How to clean nubuck shoes from stains 🥝 is it possible to wash, how to restore color

Many people like nubuck shoes. But in the process of wearing, the question necessarily arises: how to clean and wash shoes from nubuck at home? In shoe stores you will find all kinds of care products for this material. You only need to learn how to properly care for it and keep your shoes always clean. In this article we will talk about how to clean nubuck shoes at home and what care should be taken to make your beloved couple look like new for a very long time.

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What is a nubuck?

Nubuck is a modern natural material. Shallow-skinned leather is produced in the factory using a special leather processing technology: by special dressing, subject to chrome tanning and polishing. To obtain nubuck, exclusively cattle skin is used.


  1. Being a natural material, it provides “breathing” of the skin, which is a prerequisite for maintaining the beauty and health of your legs. In such shoes, the legs will never sweat in the summer and will always be warm in the winter.
  2. Shoes made of quality material correspond to high rates of durability and strength. Such shoes can maintain their performance characteristics for many years, even with constant daily wear.


Basic rules for selection and care:

  1. In order for the shoes to serve you for a long time, you need to pay attention to the quality of the goods when buying. Try to purchase only branded shoes, then you will not be disappointed in your choice.
  2. When buying shoes from nubuck, you do not need to save on funds for the care of it. After all, then it is not always possible to restore it. You will not lose if you immediately buy a spray paint with a waterproof effect and water-repellent impregnation. Special products for shoes made of nubuck will help to refresh it, protect it from dirt, as well as mask scuffs.

If you plan to buy shoes, sneakers or shoes made of this material, be sure to read in more detail about:

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Boots from nubuck: the first “way out into the people”

Do I need to clean new nubuck shoes immediately after purchase before starting to wear? The answer to this question is unequivocal and categorical - necessary. Shoe care must be started on the day of purchase, immediately after returning from the store. Such skin does not tolerate moisture, so the main task is to protect it from water.


It is the first preventive cleaning that will guarantee the happy and long “life” of your favorite shoe. The first cleaning should be the most plentiful:

  • The product must be treated with special impregnation three times.
  • Between each treatment you need to take a break, allowing the tool to completely absorb into the material. This will prevent your shoes from getting wet in the future and facilitate subsequent stain removal.
  • The same plentiful treatment should be carried out during rain and when snow melts.

Important! Before processing, carefully read the instructions for using the product. It is better to apply special impregnation in the fresh air, for example, on the balcony.


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How to care for nubuck shoes at home? Daily routines

It is very important to take care of nubuck shoes daily. Processing should be regular and of high quality.


  1. The first step is to remove dirt from the heel and sole with a damp cloth.
  2. Clean shoes from debris and dust with a special brush.

Important! The product must be dry. Otherwise, you will rub dirt into the material.

  1. If the surface of the shoe is wet, dry your shoes or shoes. To do this, you can cram inside old newspapers or use a shoe dryer.

Important! It is not recommended to dry such shoes near a battery or other heat sources. If you did not dry the product correctly, then it will be impossible to return it to a beautiful appearance at home.

  1. After drying and cleaning, apply impregnation once. This way you protect your favorite shoes from moisture that can ruin them.

Important! Spraying should be done well in advance. It is better to spend it in the evening, and not before you need to leave the house.

  1. It is better not to wear such shoes during wet weather when it rains. This may result in loss of the beautiful appearance of the product.
  2. For those who drive a car, there are special pads “just the same”. They will protect the pile from wiping and dirt.


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How to clean nubuck shoes at home from heavy pollution?

If the shoes are very worn, then in order to restore their previous appearance, we recommend contacting dry cleaning for professional help. You can try to clean shoes from nubuck and at home. To do this, use one of the following tools.


The method using ammonia can clean white salt stains that often appear on shoes in the winter.

Mode of application:

  1. Prepare a solution of water and ammonia in a ratio of 4: 1
  2. Wipe the nubuck product thoroughly with a sponge dampened in the prepared solution.
  3. Dry the shoes well, then hold them over the steam in order to straighten the pile.
  4. Wipe the nubuck with a brush and apply paint.



Table liquid is also a great helper in cleaning shoes from delicate natural material.

Mode of application:

  1. Prepare a vinegar solution by mixing a teaspoon of vinegar and one liter of water.
  2. Wipe a dirty place with a cosmetic disc moistened with a solution.
  3. Dry the shoes well and hold them above the steam to straighten the hairiness.
  4. Wipe with a brush and apply paint.


Kitchen salt

To get rid of fatty stains, you can use ordinary table salt.

Mode of application:

  1. Apply a small pinch of salt to the place of contamination and gently rub with a sponge.
  2. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth.
  3. Dry your shoes and thoroughly comb the surface with a nubuck metal brush.

