How to clean a fur coat from natural fur at home?

With the onset of winter cold, I want to surround myself with something warm, cozy, affectionate. Of course, down jackets and parks will help keep warm. But it is much more pleasant to put on a fur coat that will protect not only from severe frosts, but will also give confidence to every woman. Yes, yes, you were not mistaken, the fur coat has always been status clothing, it showed the level of prosperity of its owner. But in order to maintain your solid appearance, you need to know how to clean a fur coat from natural fur at home, otherwise - after the first season it will look completely unpresentable. You can cope with this easily and naturally with the help of the tips from this article.

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How to store a fur coat made of natural or artificial fur?

Nowadays, a fur coat is not so much clothing for the winter as an indispensable attribute of a stylish image. Some fashionistas prefer faux or so-called eco-fur. But you must admit, a fur coat made of natural fur always remains the queen of the fashion world.

A fur coat, depending on the fur, can serve you for more than one season:

  • rabbit fur will last up to four years;
  • you can show off in a polar fox for seven to eight years;
  • the mink will last up to twelve years;
  • otter and beaver will delight you until twenty years.

This is possible with careful wear and gentle storage. Therefore, you need to know how to clean natural fur at home.

General storage rules:

  1. The fur coat must be stored in a dry, dark place.
  2. The product must be placed in a cover made of thick fabric or thick paper. It is undesirable to use a plastic bag, as it will have poor air circulation and moisture may accumulate.
  3. Each fur product must be packed in a separate case. Be sure to put in it a sachet with lavender or specialmoth remedy.

Important! Do not use naphthalene, as its smell firmly eats up in the fur and the mezdra then it is almost impossible to get rid of it.

  1. The fur coat must be hung on a coat hanger. There should be enough space in the cabinet so as not to crush it.

Important! To prevent the fur from jamming, do not store it horizontally when folded.

  1. Dyed fur should not be hung next to unpainted, as the color of the latter may change.
  2. Fur hats should be stored separately from woolen hats, felt hats. To do this, it is better to use boxes, bags of canvas or paper.
  3. Before sending a fur coat to the closet for summer holidays, it must be dried in the fresh air, without direct sunlight. After drying, gently shake it or knock out dust.

Important! If at the end of the season you notice that a pile began to climb out of your expensive outerwear, do not rush to send it for storage. To get started, sort through our tips, why the mink coat sheds, what to do. The same applies to situations where there is some damage. In a separate article, we described in detail several possible options and ways to repair a fur coat at home.

What affects the strength and color of the fur?

Fur coat owners need to remember the factors that are most dangerous for the product:

  • Ultraviolet.Natural fur does not tolerate direct sunlight, especially white or milky fur in this regard. Under the influence of the sun, the tone of the product changes: dark fur fades, red tan appears, and light becomes an unpleasant, old yellow hue.
  • As much as fashionistas, some insects adore fur. Moths, skin-eating beetles and bark beetles love to feast on products that have long been hanging in the closet and are not ventilated.
  • Unlike you, a fur coat does not tolerate perfumes and cosmetics, therefore it is necessary to apply perfume before you put on a fur coat. If you use foundation or other cosmetic creams, be sure to wear a scarf or scarf around your neck so as not to stain the fur.
  • Contact and friction with accessories from nubuck and suede. Colored bags can be especially harmful, because they tend to shed and leave stains on light items. If the bags have metal fittings and jewelry, they can cause significant harm to the fur, breaking and breaking off the villi.
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How to clean a fur coat from natural fur at home?

How to understand that a fur product requires cleaning? There are four main symptoms:

  1. Particles of garbage that are found not only between the upper hairs of the fur, but also found in the lower downy layer.
  2. Visited hairs, lumps and knots of tangled fur.
  3. Dust and grease pollution in the form of plaque, glossy fur.
  4. Loss of gloss and uniformity of the shade of the product.

How to clean the fur at home from dust and dirt?

Even if the coat was stored according to all the rules, it can still be dusted, so it needs to be shaken periodically. If dust pollution is large enough to clean natural fur at home, the fur coat must be wrapped in a damp cotton cloth and knocked out. After this, the fur coat should be dried.

Important! It is impossible to clean the fur coat with a vacuum cleaner, this can damage individual hairs and leave bald spots on the product.

Small areas can be cleaned special steam cleaner or steam jet iron. After this, the fur also needs to be dried. The fur coat loves to be combed. Get a stiff brush for animals.

In order to restore shine and give a well-groomed appearance, after shaking, wipe the product with a solution of lemon juice and water in a ratio of 1: 1. The rag or sponge should be well wrung out - do not fill in the solution, but only slightly wipe the surface. Then we dry and comb with a brush.

How to clean dark fur at home if it is greasy?

