How to whiten jeans at home 🥝 how to make it lighter

The most indispensable and practical type of clothing is jeans. This wardrobe item is distinguished by models, styles, fabric, as well as colors. If you want to transform old jeans, turning them into a trendy product, we will tell you how to bleach jeans at home.

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How to whiten jeans?

Since jeans trousers will need to survive clarification, we suggest using the following bleaching agents:

  • white;
  • soda;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • lemon juice.
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How to whiten jeans with white?

If you use whiteness for whitening, you will achieve maximum effect. If, in addition to bleaching, you also want to get a fashionable print from highlighted patterns, then pick out a thing of saturated color for the experiment.

For work you will need:

  • a metal bucket or a large pan;
  • white.

To get a streak:

  • gum;
  • clothes pegs;
  • clamps.

Important! To whiten jeans at home and not harm yourself, carry out the entire procedure with rubber gloves.

Instructions for using whiteness:

  1. Open a glass of bleach in a bucket of water.
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil.
  3. Lower the product so that it is completely dissolved in the chloride solution.
  4. Leave the jeans in the tool for 5-20 minutes.
  5. After boiling, remove the jeans and place them under running cold water. Remove all clothespins, elastic bands and clips.
  6. Rinse the product.
  7. Wash and dry.

Important! Too long being in the bleach can lead to its complete destruction. Therefore, thinking about how to whiten jeans at home, do not strive to get the best result by violating the time frame of the solution.

Another practical tip: if during bleaching the jeans will float out, then use a large spoon or stick to load them back.

Artistic design of whitening jeans

For the formation of interesting stains on jeans - they need to be twisted, but not too tight. The shape of the print depends on the method of twisting:

  • vertical stains will turn out if the jeans are simply rolled up and clamped;
  • horizontal - if the product is fixed;
  • star-shaped patterns will be in case of tightening jeans with clothespins.

Important! You may also find our other ideas useful. how to decorate jeans.


Bleach Solution Recipe Options

The amount of bleach used depends on the density of the material, the source color, and also on the desired result. When you add two glasses of the product, you will get a light blue tint.

Important! If after a few minutes the shade of the jeans does not change, add more whiteness.

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How to whiten jeans soda?

If you need to lighten jeans made of thin fabric, then do not use aggressive bleaches, but use ordinary soda. This is the easiest way to bleach, it will allow you to get a lighter shade of the fabric, which will change with each wash.

Important! The clarification operation is best done manually, since the inner surface of the washing machine wears out after prolonged contact with soda.In addition, you will have the opportunity to control the whitening process and the intensity of the change in the original color of the product.

Add soda to the laundry detergent when washing.

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Transforming Things with Hydrogen Peroxide

This tool is a lifesaver for many housewives who do not have enough time to dig trousers and have no desire to tear their washing machine with baking soda. In order to whiten jeans at home, wash the product in an automatic machine with the addition of powder and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (load all this into a cuvette).

Important! If you add 3 tbsp. l peroxide in a small bowl of water and powder and wash the denim by hand, then you will get rid of yellowness.

The secret of art coloring

Jeans treated with peroxide can be made more exclusive by rubbing them with a pumice stone, hard brush or fine-grained sandpaper.

Important! Additionally you can make a fringe on jeans or give them an interesting modern design. The tips from the article will help you with this. "How to make ripped jeans?".

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DIY beautiful jeans

Instead of peroxide, you can use the “Domestos” product: dilute ½ cup of the product in 3 liters of water and soak the jeans in the solution until they brighten to the desired level, after which the product is thoroughly rinsed and dried. The procedure can be repeated as needed.

Important! Work with chemicals only with rubber gloves.

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We use lemon juice for whitening

Lemon juice has a brightening effect, which means that it can also be used to whiten jeans at home. For this:

  1. 1 tbsp. l lemon juice or 1 tsp. dilute citric acid in 1 liter of water.
  2. Soak a thing in solution for several hours.
  3. After the time has expired, remove the product.
  4. Rinse and dry.

Important! Remember that after applying any decor to the fabric, the thing must be properly looked after. To help you, we offer our detailed review of tips, how to wash jeans.

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Tips and tricks:

  • To obtain the effect of partial whitening, treat with the sponge moistened in the bleach the necessary parts of the product. After the procedure, leave the clothes for 5 minutes, but no more so that the fabric does not become loose and does not tear. With this method, you can use all your imagination: lighten only one leg or create a smooth transition of color from the bottom up or vice versa. You can even spray bleach on your jeans with a spray gun. After all “washes”, thoroughly rinse the treated tissue areas with running water and thoroughly wash the product.
  • If the bleaching method with peroxide or chlorine seemed uninteresting to you, then draw patterns using citric acid, after diluting it in clean water. For work, use a regular paint brush.
  • In addition to folk remedies, store bleaches can also be used for whitening. Will have to experimentally calculate the best. The disadvantage of household chemicals is that the repeated use of bleaches wears out fabrics, especially jeans.
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Do not deny yourself getting a stylish new thing by transforming old jeans in the listed ways and methods, and your favorite practical, versatile clothing will become the most trendy element of your wardrobe.

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