How to decorate a dress?

In any women's wardrobe, there are always several dresses that have long been on the shelves for some reason, for example, gone out of fashion, just tired or too trivial. Naturally, this is the most commonplace way to say goodbye to previously beloved outfits. But is it worth it to do with them, because once you were crazy about them? It is much more difficult, but at the same time more interesting, to return to your old things their former recognition. Fortunately, the assortment of modern accessories and fittings is only at its disposal. It is not difficult to guess that in this article we will talk about how to decorate the dress with our own hands. In particular, we will focus on the most popular decor options.

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The simplest options for dress decoration

Many ladies believe that the decoration of the outfit requires them to have artistic skills, real sewing skills. But in fact, it is much easier than it sounds, even if you don’t know how to sew. You can make the dress extraordinary with the help of satin ribbons, rhinestones, beads. If you sewed a button to your clothes at least once in your life, you can definitely decorate your outfit. The only thing is that you have to stock up on the necessary materials. Having free time, you can spend it watching several sewing workshops.

How to decorate a dress with your own hands, make it unrecognizable? Easily! You can change its color, length, add interesting details. The simplest transformation options are as follows:

  1. You can increase or decrease the length of the dress, remove the sleeves so that it falls on the shoulders, thus emphasizing femininity, the slimness of the figure.
  2. Also a good idea is a train that will give the image expressiveness. But here it should be remembered that dresses with trains are suitable only for thin girls with a chiseled figure.
  3. If you need to highlight some shade, then you can complement the image with a bright handbag, shoes or a thin belt.
  4. If you are not happy that the dress has too short sleeves, then they can be lengthened, for example, made of transparent fabric or lace. In the case of long sleeves, cuffs are usually used as decor.
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Transformation of the dress with lace

If you are interested in how to decorate a knitted dress, then lace will come to the rescue. It is very important for any woman to always look irresistible, which means that her outfit must be insanely beautiful. The main thing is not to overdo it with the decor, so that the product does not turn out to be too provocative, motley, overloaded with unnecessary details. To do everything right, to impress others, it is imperative to find out what is fashionable now, to evaluate the work of famous fashion designers.

Use the following tips when working with lace:

  1. Lace is the most fashionable and modern approach of eminent designers in the decoration of women's dresses. To make such an ornament yourself, it’s enough just to buy ribbon lace in the hardware store.
  2. Looks perfect in the tone of the dress. Remember, if your outfit is white, then the lace should also be white.
  3. The lace attached along the hem looks quite original.You can decorate the collar of the dress with it, while you can not ignore the cuffs.
  4. If you need to transform the winter model, it is recommended to decorate it on the sleeves or on the sides, as this will give the image expressiveness, femininity, style.
  5. In order not to doubt the achievement of the goal, it is better to first attach the lace with a pin, try on an outfit, and only then start to sew it.

Important! It is imperative to calculate in advance how much lace you need so as not to lose. It is ideal to take material with a small margin, because it can end at the most inopportune moment.

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Extraordinary decoration of dresses with zippers

You can do the decor of the dress with your own hands with the help of the most ordinary zipper, it will look incredibly stylish, effective, beautiful. With this decor, any thing will become truly interesting. Therefore, if you bought a dress, but something is missing from you, then you can try experimenting with it to create something unique in the end.

To make the image unusual, it is important to clearly determine where the lightning will be, and here it all depends on your style, taste, and preferences. In principle, it can be placed anywhere. It is also important to determine how long the lightning will be in order to buy a snake of the desired size in advance.

Important! A variety of zippers are sold in stores, which are attached with glue, an ordinary needle and thread.

It simply cannot be easier!

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Dress decor with rhinestones

You have a rather unusual situation, were you invited to a special event, like a ball? Naturally, you will not go for it in the usual evening dress, but you can solve this problem. If you have an old wedding dress, then it can be easily converted into a ball gown, decorated with beautiful, iridescent crystals in the sun. With this outfit you will definitely surprise all guests, make an unforgettable impression.

Now, in more detail, how to decorate the dress with your own hands with the help of rhinestones:

  • For decor, prepare rhinestones, the outfit itself, and the iron. By the way, to make the pebbles look stylish, it is better to choose transparent elements for a light background.

Important! If you are a fan of everything unusual and you need to remake a colored wedding dress, then it is better to buy rhinestones in tone with its main color.

  • Prepare a sketch for the pattern. Ready-made compositions are sold in stores or you can create the desired pattern yourself, then only fill it with rhinestones.
  • Designate on the product itself where the jewelry will be located with a pencil and a ruler. It is advisable to sign under each point what will be located in this place.

Important! The drawing, laid out in the form of a starry sky, originally looks. But in this case, a strass will need a lot to fill them with the entire surface of the dress, but you will shine like a princess.

  • As soon as you spread all the rhinestones on the fabric, you can already heat the iron to medium temperature.
  • Next - put a piece of fabric on the rhinestones, turn on the steam function on the iron, glue them. Strongly tightly it is not necessary to press the iron to the pebbles, because the glue used to process them seizes almost instantly.
  • Now you should leave the dress so that the decor is completely dry.

Important! Rhinestones attached in this way will last on your dress the whole event, will withstand any test, even washing.

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Dress decoration with flowers or leaves

We decorate the dress with fabric flowers with our own hands. This is an ideal option for decorating festive clothes, as fabric leaflets, flowers, and compositions look incredibly original, bright, and stylish. It is not difficult to make such an ornament, because for this you need improvised materials available in any home. It is better to decorate the outfit with different materials, the main thing is that the color is in maximum harmony with the main shade.

