How to remove a touch from clothes?

Today almost everyone has a bar-corrector: from a schoolboy to an office worker. This stationery is used as a special tool for correcting errors in any text, but sometimes it gets to the wrong destination and the question arises of how to remove the finishing touch from clothes. You will learn about all the solutions to this problem from this article.

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General rules

The most common problem when working with documents and their adjustment is dirty clothes. Especially unpleasant when you noticed drops on things not immediately. If you still immediately saw unsightly white drops on a jacket, trousers, skirt or dress, proceed according to this algorithm:

  1. Blot the spot from the corrector, but do not rub it deep into the fabric.
  2. Examine the composition of the stroke and determine what it is made of, what is the main binder component.
  3. Start immediately to clean the stained area - the sooner you start, the better the effect.
  4. Act according to the type of stroke.

Important! Moms who like to pamper their children with various toys will not hurt to know about how to remove a lizun from clothes.

Types of corrector

There are such types of corrector basics:

  • Water;
  • Alcohol;
  • Emulsion;
  • Solvent based;
  • In the form of tape rollers with a dry corrector.

Important! Corrective clerical composition must not be removed with an inappropriate tool. You can only spoil the entire document.

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Stripping from clothes

The problem of how to clean a bar from clothes can be solved very quickly. But this is subject to the fact that you will act exactly as described below.

Water stroke

To easily solve the problem, than to wash off the touch of water-based clothing, you just need to understand that the water itself will be a solvent. The whole process is even more simplified by the fact that it is such a corrector that easily moves away from the tissue if you act in this way:

  1. Soak things for 20-30 minutes in cold soapy water.
  2. Wash in the washing machine in a mode that is suitable specifically for this fabric.

The spots will go away easily and without much difficulty.

Important! A special liquid is sold at the store along with the stroke to dissolve it. If you often encounter such a problem, most likely it will be easier for you to immediately purchase such a tool in the kit.

Bar on alcohol or emulsion basis:

  1. Wait for the stroke to dry.
  2. Remove the finishing touch with a cotton swab dipped in cologne or vodka.
  3. Wash your clothes in the washing machine - as you usually do.

Important! If there is no vodka, you can use medical alcohol or any other alcohol-containing product. The bottom line is to increase the alcohol concentration in the dried mixture, due to which the corrector will become more liquid, not so saturated and durable. So - it is easy to move away from the fabric with any thing and it will not be difficult to wash the spots from the stroke.

Solvent based bar

The hardest stain to remove is the stain from the solvent-based corrector. How to erase a stroke of this type - this issue is solved in the following way:

  1. Take a clean cloth and cotton swab.
  2. Dip a cotton swab in solvent, white alcohol, or nail polish remover.
  3. Turn your thing on the wrong side.
  4. Place a clean cloth on the front of the product so as not to stain it with solvent.
  5. Very carefully process the soiled area of ​​the thing with a cotton swab, move from the edge of the spot to its center.To avoid damage to the fabric, try the solvent effect on the inside of the product. If there are no consequences, feel free to proceed.
  6. Wash clothes in the washing machine as usual.

Important! If the solvent cannot be used on the fabric from which your item is sewn, you do not need to clean and wash the item of the wardrobe yourself. Contact a dry cleaning professional. If the item is washed and the stroke remains, not a single dry cleaning will remove the stain. Water and powder sometimes lead to the fact that the product can simply be thrown away.  

Solid corrector

Special efforts in order to remove the touch from the clothes will not be required:

  1. Soak the item in cold soapy water for 40-60 minutes.
  2. Remove the tape very carefully.
  3. Wash your item in the washing machine in delicate mode.

Important! Surely useful tips on how to how to wipe ink.

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Helpful hints:

  1. To properly remove the finishing touch from clothing, look not only at the look of the corrector base, but also at the type of fabric. The most difficult to remove stains from delicate fabrics.
  2. Items from delicate fabrics should be immediately sent to dry cleaners. Pre-wash is not necessary.

Important! If you often use putty, try to save a little. Find out, how to dilute the corrector.

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Stock footage

Use some tips and, even with careless handling of the clerical corrector, you and your loved ones will not have problems.

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