How to update a leather jacket at home?

In the process of wearing, leather clothes may lose their original appearance: cracks appear in the places of bends, scuffs, the color fades, the luster disappears. In addition to specially designed funds, you can restore the previous look with improvised means. How to update a leather jacket at home? - You will learn about this in our article. We offer the most effective and easiest ways.

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How to update and refresh an old black leather jacket or coat?

Beautiful and stylish things are made of leather, which not only benefit in terms of protection from rain, wind, cold, but also require careful and delicate care. You can restore the shine, remove scuffs, and restore saturated color using simple methods. At home, it will take a minimum of time and financial costs.

Shine Recovery

From exposure to sunlight and rain, the skin loses its original shine. You can update the leather jacket at home and restore its shine with the following substances.

Soap + ammonia:

  1. Dilute the soap with water and add a small amount of ammonia.
  2. Apply the resulting solution to the product with a sponge and remove any dirt.

Important! The product should not be soaked wet, as water can ruin the jacket.

  1. Wipe the skin with a clean, well-wrung sponge.
  2. Dry with a soft, dry cloth and hang the item on a hanger.

Important! If soapy solution gets on the inside of the skin, the product may become deformed.

Lemon Juice + Alcohol

Such substances can perfectly restore shine on dark things, if you apply them like this:

  1. In 1 liter of water add lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of alcohol.
  2. Soak a foam sponge in the resulting liquid and treat the dirt.
  3. Dry with a clean, dry cloth.
  4. Put glycerin on the jacket - it will give the skin the necessary shine.
  5. Hang the product on a coat hanger and let it dry completely.

Important! Leave the jacket to dry at room temperature. Make sure that direct sunlight does not fall on its surface.

Coffee grounds:

  1. In a soft flannel or wool fabric, put a couple of spoons of moist coffee grounds.
  2. Rub the product thoroughly with such a bag.

Important! When your item acquires an attractive appearance, you might want to slightly upgrade it in terms of design. Find out, how to decorate a leather jacket in simple ways.

Scuff Removal

From frequent use on leather things, scuffs may appear, which significantly spoils the appearance of the clothes. Do not go to extremes and do not rush to send to the trash can, because it can be restored. Similar changes can also be removed if you know how to update a leather jacket at home. We offer such methods and means.

Important! If the scuffs are close to becoming full-fledged holes or are already on your stuff, our tips will help you, how to seal a hole on a jacket.

Orange peel

Thanks to its special composition, orange peels can return your leather thing to its former beautiful appearance. To do this, rub them with problem areas.The crusts will hide the shabby areas and in addition will add shine to the dull areas.

Important! Colorless cream can be used with citruses.

Skin stain removal

If you do not take into account scuffs and cracks on the jacket, you can stain the product during wear and put stubborn stains on it. To remove various contaminants, you should resort to the following proven methods.


Dust and dried dirt are removed with a damp cloth or a special brush to clean the skin.

Greasy spots

To remove this kind of pollution will be quite problematic at home. You can ease your task and use dry cleaning. For those who are not looking for easy ways and seeks to update a leather jacket at home, we offer the following option:

  1. Take gasoline or acetone.
  2. Wet the cloth with one of the selected products.
  3. Wipe the stain thoroughly.
  4. After treatment, be sure to rub the place with a colorless cream or glycerin.

Important! Before use, try the product on an inconspicuous area of ​​a leather product.

Salt stains

Subsequently, precipitation in rainy or snowy weather, salt can appear on things made of leather. The following methods will help you clear the jacket from them.

Method number 1

Apply a small amount of vinegar to a cotton cloth and treat areas with salt secretions.

Method number 2

Persistent stains are removed with ammonia, formalin and soap powder:

  1. In a small container, mix 20 ml of ammonia, 100 ml of formalin and 25 g of washing powder or soap.
  2. Put the resulting mixture on the surface and gently rub the product from the edge to the center of the spot.

Method number 3:

  1. Add ammonia and ethyl chloride to the soap solution, mix thoroughly until a homogeneous solution is obtained.
  2. Add 2 parts of glycerin to the resulting liquid.
  3. Soak a cotton swab in the composition and wipe the stain.

Important! All methods, which include chemical elements (alcohol, ethyl chloride, ammonia), must be checked on an inconspicuous part of the product before use. With such substances it is worth working only with gloves.

