ready-made shorts can be dyed with a special fabric agent. If you use several colors, applying them in turn, you can get the effect of "ombre".
  • You can also use a stencil for drawing to decorate the product. Mark the contour with a marker on the shorts, and paint over the pattern with acrylic paints.
  • You can also decorate shorts with knitted napkins. Cut out ornaments and sew to shorts.
  • For cowboy style, use fringe. Sew it around the edges.

DIY remake skirts from old jeans

A denim skirt is combined with many things: T-shirts, sweaters, shirts and jackets.

To make a skirt you will need:

  • Old jeans.
  • Chalk and centimeter.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Steamer
  • Threads in tone of fabric.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Measure the required length of the skirt with a centimeter.
  2. Draw on the old jeans the line of the required length with the help of chalk.
  3. Add a few centimeters to the allowance, cut off the legs.
  4. Open the front and rear inner seams to a zipper.
  5. Lay one front half on the other.
  6. Give a line over the old one.
  7. Do the same manipulations on the back canvas.
  8. Decorate the product as you wish and taste.

Other options for jeans

No less interesting is a dress from old jeans with your own hands. Patterns can be viewed in magazines. However, to sew a dress, it is necessary to show considerable skill and patience, in addition, one pair of jeans for the manufacture of the product will not be enough.

If you want to make a jacket from old jeans with your own hands, then the pattern of the product will be much easier than dresses. And if you are interested in the question, what else of clothing can be sewn from jeans, then there may be many options, for example:

  • The scarf-belt. You can use such a thing as a hat, a belt on a skirt.
  • Coat from various rags of fabric, including denim.
  • Jacket.
  • Light denim scarf.
  • Clothes for dolls or pets.

Shoes are also made from parts of old jeans. To make shoes, you will need ready-made soles in addition to jeans. You can decorate material with existing shoes. To create shoes, it is necessary to undo a jeans product and sew the model you like on the pattern. Denim shoes look stylish and fashionable. Famous designers also have denim shoes in their collection.

Important! Jeans boots made with their own hands look great. Jeans is a very dense and wear-resistant material, it is suitable for making upper shoes. The material can be decorated with a variety of stripes, beads, beads, buttons, rhinestones, sequins, rivets.

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The second life of denim in the interior

In the decor, denim looks unusual and fresh. A lot of denim items are sold in stores, but making crafts from old jeans with your own hands is much more interesting. In addition, this is a great opportunity to save money and get a unique design solution.

What to do from old jeans with your own hands for the home?

Here are just a few ideas for using denim in the interior:

  • A comfortable soft ottoman will fit into any room. If the old ottoman has fallen into disrepair, then hauling the design with denim will help him return to life. If you want to make a new ottoman, then take wood and foam rubber as the basis, and then cover the finished structure with denim.
  • Wooden chairs can be made more comfortable and unusual if they are covered with denim.Just sew comfortable wraps.
  • Covers for armchairs and a sofa.
  • Bed cover. Combinations of different colors can be used to make bedspreads and wraps.
  • Rug in the bedroom or bathroom.
  • Lampshade decorated with denim and accessories.
  • Sofa cushions and pillows made from leftover denim.
  • Organizers from unnecessary jeans. In the wall organizer you can store stationery, various tools. Denim pockets can be sewn in various ways: horizontally, vertically, randomly. For the manufacture of desktop organizers as a basis, you need to take dense boxes.
  • A denim panel will decorate the interior.
  • Toys for kids.
  • Furniture for pets.
  • Potholders for utensils.
  • Napkins with a pocket for cutlery.
  • Hot coasters.
  • Tablecloth.
  • Curtains from old jeans with their own hands will create their own corner not only in the room, but also in the garden in the country.
  • Photo frames.
  • Cases for champagne.
  • Covers for notebooks and diaries.
  • Decoration of flower pots.

We offer you a master class in the manufacture of some interior details.6280539-2

How to make a blanket from old jeans?

If old denim trousers are lying around in your closet, then you can make a whole blanket or cover from them. To do this, you will need:

  • Flaps of multi-colored matter.
  • Denim squares.
  • Synthetic winterizer.
  • Sharp scissors.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Soap.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Spread the legs along the seam with a knife.
  2. Cut the fabric into squares.
  3. Make blanks. To do this, put sintepon on top of the jeans squares, cover everything with a colored flap.
  4. Give the line twice diagonally, flashing the flaps together.
  5. Sew all the flaps in this way - leave the allowance on the side of the colored fabric.
  6. Sew all the flaps completely into one piece.
  7. Along the outline of the whole blanket, make a piping from a dense ribbon.
  8. Cut the edges of the stock and break them up.

Denim things for fashionistas

Lovers of various jewelry are invited to use denim for the manufacture of the following products:

  • Collars and butterflies.
  • Headbands and hair clips.
  • Bracelets and necklaces.
  • Brooches and earrings.
  • DIY keychain made of jeans.

All these products are made from jeans with their own hands with the addition of metal fittings, various beads, buttons, etc.

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How to make a bag out of old jeans?

We offer you the ideas of bags from old jeans with your own hands.

Laptop bag

For work you will need:

  • Sewing machine.
  • Ready patterns.
  • Needles.
  • Threads and scissors.
  • Old jeans.

Production Instruction:

  1. Wash old jeans and iron them well.
  2. Turn out the product and lay it on the table.
  3. Cut the legs to the depth of the bag.
  4. Trim the bottom of the fabric from one corner to the other.
  5. Sew the line on the sewing machine.
  6. Turn the product inside out.
  7. Cut the longitudinal side seams completely. As a result, you get handles for the bag.
  8. Under the belt of old trousers, make small cuts.
  9. Pass the handle on the front of the product.
  10. With the second pen, do the same.

The bag is ready! The design will surprise everyone.

Youth bag: DIY DIY crafts workshop

To make a bag you will need:

  • One leg of old jeans.
  • Lining material.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Pattern.
  • Scissors, threads and needles.
  • Chalk.
  • Lightning.
  • Magnetic buttons.
  • Pocket from jeans.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Spread the trouser leg along the inner seam.
  2. Fold in half and draw a pattern of the required size with chalk.
  3. From the side parts, cut out jeans strips for the handle.
  4. According to the size of the pattern, make a lining, shortening it by 7 cm.
  5. Stitch the side seams of the bag.
  6. Proceed to the formation of the bottom. To do this, measure 3 cm along the side seam from the corner, bend the fabric across the seam and form an isosceles triangle. Give a line along the fold line. Do the same manipulations with the second angle. Cut corners.
  7. Stitch the two halves of the handle with strong thread. Sew along the length and one edge.
  8. Turn out the handle, smooth it.
  9. Proceed to fasten the magnetic button. To do this with chalk, mark the place for slots in the center of the upper edge of the bag. Do not forget to step back from the future fold by a centimeter (the inward turn will be 4 cm). Do the same manipulations on the other side.
  10. Insert the buttons into the prepared slots.
  11. Secure the washers from the inside and bend the legs.
  12. Sew the lining. Do not stitch the side seam completely.
  13. Sew on your jeans pocket. It should be on the back of the bag.
  14. Turn out the lining and insert the bag.
  15. Stitch the lining and top of the bag.
  16. Turn out a product.
  17. Fasten the handles with a thick, strong thread.
  18. Sew the zipper in any pattern.

Making an accessory will not take much time, but such a solution will definitely be creative and unique. For a complete set, you can still make a wallet from old jeans with your own hands.

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As you can see, from old jeans you can make many wonderful and useful things. We hope that our ideas have pushed you to create something unusual and unique. Good luck!

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