How to sew leggings?

Currently, leggings have begun to gain their former popularity. It is not surprising, because such a garment is not only very practical and convenient, but it also surprisingly clearly emphasizes all the advantages of a female figure. Many needlewomen have repeatedly thought about how to sew leggings on their own. You will learn about this from this article.

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Types of Leggings

There are several types of such clothing:

  • Classic. Such models can be worn under skirts or dresses, or can be separately.
  • Capri. Their length is slightly less than that of classic models - approximately to the ankle or slightly higher. Typically, such models have bright colors. Many girls wear them with a miniskirt.
  • Evening. Such models can have various lace, sequins, and other decorative elements.
  • Sports. Ideal for physical exertion.
  • Jeggings (jeans + leggings). Such a garment is made of knitwear, similar in appearance to natural jeans. Such models are very similar to real jeans, but they fit the lines of the legs much softer and stronger.
  • Treggins. This model is similar to the previous one, however, it does not parody jeans, but classic trousers, that is, it is sewn from the same material.
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What to combine with?

As mentioned, such clothes are not only designed to play sports - they can also be worn as a complement to everyday outfits. To complement the bow, you can wear long T-shirts, tunics, elongated models of pullovers, all kinds of sweaters, dresses and skirts. You can safely combine all kinds of images.

Before you sew leggings with your own hands, you need to figure out which shoes are best to wear with. Together with such a garment it is better to wear:

  • Ballet shoes.
  • Shoes.
  • Ankle boots.
  • High boots with heels, wedges or flat soles.
  • Sneakers - only with sports models.

Important! All of these types of shoes should have a closed toe.

Also, if you wear such a piece of clothing, you must follow a few rules:

  • If you wear such a garment with a skirt or dress, make sure that the length of the leggings is less than the length of the hem.
  • Unacceptable combination with sneakers. The exception is the sports model.
  • In no case should you wear leopard-style clothes if the model already has such a coloring.
  • If you are overweight, combine leggings with a voluminous top.
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For further work, you need to stock up on the following materials:

  • Jacquard knit fabric.
  • Elastic band - it will be needed for the belt.

Now you can safely begin to manufacture, without even using a pattern. In order to sew leggings, you must follow the algorithm:

  • Take old leggings and attach them to the fabric.
  • Circle the attached garment. It is better to attach it to the edge of the fabric, so as not to create additional seams later.
  • Carve two such details.
  • Secure the inner seam on both legs with safety pins.
  • Sew internal seams using a sewing machine.
  • Sew the edges with a zigzag seam.
  • Hide the trouser leg in the trouser leg, fasten the middle seam of the product with English pins.
  • Walk along this seam with a machine, treat the ends with a zigzag seam or overlock.
  • Cut a piece of fabric measuring 68 by 17 cm - it will be the blank of the belt.

Important! Consider the size of your waist, adding a couple of centimeters to the seam allowances to this figure.

  • Sew a strip in half, turn out. Get a full belt.
  • Pin the belt with the same English pins to the finished product.
  • Sew it on the shirt-front with an elastic seam, processing the edges.
  • Fold the bottom edges of the legs, sew them, and sew the edges with a zigzag.
  • Insert the gum into the belt, walk through it with the gum.
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Leggings for the baby

In order to sew leggings with your own hands, you need to prepare an old T-shirt - pants will be made from it.

The process of further work is very simple:

  • Find a finished pattern that is suitable for your baby in size, attach it to the T-shirt so that the bottom edge of the paper pattern coincides with the bottom edge of the cooked shirt.
  • Cut out the details.
  • Fold the part in half so that the inside is out.
  • Sew the inner seam of the future leg.

Important! In a sewing machine, it is better to use a seam for knitwear.

  • Do the same with the second leg.
  • Unscrew one leg so that the front side looks outward, insert this leg into the other, glue them together with safety pins and sew them together.
  • Now you need to sew the elastic to the product. It must be sewn to the edge of the fabric, pulling slightly during the process, then bend the elastic inward and stitch again.

The gift for the baby is ready!

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From this article, you learned two ways to sew leggings for yourself and for your baby. Over time, you can learn how to make more complex models, the further wear of which will please both you and those around you.

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