Scratch repair

If your outerwear is badly scratched, you need to know how to renew your skin at home to avoid unforeseen expenses for the purchase of a new product. This will help you with such tools.


Over time, cracks or scratches may appear on the leather jacket at bends when exposed to low temperatures. In this case, you need to know how to update a leather jacket at home with glycerin. It is done like this:

  1. Mix water with glycerin in equal proportions
  2. Use a soft cloth to gently rub glycerin into damaged areas.

Liquid skin:

  1. Use small scissors to trim the sticking pieces of skin.
  2. Polish the damaged area with a nail polish or fine sandpaper.

Important! It should be rubbed without making special efforts so as not to increase the damage.

  1. Degreased polished leather. To do this, moisten a cotton swab with alcohol and wipe the scratch.
  2. Apply liquid skin to the scratch and leave for 10 minutes.
  3. Polish the treated skin again.

Important! Cover at least 2 layers with deep scratches.

Masking skin tears

To restore integrity, you will need superglue or colorless nail polish:

  1. Apply one of the selected products with a toothpick or a sharpened match.
  2. So process both sides of the problem area. Press with your finger for 2-3 minutes.

Elasticity recovery

In order to avoid the appearance of cracks and drying out of leather products, special treatment with agents with a fat base will be required.

Castor oil:

  1. Mix 50 ml of castor oil and egg white until smooth.
  2. Handle things.

Laundry soap:

  1. Dissolve half a piece of laundry soap in 1 liter of hot water.
  2. In a soapy solution, add 1 teaspoon of fish oil and 1.5 tablespoon of ammonia.
  3. Handle the jacket.


  1. In warm water, put butter for 3 liters of water, 3 parts of butter.
  2. Add ammonia to the resulting mixture in a 3: 1 ratio.

Acetone and ammonia:

  1. Treat the surface with acetone or ammonia.
  2. After processing, apply glycerin evenly.

Important! Products made from nubuck, suedePatent leather is not recommended to be treated with greasy products.

Odor removal

With the help of orange, grapefruit peels, you can easily eliminate the unpleasant odor from cigarettes, food or other substances. To do this, rub the leather product with a peel.

Important! Orange and grapefruit peels are suitable for cleaning only dark skin.

If the problem is in the unpleasant smell of sweat, then it is necessary to act differently, since it has already absorbed into the lining. Click on the link in detail how to remove sweat from a leather jacket.

How to update the skin of white color?

As you know, white things require more delicate care, because all of their shortcomings are immediately noticeable and not all methods of removing dirt are suitable for white things. Caring for white leather goods is slightly different than cleaning dark leather items. To clean the white skin, you can use a soapy solution that removes unstable dirt. One of the following methods will also come to the rescue.


With the help of milk, you can remove the stubborn dirt and soften the skin, and thus - update the leather jacket:

  1. Heat milk, wet a clean cloth and wipe areas that require cleaning.
  2. Add turpentine for best results.
  3. After the procedure, treat the surface of the skin with a colorless cream.
  4. Wipe dry.


  1. Dissolve one aspirin tablet in water.
  2. Wipe the problem areas with a solution.

Hydrogen peroxide:

  1. Apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the cotton pad.
  2. Treat the stained area.

Cosmetic milk:

  1. Apply a small amount to a cotton swab.
  2. Wipe the product.
  3. Rinse with a damp cloth dipped in clean water.

Chalk or Starch

These substances are suitable for cleaning thin soft skin:

  1. In a small amount of water, add chalk or starch until gruel is obtained.
  2. Apply the resulting mixture to the impurities and leave for several hours.
  3. Rinse the residue gently with a damp, soft cloth.

Important! Traces of a ballpoint pen are removed using a cotton pad moistened with alcohol.

Grease removal

Certain sections of the jacket where it is in contact with the body (collars, cuffs on the sleeves) become greasy over time. You can get rid of such defects as follows:

  1. Soak a cotton swab in alcohol and rub greasy places.
  2. Treat with lemon juice.
  3. Finish with glycerin.

Important! To prevent greasy, wear neckerchiefs and long-sleeved items.

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How to clean the lining of a leather jacket?

