Jeans are painted - what to do?

We cannot imagine our wardrobe without stylish denim pants. To work, to a meeting, to rest at the cottage, in everyday life - we carry them everywhere. Comfortable, fashionable jeans are a daily attribute of a modern person. The joy of shopping and the bitterness of disappointment are the new jeans purchased at the store, which left traces of paint on the legs after the first walk. Why jeans are painted, what to do in such a situation, you will learn from this article.

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Why are jeans tinted?

Now we will try to understand the current situation.

Reason 1

The fact is that the fabric for sewing jeans is dyed in the right shade with special solutions. And it happens that the dye is not always absorbed by the fibers of the material completely. Usually, after the first wash, the paint goes away and the problem disappears before it appears. At the same time, do not worry that your denim pants will lose their brightness. Water will only wash away excess paint. But in rare cases, the problem is solved in this way. It happens that after two washes, the legs are painted. So now we will consider what to do if clothes are painted.

Important! You can check before buying how much your newly purchased jeans will shed. Directly in the fitting room, take a piece of white natural fabric (preferably cotton), slightly moisten and wipe the leg. If you saw a print of paint, then get ready for the fact that they will paint your legs.

Reason 2

Now jeans with wear are very fashionable, this is the highlight of many models. In most cases, the fabric of such pants is processed in a similar way in production. Intentionally abrading and damaging the pants material.

But even classic blue jeans look much more interesting after the first wash, when the material takes on a slightly lightened and well-worn look. That is precisely why dark-colored jeans are deliberately not used with durable paint.

Reason 3

When dyeing jeans, natural dyes are used that do not have such high resistance as synthetic ones. Therefore, the first opinion may be erroneous, and you should not immediately conclude that the quality of your fashionable and expensive pants is poor. You just need to think about what to do so that the jeans do not fade so much.

Important! Another reason is the use of dyes of poor quality, which many manufacturers of cheap clothes sin. In order not to encounter such a problem, read also about how to choose quality jeans.

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What to do so that the jeans do not fade?

You should not run to the party in new jeans on the first night. Unless of course you are not confused by blue-painted legs. It is necessary to properly process the purchased item before leaving.


The simplest thing you can do if your jeans are stained:

  1. Turn the jeans inside out, pre-buttoning all the buttons and zippers.
  2. Pour warm water into the washing container, and for each liter of liquid add a spoonful of ordinary table salt.
  3. To avoid damage to the structure of the fabric, soak the pants in saline for no more than 30 minutes.


  1. After the set soaking time has elapsed, remove the pants and squeeze slightly.
  2. Empty the container from the old water and fill it with new one.
  3. Add washing powder without bleaching components. As an option - laundry or baby soap.
  4. Water should not be hot - not only because you will have a hand wash and you can burn your hands. When washing in hot water, the thing will shed more intensively. Water temperature is 30-40 degrees.
  5. For washing, you can use an unpainted brush with a soft pile or wash it in the usual way by hand.


After washing, jeans must be thoroughly rinsed, and several times. You can carry out the rinsing procedure in the bathroom to ensure the breadth of maneuver. It is very convenient to do it like this:

  1. Put the item on the bottom of the bathtub and water it.
  2. Systematically turning the jeans in different directions, do this “bathing” for at least 10 minutes.

Important! After the first rinse, you will notice that the water has changed its usual color. And there is nothing surprising, since the liquid washes out excess paint from the fibers of the material.

  1. Rinse first with warm water. Add more and more cold water each time.
  2. And the last touch of rinsing: to complete this procedure is better in a small container with the addition of 50-70 ml of vinegar. This is necessary to fix the color.

Important! Rinse the denim pants until you see that the water has stopped changing color.

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How to wash jeans in the machine, if they are painted?

The main problem of washing jeans in a washing machine is the loss of color and bleaching of the fabric. This is especially true if jeans are painted. What to do to avoid such a result? It is only necessary to adhere to simple rules.

  • Check the contents of the pockets before washing. This is a general rule for washing products in a washing machine.
  • Jeans turn inside out.
  • Choose a gentle washing mode (manual, delicate mode, for jeans).
  • Before washing in a typewriter, it is not necessary to soak the pants.
  • Choose a powder for delicate washing and without adding bleaching agents. Practical to use for jeans capsules or gel.
  • The water temperature should correspond to a delicate wash - not higher than 40 C.

Important! Denim is not recommended in the washing machine. Disable this feature. If it doesn’t turn off or you need to get a dry thing as soon as possible, then set the lowest possible spin mode. The maximum spin speed is 800.

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If the drying of the jeans is correct, then the excess paint will evenly come off the fabric and you will not encounter the problem of spotting, which will be absolutely not stylish. So, how to dry jeans correctly, if they are painted - what exactly is needed and what should not be done in this case:

  1. Never unscrew your pants - the water itself will work well on jeans. Thus, you will save yourself from unnecessary ironing of pants.
  2. Another very important point: when twisting, micro-fractures of the fibers occur and your product loses its original appearance and attractiveness.
  3. It is better to dry denim pants in the turned-out position in which you carried out washing.
  4. Do not throw pants over the clothesline. After drying, it will be difficult for you to smooth out the remaining imprint of the clothesline on the legs. For drying, you need to hang jeans in full growth, after having fixed them with clothespins in the area of ​​the belt.

With the correctly executed recommendations for washing and drying pants, you do not have to iron them. But still, if you decide to iron them, then carry out the final procedure in the same condition (pants inside out), not with a very hot iron, observing denim ironing rules.

Important! If you pat a little wet jeans on the front side, you can see how the material on your jeans became glossy. You will not be delighted with such a result.

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Stock footage

Without a doubt, your denim pants have acquired their natural color, excess paint was washed.But you can check the final check of the work done with the same rag. Do not be upset, even if you notice a color change on a rag, but already less contrast than when buying. We assure you that after the next wash, you will no longer be bothered by the blue legs.

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