On worn fur coats, one can observe sticky, greasy villi, spots of fat and sweat. Refined gasoline will help get rid of them:

  1. Moisten a cloth or sponge in gasoline, wipe the stains with light movements along the pile.
  2. If the pollution is old, add detergent to gasoline - dissolve one teaspoon of the powder in one liter of gasoline. In this case, you can wipe the stains not only along the pile, but also in the opposite direction.
  3. To clean stains, you can use a brush instead of a sponge.

Important! All this procedure must be carried out in a well-ventilated area, and preferably on a balcony or street. There should be no sources of fire nearby, in no case do not smoke at this time. Do not forget to use gloves.

How to clean a dark fur coat from stains:

  1. Take rye or wheat bran, dry them in the oven. Then sprinkle this absorbent evenly over the product and gently rub it, as if doing a hand wash. Do not damage the hairs and do not sweep. Instead of bran, wood filler for a cat tray is suitable. Remove bran or sawdust by vigorously trimming out. The vacuum cleaner must not be used.

Important! It is impossible to use sawdust of coniferous trees. They are resinous, this can glue the villi.

  1. Mix equal parts of alcohol, vinegar and water, apply this solution on a brush or a soft terry towel. Wipe the pile several times in the direction of its growth. Be sure to air dry.

Important! Fur of nutria and otter have a thicker undercoat. Therefore, in order to remove dirt even from this layer, strongly heat dry, clean, sifted sand. Clean with sand in the same way as bran.

How to clean white fur with greasy shine?

For light and white products, gasoline is not a very good option to clean a fur coat from natural fur at home, as it can cause yellowness.


  1. It is better to use a mixture of table salt with ammonia in a ratio of 1: 3.
  2. Another elementary method is to wipe the fur with foam from a detergent or animal shampoo.

Important! Do not forget to dry the product at the end of each procedure. The smell of all these products will disappear if you let the coat hang in the shade in the fresh air.

How to clean a coat of white and light fur from stains and yellowness?

For the means for cleaning light coats, we go to the kitchen. Every good housewife will find semolina, potato starch. If there are children in your house, lend them a powder, talc, white chalk. These materials absorb dirt, dust, grease very well, and also grind and give shine. Light, not white, fur can be cleaned with rye or oatmeal.

They are applied all identically:

  1. Sprinkle the product abundantly with absorbent from the above list, let lie down for about ten minutes.
  2. With gentle movements, you can wipe your hand in the direction of the pile.
  3. Then shake the product, and remove the remaining substance with a brush, combing through the wool, and then against.

Important! If the starch or flour is very dark, gray, then the procedure must be repeated several times until the fur is completely cleaned.

White fur can be rejuvenated, restore its whiteness and shine with a special solution:

  1. Dilute in a glass of water one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.
  2. Apply this mixture to the surface using a spray gun and dry in the sun for no more than one daylight.

How to clean fur at home from paint and ink?

Of course, a fur coat is not the most successful version of an outfit for construction work, but if you nevertheless planted a stain from oil paint somewhere, then use the improvised means to clean the fur coat from natural fur at home:

  1. A stain from oil paint can be removed by wiping the fur with cotton wool with sunflower oil. It is better to take refined oil so that there are no odors.
  2. Paint and ink will help remove starch diluted with gasoline to the consistency of sour cream. Apply this mixture to stains, wait until it dries completely. Then comb with a brush in the direction of the pile.
  3. If the spots are very old, try treating them with acetone, white spirit, turpentine. Do not rub the stain heavily. After such cleaning, gently wipe with a solution of water with soda. Dry with a dry towel.

Important! The older the stains from paint and ink, the more difficult it is to remove them. If the above funds did not help, then it is better to contact dry cleaning.

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Rules for home cleaning fur

If you do not want to spoil a beautiful and quite expensive thing, follow simple rules to clean a fur coat from natural fur at home and get a result that will satisfy your expectations:

  • In order to clean the product, place it on a flat surface, covered with a light, and preferably a white cloth. Lighting should be close to natural.
  • So that the product does not deform and does not become coarser, you can not completely wet the fur, and even more so the mesdra. This can lead to damage to the pile and cracking of the skin layer.
  • You can not rub the fur very hard, especially against the pile. During the “dry wash” do not wrinkle the fur with your hands.
  • Before using chemicals or prepared solutions, apply them on the wrong side or on the probe. Remember that the fur coat is dried in the open air to get rid of odors. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight.

Important! It is forbidden to dry fur products on batteries, over an open fire, a hairdryer. It is also impossible to iron a fur coat.

  • It is unacceptable to use tools designed to remove rust for cleaning. Faux fur cannot be treated with vinegar or acetone.
  • Remember that the condition of the fur also depends on the health of the leather base. So that over time, cracks and tears do not form on the mezdra, it is soft and elastic, you need to take care of it: periodically lubricate the base with vegetable refined oil, fish oil, melted refined pork fat.
  • If the dirt is obsolete or does not lend itself to home cleaning, contact a dry cleaning service.
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We hope that our tips on how to clean natural fur at home will help you maintain the beautiful appearance of a fur coat and it will delight you with its warmth and beauty for many years.

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