Like the outer side of the jacket, the lining needs periodic washing, because in the process of wearing it is no less susceptible to dirt. How to wash the lining if leather things are undesirable strongly wet? Follow a few rules and you can easily update a leather jacket at home:

  1. To get started, turn the product inside out and separate the lining from the product.
  2. Gently, so as not to wet the skin, dip the lining in a basin with water and washing powder or rub it with soap.
  3. Conduct a normal hand wash and rinse off the rest of the soap solution in clean water.
  4. To wash the soap faster, add some vinegar to the water.
  5. Wet the sponge and wipe the lining
  6. Hang on a coat hanger. Dry only at room temperature.

How to restore a jacket after washing?

Leather things are not recommended to be washed, subsequently such skin care becomes rough, cracks appear. If you decide to wash, remember a few important points:

  • Wash the jacket in the washing machine only in the delicate wash mode without spinning.
  • Water temperature should not be higher than 30-40 degrees.
  • Pre-treat stubborn dirt with detergents.
  • To restore elasticity, add low-fat cream to the water.
  • Leave to dry in a horizontal position, away from the battery and heat generators.
  • Do not wring the leather jacket. To remove moisture, put a terry cloth inside the jacket.
  • As soon as the water stops dripping and moisture is absorbed, you can hang the product on soft shoulders.
  • You can even out wrinkles and wrinkles with a steam or warm iron.

Important! You can iron the skin only from the wrong side.

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How to restore the color of leather products

If in general your outerwear is still strong, but the color has changed a bit - some of the material has burned out, marks have formed, you can update your leather jacket at home by the following means.

Spray paint

Depending on the size of the jacket, you will need a different amount of paint. Before buying, read the instructions for use, determine what area the stain is designed for.

Important! On average, a small jacket will need 2 spray cans of paint.

Mode of application:

  1. It is better to apply paint in the fresh air or in a well-ventilated area.
  2. To prevent paint from getting into the respiratory tract, use a respirator, paint in protective clothing.
  3. Cover the furniture with newspapers or oilcloth.
  4. Staining should be done in an upright position - to do this, hang the jacket on the shoulders.
  5. Spray paint at a distance of 20 cm from the product, having previously degreased the surface of the product.
  6. Drips from paint are removed with a sponge.
  7. After staining, let the jacket dry for approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Powder dye

Powder paints also give a good result if applied as follows:

  1. Dilute the powder in warm water and mix thoroughly. There should be no lumps in the solution, as spots can form from them.
  2. The resulting paint should be boiled by adding 2 liters of water.
  3. Leave to cool to 45 degrees.

Important! High temperature staining results in a loss of elasticity and strength of the product.

  1. Put the jacket in the solution and leave for 2-3 hours, so that the skin is well saturated with paint.
  2. Rinse the product in clean water until the water becomes clear.
  3. Fix the staining result. To do this, add 1 cup of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of salt to 1 liter of water.
  4. Rinse the jacket well and hang to dry on your shoulders at room temperature.

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Professional leather jacket care

Skin cleansing methods at home are practical and not expensive, but nevertheless, products designed specifically for delicate skin care have more popularity and long-term effect. In addition to the cleaning properties, all these devices additionally cope with the following tasks:

  • restore the structure of the skin;
  • disinfected;
  • give shine.

Professional tools for updating leather things:

  • Water repellent spray. It has protective properties against moisture, preserves the original appearance of the skin.
  • Wax for leather products. Softens the skin, prevents the appearance of cracks, hides scuffs and cracks that have already appeared on clothes
  • Sponge for the skin. Special sponges prevent the wear of the material, thanks to special components in the composition, which provide delicate skin care.
  • Foam cleaner. An excellent tool to remove dirt and dust from the skin. In addition to this, it restores the luster of leather things. All these properties allow you to quickly and easily update a leather jacket at home.
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Leather Care Tips

  • Hang your leather jacket on your shoulders - this will protect from the appearance of folds, cracks, stretching the skin in the place where the loop is sewn.
  • The wrinkled jacket can only be ironed through thick paper.
  • Do not wash leather things in the washing machine - from such actions the skin will become rough, cracks will appear, paint will peel off.
  • Dry wet or wet products at room temperature, do not hang on batteries or heat generators - this will ruin the appearance of clothing.
  • Purchase a cotton fabric pouch for storing clothes and store the jacket in it.
  • Leather things should not be cleaned too often; it is enough to clean 2 times a year.
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Timely care for your favorite leather jacket will extend its stylish and neat appearance, because it is much easier to prevent the appearance of cracks and signs of wear than to mask the defects that have appeared.

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