How to carry out leatherette shoes 🥝 how to quickly soften eco-leather and leatherette

It often happens that new shoes, even after a careful fitting in a store, sit uncomfortably on their feet and cause a lot of inconvenience. If the product is made of genuine leather, then it is likely that it will stretch a little during socks, but the situation with artificial materials is somewhat sadder. How to carry leatherette on shoes at home, if you really do not want to bring the new thing back to the store? - There are several proven methods that we offer you in this article.

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General recommendations:

  1. Often, one time will be completely insufficient to stretch leatherette shoes at home. Therefore, it will take 2 or even more sessions for the shoes to take the shape of your foot.
  2. Before applying any of the methods, make sure that it is made of quality materials. Exposure to temperature, water, alcohol or soap will only spoil the appearance of the shoe.
  3. Patent leather shoes stretching is generally not recommended. This material very quickly begins to crack and burst. These shoes are best exchanged at the store.
  4. In order to avoid calluses on the skin during gestation, you can lubricate the backdrop with paraffin or ordinary household soap.

Important! If none of the methods help, and there is no way to return the shoes to the store, then contact the workshop. The wizard will help to accurately give the necessary shape using a special professional pad. Read more about professional help in the article. “How much does it cost to stretch shoes in a workshop?”.

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How to stretch shoes: effective methods

Is it possible to stretch the skin on shoes? To stretch shoes or boots made of leatherette at home, you need to be very careful, otherwise - material of not quite high quality can not only increase, but burst completely or give visible cracks.

Using pads and cream

The easiest way to stretch new shoes is to use special pads. They gently stretch new shoes without harming the boot structure. Pads help increase the width of the toe, as well as the length of the shoe.

As a rule, they are made of wood or plastic, and you can buy such a device in almost any store. Plus, you need a cream or spray for shoes, so that the material of the shoe becomes a little more supple and the process goes faster.

Important! This method works great with genuine leather products, but when stretching leatherette, you should be extremely careful - the artificial fabric easily cracks in the process.

Wearing paste

In order not to splurge on pads and not to suffer from the problem of excessive deformation of the material, you can use paste. It can also be purchased at a shoe store. Lubricate her shoe or shoes, and walk around the apartment for about an hour.

Important! If the shoes are rubbed only at the back, you will find effective ways to solve such a problem in the article "What if the shoes rub on the back?".

In a couple of days, the shoes will become not only softer, but will also be heard a little in size.

Important! By the way, instead of paste, you can apply the most common shoe polish - the effect will be the same.

Hair dryer

Exposure to heat is a proven method for stretching shoes that are tight at home. To do this, just put thick socks on your legs, and try to put on your tight pair of pants on them. Next, just blow the feet on the hairdryer.

After the fabric has become hot, walk around the room for several minutes. For the final result, repeat the procedure several times.

Important! Do not set the temperature too high and blow too much. It is better to act gradually, in small portions and temperature, so as not to spoil the material.


This method is similar in effect to the previous one, only low temperature is applied here:

  1. Take two plastic bags or balloons and fill them with water.
  2. Carefully put them in the shoes so that the entire volume of the shoes is filled with water.
  3. Next, put them in the freezer overnight.

The principle of the method is simple - ice occupies a larger area than water. It is due to this physical effect that the material is stretched.

Important! To keep your shoe in perfect condition, also find out:

Soap rub

This method has long been known for its efficiency and simplicity. Take a piece of laundry soap and rub your shoes on it. After that, put the shoes on your feet and walk around the apartment for several hours.

Important! After you have managed to stretch the shoes from leatherette, it should be stuffed with paper and left overnight so that the result does not disappear.

Rubbing with alcohol

A great way to stretch shoes from suede, because this material can not be lubricated with cream or spray. And alcohol does not leave traces and has no smell after weathering.

Rub the material thoroughly with alcohol and walk until it evaporates. Then leave the shoes in the fresh air to ventilate.

Important! As a rule, one or two times will be enough.

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Now you know how to stretch leatherette shoes at home. Therefore, shoes that press a little and do not sit well on the foot will become comfortable and will last you a long time.

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