How to fix a zipper on jeans 🥝 what to do if the lock diverges, a dog flew out

Each of us, for sure, was faced with a breakdown of lightning on our clothes. The situation is easily corrected: replacing with a new one. But what to do if the lightning broke and chewed up trousers at the most inopportune moment? How to fix the lock on jeans, if it has flown off and you are in a hurry, and there is absolutely no time to sew in? What should I do if I unzipped the dog and flew out? Use our recommendations to help you solve the most common lock problems. So let's go.

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If the fabric or threads are stuck in the zipper

Jamming of the lock is a very common problem, which occurs mainly due to haste and inaccurate movements when fastening. To pull a fabric or a jammed thread out of a zipper, it is enough to smoothly stretch the slider back and forth - wherever possible.

Important! Accurate movements when pulling the fabric out of the lock will ensure its safety. If you are intolerant and try to release the lightning with sudden movements and jerks, the latter may fail.

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The zipper does not move

If the carriage is stuck, and it is impossible to move it in any direction, most likely, some foreign object has got there. In this case, we advise you to try to remove the slider from the lock with the tool and replace it with a new one. You may still have to change the lock completely.

Important! The cause of the jamming of the fastener may also be the lack of lubrication, which helps the carriage to slide along the cloves. The issue in this case is solved with the help of materials that will not leave stains on clothing: pencil lead, candles made of wax or paraffin.

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Castle diverges

How to repair a zipper on jeans if the fly apart? Everything is simple here, as the reason lies in the weak runner. To fix the problem, pick up the pliers and gently squeeze the carriage closer to the center.

You can also use a hammer. This option is less convenient, but when there are no pliers at hand, a hammer may very well save the situation.

Important! By pressing pliers on the lock, it is likely to damage it. It is important to calculate the effort, otherwise - the lock with strong squeezing may refuse to serve further.

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Lightning parted in the middle

How to make a zipper on jeans if it has spread in the middle? Such a mechanism is definitely to be replaced, but if it is a repair as a temporary measure, try to connect the cloves of the lock with your hands when fastening. Then squeeze the zipper with pliers for more confidence. This advice will help you out if you are late, and there’s absolutely no time to change.

Important! If you sometimes have problems with different fasteners, also find out how fitting buttons to clothes.

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The runner came off

If the slider is not damaged, then it can be inserted very easily, armed with the same pliers or a knife. To do this, unbend it, put it in place, without making much effort, squeeze along the edges, and you're done! The castle can be used further.

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The zipper slider broke

How to fix a zipper on jeans if the slider comes off and fails to insert it? As an option - you can take another slider from the lock you do not need. If not, come up with a replacement.

Important! In such cases, a simple clerical clip or a piece of wire, from which you can make a dog of any shape, is perfect.

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The runner fell and dangles on one side of the castle

In order to return the carriage to its place, we offer:

  1. Cut the fabric between the teeth in the lower part of the lock so that it is possible to fix the slider on the second side of the lock.
  2. Then you should move the slider down, put it in place and fasten the zipper.
  3. Now the lightning works, but to fix it and prevent repeated carriage departures, the place of the cut must be sewn up.

sam_0742In the future, the lock will not be fully unfastened: the slider will only reach the place of the cut, but this is unlikely to affect the operation of the mechanism.

Important! Pick up the threads in the tone of the castle fabric so that the signs of repair are not visible.

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The lock on jeans is constantly unfastened

The zipper on jeans is unfastened - what to do if this problem constantly gives you inconvenience? Everything is as simple as that:

  1. Take a round metal ring and attach it to the end of the slider. A ring from a keychain or a piece of wire from which you can make a loop is perfect. The main thing is that the diameter of the product allows you to throw it on the button, which is located on the belt of the trousers.
  2. Fastening the zipper, put the ring on the button. This will ensure that the lock does not open and does not let you down in any situation.

Important! As a “holder”, you can use a thick thread, which must be fixed to the slider in the form of a loop. If you are staying on the wire, consider a color-coated option to match your trousers.

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Cogs fell out of lightning - how to repair?

How to fix a lock on jeans if it “lost” a few teeth? Note that this failure is serious and requires a replacement mechanism.

But if you have enough patience, we suggest that you try to repair the zipper so as not to rip out the whole lock and sew in a new one. For this:

  1. You need to buy a lock with suitable teeth in thickness and height.
  2. Remove the required number of teeth from it. At "tractor" locks, they are usually removed easily.
  3. To transfer the clove to the zipper, take a piece of copper foil.
  4. Then unclench the clove that needs to be fixed on the lock, put it first on a strip of foil, and then - move it to the fabric.
  5. Subsequent bet on the same technology.

You can fix the result using stitches between the “new” teeth. The castle is ready to go again!

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Zipper teeth are damaged

How to repair a zipper on jeans if the teeth remained in place, but were damaged or deformed, as a result of which the carriage does not pass in this place?

You are lucky if the damage occurred at the bottom of the castle: this can be fixed, albeit not for long. Typically, the castle and deteriorates in this place. You can correct the situation with the help of threads.

To do this, make a fastener from them above the damaged area. Thus, the slider will only reach the thread patch, but the lock will still be able to perform its functions.

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How to repair a zipper on jeans with your own hands?

In the event of a breakdown of the mechanism that connects the two sides of the zipper, the lock must be replaced. How to fix the lock on jeans yourself if the carriage breaks? To do this, you need to have a sewing machine and initial sewing skills:

  1. The most difficult thing is to free the lower part of the castle from numerous lines. In addition, getting to the zipper on jeans is not so easy, you have to be patient.
  2. After you have fluttered the lower part of the lock, carefully release the edges of the zipper from the stopper by spreading its rivets.
  3. Then remove the broken carriage and insert a new one.

Important! Wear a new slider carefully, from the first zipper cloves.

  1. Slide the carriage over the lock to close it.
  2. Turn the product on the back side and fix the stopper above the place where the zipper teeth end.
  3. Sew on the sewing machine the lock at the bottom of the codpiece using thread matching in color and thickness.

Important! Also read about how to put a button on jeans.

That's all - the castle is updated and ready to work on!

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Now you have several ways to do this for any unexpected jeans situation. We will be glad if our tips help you extend the “life” of your favorite thing.

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