How to fold a t-shirt?

Each in the closet has at least three T-shirts that constantly require ironing to look tidy. Hence, many are wondering: how to fold a T-shirt so that it does not crumple? There are several simple and effective ways to help you keep your clothes neat and prevent creases on your fabric.

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How to fold t-shirts nicely?

Many probably noticed how beautifully laid out clothes on the shelves of fashion stores. Vendors carefully wrap shirts on a cardboard roll so that the pattern on the product is visible. This trick is pretty easy to learn. In addition, this method is used to save space in the wardrobe and allows you to quickly fold your favorite T-shirts.

The main rule is that washed clothes need to be ironed immediately and folded into a closet, then you do not have to spend half an hour ironing before going out.

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Popular T-shirt Fold Methods

If there is almost no room for clothes in your wardrobe, it's time to learn how to fold it correctly. There are many different ways that you can compactly arrange your favorite things on the shelves of the cabinet. However, the most commonly used are:

  • Traditional.
  • Chinese.
  • Compact twisting.
  • Polo.

Consider all the folding options in more detail.

Traditional way

This option has been around for many years and has been tested by our grandmothers. All manipulations should be carried out on a flat surface, performing the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Place the product on a flat surface so that the front side is facing you.
  2. Fold the sleeves inside the T-shirt so that they touch in the center of the chest. You will get a rectangle.
  3. Then fold the product exactly in half, shoulder to shoulder.
  4. Fold the clothes in half so that you get a small neat little square.

Important! This method can be used to stack several t-shirts in a pile.

How to fold clothes compactly?

Rolled up shirts take up very little space, freeing up space for new things. In order to beautifully roll up a T-shirt, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Place the shirt on a horizontal surface, gently smooth it with your hand. Bend the bottom of the product inward (about ten centimeters).
  2. First roll up the left edge and then the right edge of the shirt.
  3. Connect them in the middle of the product, while carefully turning the sleeves to the sides.
  4. Slowly roll up the shirt from top to bottom, forming a small square.
  5. Put the wrong side of the shirt on the resulting quad.

Important! This method is ideal for those who are going on a long trip or on a hike, since the product folded in this way in the bag will definitely not unfold.


We pack things in Chinese

This method came to us from China, since it is the Chinese who are the true adherents of order and purity. In addition, they very quickly and accurately stack clothes for export to other countries. In order to fold outerwear according to the Chinese method, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. With the fingers of your right hand, hold the center of the shoulder seam and imagine a straight line from the middle of the seam to the bottom of the shirt.
  2. On an imaginary line, mark the center point, grab it with your free hand.
  3. Throw the shoulder area of ​​the product over the top to the bottom.
  4. Grab the top and bottom points of the shirt with your free hand, gently remove your left hand from under your clothes and iron all the folds.
  5. Put the product on the table with its back to the top.
  6. Fold the sleeves to form a rectangle.

Important! This method is perfect for folding large batches of outerwear.

Folding polo

The use of this method involves the preservation of perfectly ironed collars. To fold T-shirts this way:

  • Place the product on a smooth surface with the front to the top.
  • With one hand, grab the middle of the right shoulder, and with the other, hold the bottom of the product. Hands should be flush with each other.
  • Wrap the right side of the polo to the back.

Important! Ensure that the fold line is flush with the side seam.

  • Do the same with the right side of the product. As a result, you get a figure resembling a rectangle.
  • Fold the polo in half, wrapping the bottom of the collar, and you can put it in the wardrobe.

Important! This method can be used to fold shirts with short and long sleeves.

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Folding outerwear with cardboard

In order to make a cardboard “mechanism” for folding things, you need a minimum of materials - cardboard, scotch tape and sharp scissors. We begin to make a cardboard device:

  1. The size of thick sheets of cardboard (6 pcs.) Can be selected in accordance with the size of things, or use universal sizes (23x31 cm).
  2. Fold the cardboard - three parts on top and three parts on the bottom. Sheets should be placed vertically.
  3. For convenience, the sheets can be numbered.
  4. We glue the sheets together: first, sheets at numbers 1, 2 and 4, and then at numbers 3, 5 and 6.
  5. The movable part of the device will fold clothes in half.

How to fold a thing with a cardboard mechanism?

In the presence of a ready-made mechanism to fold the thing will not be much effort. We proceed to folding:

  1. Place the shirt face down on the cardboard.
  2. With the left movable part of the cardboard we fold the left side of the shirt.
  3. We do the same manipulations with the right side of the thing.
  4. In order to prevent the appearance of ugly folds, you can lift the sides of the cardboard.
  5. Using the movable bottom of the cardboard, we fold the thing in half.

Important! This way you can neatly fold any sweater in seconds.

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Now choose a more convenient option for yourself, and let your things always be in perfect order!

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