Important! With severe contamination, you can not wash shoes from nubuck under a stream of water, this can permanently ruin it. Wash such shoes, as well as handle soap, is strictly prohibited.

All the above methods can be used to clean light nubuck shoes. But keep in mind that the process will take a little longer than your time. The same methods will come in handy if you wear other shoes made of fleecy leather. If you still do not fully understand the differences between these materials, read the comparative review about nubuck and suede - what's the difference between them?Muzhskaya-zimnyaya-obuv-2017-1

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Shoe nubuck shoes folk methods

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase a modern special care product for nubuck products, and you are afraid to try the above home cleaning products, then you can use folk methods:

  • Suede products can be cleaned with a crust of stale bread and an ordinary stationery eraser.
  • To update the color and tint black shoes, our grandmothers used carbon paper.
  • You can use coffee grounds to care for brown shoes.
  • If the pile is caked, it is necessary to wipe the problem area with fine sandpaper.
  • Grease stains should be treated with gasoline and sprinkled with talcum powder.


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Special products for nubuck shoes

You can clean your shoes from nubuck using special tools. The modern market offers a wide range of care products for nubuck products both in the form of aerosols and in the form of special paints that are applied with a sponge. But only the quality of the aerosol or the impregnation matters.

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Special cleaning rules:

  • Using special aerosols, safety rules must be observed.
  • When spraying a care product, be sure to consider the distance to the wallpaper and furniture. Aerosol is a volatile substance that, when moving, can settle on interior items and spoil them.
  • The next new spray can must be identical in composition to the previous one and preferably from the same manufacturer.
  • Shoe care must be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions for using special chemicals.
  • Spray shoe care chemicals in a well-ventilated area.
  • To mask minor scuffs, you can use various creams designed for this material.
  • Clogged areas need to be rubbed with a special eraser. If this does not help, hold it over the steam and then straighten the bristles with a brush.


Nubuck brush

To obtain the best cleaning result for shoes made of natural material, it is recommended to purchase a special brush for nubuck.

Brushes are of the following types:

  • with highlighted rib;
  • tripartite and quadrilateral;
  • with a combination of metal and synthetic pile.

Important! The most versatile devices combine a rubber worktop and a metal pile. The use of such brushes helps not only to clean the nubuck shoes from dirt, but also significantly improve the appearance of the material by smoothing the pile.


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“Express Technology” for quick cleaning

There are situations when you need to give your shoes a “fresh” look very quickly. To do this, use the “express technology" with the use of liquid water-repellent cream paint.

Important! It is a mistake to assume that for this purpose you can use ordinary paints and impregnations recommended for smooth skin.

This tool allows you to provide reliable protection against the adverse effects of environmental factors and allows you to instantly update the surface. The effect of such funds when painting scratches and scuffs is absolutely harmless to the material. For uniform application of the care cream, a convenient applicator sponge is provided.

There are also special kits for owners of nubuck shoes, suede and velor. The package includes various means for cleaning and protecting nubuck products and instructions for restoring the beautiful appearance of shoes at home.

Lace your shoes

Collonil Nubuk + Velours Set

For example, the “Collonil Nubuk + Velours Set”, beautifully packaged in a purse, includes the following items:

  1. Aerosol protective. A 200 ml bottle of Collonil Nubuk + Velours of a certain color (black, colorless, various shades of brown, blue). This nubuck paint will help you renew the faded color, remove stains, and the most important thing is to protect the delicate surface of the shoe from dirt and water.
  2. Collonil Shampoo. Shampoo for removing salt stains and complex stains of well-absorbed dirt. After applying this product, the shoes look like new.
  3. Collonil Nubuk Textile. Suitable for products from nubuck, textile, suede. It has a tinting effect.
  4. A great helper is the universal Collonil Cleaner nubuck brush.
  5. Brush for cleaning suede products.
  6. Eraser Collonil Cleaner.With it, any stains can be removed quickly without extra effort.
  7. Collonil Cool’n’Fresh shoe deodorant is always useful. It eliminates not only unpleasant odors, but is also an excellent antibacterial agent.
  8. Standard size metal horn.

Important! It is not recommended to apply care products (impregnation, cream, foam) directly on the surface of the product. These funds are applied to a sponge or soft tissue, which then gently cleaned the contaminated area or tinted.


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Nubuck shoe care at home. Storage Rules:

  • Before storing shoes until next season, they should be thoroughly cleaned of dust and dirt. Remember to wash the sole of the boots.
  • In no case do not store nubuck shoes in plastic bags - this provokes the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
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The main condition for the long service life of nubuck shoes is regular maintenance. As you can see, implementing it is not so difficult. Using the simple care tips from our article, you will preserve the beautiful appearance and integrity of your favorite shoe.

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