Important! You can use special stencils to create beautiful compositions. As a rule, compositions are attached with glue, but a thread with a needle can help here, although this option is considered less reliable.

You can transform the dress with flowers made from a variety of materials. Best suited for decoration:

  • Fur.
  • Application.
  • Shreds, fabric.
  • Knitted accessories.
  • Leather.

Important! More extravagant images are obtained when several materials are used to make one flower at once. For example, you can make the flower itself from fabric, stamens and a pestle from beads. Flowers can be both large and small.

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Decor of dresses with ribbons

Perhaps you will like the idea of ​​decorating the dress with bows? You can make this decor element from the most ordinary ribbon. In addition to bows, it also makes belts, floral arrangements, brooches, stars, waves. Silk, satin, openwork ribbons are used.

For decor, you can use a variety of shades, colors, textures. It is important to choose a ribbon by color so that it blends perfectly with the shade of the dress or contrasts radically with it.

Important! Decoration with ribbons gives the image a touch of lightness, freedom, romance. They look perfect on straight dresses that emphasize the figure.

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Decoration of children's dresses

Many mothers are interested in how to decorate a baby dress so that her baby looks excellent at the upcoming holiday. Transform outfits for little princesses using a variety of decorative elements. Often, parents decide to decorate the outfit themselves if they want the child to go on holiday in something new, or simply do not have enough money to buy new clothes. Even a home dress can dramatically change.

Any material lends itself to decoration, and there are a lot of options for transformations:

  1. The most inexpensive, simple, fast way to decorate is an applique that gives the image a solemnity. You can independently attach such a decor using a thread with a needle or an iron.
  2. If you know how and love to work with a needle, thread, and a crochet, then embroidery on a dress with your own hands, created according to a ready-made pattern, will look quite successful.
  3. It is also appropriate to complement the holiday outfit with lace, ribbons, rhinestones, butterflies. In general, children's clothing is decorated with a variety of materials that are at hand. Even an ordinary bow can make a dress look completely different.


Naturally, it is much easier to decorate ball gowns, which themselves are chic. But even such a dress will become even more beautiful if you decorate it with sequins or rhinestones. To create a new image, you can use the most unpredictable and extraordinary decisions, the main thing is not to be afraid of anything. But one should not forget about the sense of proportion, so that later on at the celebration your child does not look ridiculous. It is also important to learn how to combine different materials with each other.

Important! When decorating an outfit, adhere to this rule: the material for decoration should be much lighter, thinner, more modest than the main fabric.

Remember the principle that only those things that are done leisurely have a successful conclusion. If time allows you to better devote a few days to the decor, without trying to do everything in a couple of hours.

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Features of black dress decoration

Any woman in the wardrobe has at least one outfit in black, which is why information on how to decorate a black dress is useful to many. In fact, decorating plain things is much easier than colored ones. In particular, dark shades become original and elegant even in case of using one accessory.

Black dresses in themselves emphasize the beauty, attractiveness, slimness of the female body. But in most cases, some kind of decor is still required to make the image more attractive. You can do this as follows:

  1. It is easier to decorate the neck with a scarf, which will give the image a unique, originality, completeness.
  2. Such scarves can emphasize the waist in the form of a belt, or tie a huge bow.
  3. Often used to complement the look of the stole to the tone of the main dress.
  4. Below, black dresses are decorated with a white stripe to create a contrast effect. It looks unusual, but at the same time original. The fur edge looks no less beautiful.
  5. How to decorate the neck of the dress? For this, stones, pearls, rhinestones that look just fine on a black background are perfect.
  6. Using dark lace for decoration will make your outfit more interesting. Lace wraps are great for this. Even the top of the dress itself can be made lace using an interesting composition in the form of flowers, geometric shapes, original ornaments.
  7. An additional collar will make your clothes fashionable, moreover, it can be removed at any time. Today, this trend is considered incredibly fashionable. Collars are made of the same material as the product itself, the color is chosen at its discretion.
  8. Decorating the dress with beads with your own hands is quite simple. It should be remembered that due to the large size of the decor elements, it is recommended to use them to a minimum so as not to overdo it with the decoration.

Important! To make the finished outfit look fashionable, neat, modern, use exclusively high-quality materials for decoration. They are guaranteed not to fall away and will not let you down at the most crucial moment.

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The principles of decorating white dresses

In principle, this issue is also easily resolved. You will find it useful in this idea how to decorate a belt on a dress, since in light dresses it is often this element that plays the main decorative role. He will originally complement his bow, rhinestones, beads, fabric flowers. Deciding to decorate a snow-white dress, follow these recommendations:

  1. It is better to decorate the belt with bows or flowers in delicate shades.
  2. The perfect decoration for such outfits is rhinestones or beads.
  3. Having chosen a beautiful ornament as a decor, it is better to give preference to flowers. At the same time, you can use any variant of embroidery, but cross-stitch looks more original.
  4. Decoration is recommended to be translucent materials.
  5. The decor made with silver, gold or pearl buttons looks good.
  6. Black accessories are considered the most suitable for decorating white dresses.
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We hope this article was incredibly informative for you, because it contains a lot of useful information that will definitely be useful to any housewife. Now you know how to decorate a dress with beads, lace, beads, rhinestones, ribbons, zippers, appliques, fabric flowers. And, importantly, all this can be done with your own caring hands.

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