How to choose thermal underwear?

Thermal underwear becomes very popular with the onset of cold weather, and not only among women, but also among men. About ten years ago, only professional athletes wore such underwear, and today it is available to everyone, despite their gender and age. This type of clothing has already managed to grow with various myths regarding its main purpose. Therefore, today we will understand how to choose thermal underwear, relying on the advice of specialists, as well as get acquainted with its properties.

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What is thermal underwear?

Outwardly, it resembles the most ordinary t-shirts with short and long sleeves, shorts, turtlenecks, leggings and underpants. The main feature of such things lies in what type of material and type of weaving were used during production.


The main task of thermal underwear is to provide thermal insulation and moisture removal. Polypropylene is considered an ideal material for the manufacture of such clothes, since it does not absorb moisture at all. To make such underwear more pleasant to the body, a little wool or cotton is added to it.



To achieve a thermal effect, manufacturers use two methods of weaving fiber:

  • Weaving in a longitudinal hem or mesh. It is used when using polymeric materials.
  • Waffle weaving. This technology implies a thick air gap, due to which the linen heats perfectly, but moisture is not removed well enough.

Important! Another feature of thermal underwear is that it consists of several layers. So, the inner layer is made of polymer fabrics, but the outer layer has a structure consisting of cells, which actually provides good thermal insulation, the fastest evaporation and a good distribution of moisture. You can get rid of the unpleasant odor after prolonged wear with the help of special antibacterial agents.

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Basic properties of thermal underwear

To accurately select thermal underwear for yourself or your loved ones, you need to thoroughly understand its properties. These include the following:

  • Current manufacturers make it not only separately for women and men, children and adolescents, but also unisex models.
  • It is intended for active, passive and semi-active walks.
  • Depending on what lifestyle a person leads, he can choose clothes designed for a high, medium and low degree of activity.
  • Thermal underwear is only the first layer in a full-fledged multilayer system, so you will not be able to achieve the desired effect from wearing it without properly selected outerwear.
  • For training, hunting or fishing, clothes are put on top of him that have good thermo-regulating properties.
  • The standard kit includes a long-sleeve turtleneck or t-shirt in combination with shorts, leggings or trousers.
  • In addition to thermal underwear, as a rule, special gloves, hats, tights, socks and even insoles are bought.
  • Sports thermal underwear is divided into three categories - for surfers, for skiers and for skaters.
  • A distinctive feature of thermal underwear is the minimum weight and volume. In all parts of the body, the tissue has a different density, that is, it is thin under the armpits, because it is here that a large amount of sweat is released.

Important! Thermal underwear has remarkable antibacterial properties, due to the fact that manufacturers add silver drops to the fabric, eliminating unpleasant odors and germs.

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Pros and cons of thermal underwear

If you want to independently understand how to choose thermal underwear for a winter for a man or a woman, then you definitely need to familiarize yourself not only with its positive, but also with its negative sides.

Important! To determine the main advantages of this clothing, you need to understand in which specific situations you can not do without it:

  • Winter hunting and fishing.
  • Doing sports.
  • Windy and cold winter.


The main advantages of thermal underwear, respectively, can be considered:

  • Unique ability to keep warm.
  • Conclusion of excess moisture.
  • Stealth under clothing.


The main disadvantages of thermal underwear:

  • It is not universal, that is, for each type of life it is necessary to buy a separate item of clothing, regardless of whether it is an intensive training or a regular walk.
  • The occurrence of difficulties during care. It is necessary to wash such clothes very carefully so that it lasts as long as possible, does not stretch and does not shed. But you have to wash such laundry very often, due to the fact that it is quickly saturated with sweat.
  • High price. This is an expensive pleasure, in particular, this lack of high-quality goods.
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How to choose thermal underwear?

First you need to decide why you are making this purchase, where you will wear these clothes, and what tasks it should handle. And only after that you will determine for yourself how to choose thermal underwear for everyday wear or sports. Depending on the main purpose, thermal underwear can be of such varieties:

  • Sports thermal underwear. When choosing, you need to consider that it should provide the maximum level of moisture removal. In this case, the conservation of heat does not matter, because during severe physical exertion, body temperature rises. You can choose clothes with a high, low or medium level of activity. It is mainly made from synthetic materials that warm even better than natural fabrics. If you plan to relax in the winter, then give preference to a model made of polypropylene.
  • Models for fishing. The very process of organizing fishing in the winter requires a careful approach and the selection of quality linen. If you like to sit on ice with a fishing rod, then it is better to buy thermal underwear that can maximize the natural temperature of the body. Here, the removal of moisture fades into the background. It is better if it will be made of wool.
  • Children's thermal underwear. How to choose high-quality underwear with such parameters for a child, this is probably the most important question. The main thing to consider is the degree of its activity during daily walks. It is very important that the child is as comfortable as possible in such clothes. So, for example, because of a too narrow neck, he may even refuse to wear it.

Important! Thermal underwear for children is never bought for growth, in this case, the size should correspond as closely as possible to the growth of the baby.

  • Linen for everyday use. For this purpose, models are suitable that can simultaneously remove moisture and retain heat if necessary. It is recommended to give preference to thin cotton materials, for example, such fabrics as microfiber.
  • Thermal underwear for men. Both sports and casual underwear for men, which has the necessary properties, is sold today. As a rule, men do not like to wear many layers of clothing, but it is important to prevent hypothermia in the winter. You can buy a turtleneck or T-shirt, and underpants made of special heat-resistant fabric that provides a high level of comfort while wearing, and perfectly retains heat even in the most terrible frosts.
  • Women's thermal underwear for cold weather.How to choose this type of clothing for the fair sex? To make the right choice, it is better to dwell on models made of elastic materials that perfectly fit the body and allow you to wear any clothes on top, regardless of weather conditions. It can be T-shirts, swimming trunks, body, shirts and leggings. As a rule, such thermal underwear is distinguished by an interesting coloring and original decorative elements.

Important! On sale are models with lace, silk and satin trim, providing heat preservation and comfort, while having a beautiful appearance.

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What role does size play when choosing thermal underwear?

It is also very important to figure out how to choose the thermal underwear in size, because if it does not, as expected, fit your body, then there can be no talk of any heat and heat conservation. If it is not enough for you, then you will constantly experience discomfort and stiffness in movement.

The sizes of thermal underwear, as a rule, are marked with familiar signs, which may differ slightly from different manufacturers. Therefore, at the time of purchase, be sure to be guided by the size chart and carry out, whenever possible, trying on.

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We hope that now you have figured out for yourself all types and types of thermal underwear. So - you can choose quality things that will provide exactly the effect that you need, taking care of your comfort and health.

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