Shedding a dress - how to fix color?

Gray everyday life can be diluted with bright colors and cheer yourself up, all thanks to wearing colored clothes. But such a colorful and positive wardrobe is quite difficult to keep in excellent shape, because bright blouses, dresses and blouses often fade. Moreover, not only they become pale, in addition, all the clothes that were washed with them in the washing machine deteriorate. In this article we will consider information that is very useful for many housewives, which will help answer the following questions: what to do if the dress fades, how to fix the color? We will also learn how to avoid such situations in the future and take care of such things.

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How to find out: things molt or not?

Naturally, we all know from a young age that we should separately wash white and color things, dark and light, from each other. But this does not mean at all that other multi-colored clothes can be thrown into the machine in one fell swoop and not sorted. It is also necessary to separate molting things from non-molting things.

Important! The part of the wardrobe that is made of natural materials, in particular brand-new things, richly colored, is more often prone to this problem. You can also separately learn in more detail about what fabrics and things are dyed most often.

In order to determine certain things for color fastness, a kind of testing is necessary. There are several ways to carry it out:

  1. You need to moisten a small piece of clothing in warm water, squeeze it well and iron it through a white cloth or paper with an iron. If the ink print remains on paper, you will have to take care of fixing the color, and then wash these things separately from others.
  2. Often on the inside of the clothes there are sewn shreds near the seam. It is necessary to cut them and soak for ten minutes in ammonia. After you rinse this shred, it must be attached to the thing and check whether the color has changed or not.
  3. In a basin, draw warm water and add a little soap, and then drop a new thing into this solution and let it lie there for 10-15 minutes. Then take it out, wring it out, tightly wrap it in a snow-white cotton cloth. If spots remain on it or if water in the basin becomes colored, this will indicate that the thing is prone to molting and it also needs to be washed separately from other things.
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How to prepare and manually wash strongly shedding things?

Do not forget to always be guided by the rule that it is necessary to wash other things separately if your dress sheds. We will learn how to fix the color now and get acquainted with how to wash colored clothes that are subject to molting so that it stays as beautiful and bright for longer as during the purchase.

There are several options using improvised tools that at the same time delay the paint inside the fabric and preserve the paramount beauty of things.

Method 1

If you know for sure that the material is not very colored, then just try to get rid of excess paint:

  1. You need to soak things in warm water and then rinse under running water.
  2. Re-soak for at least 30 minutes.
  3. So it is necessary to continue soaking until the excess paint is completely gone.
  4. In the end, it is necessary to do ordinary machine wash with powder.

Important! If there is very little dye, then you can just rinse the clothes directly under the tap.


Method 2

If, after the done manipulations, the paint still remains, then one will have to resort to more stringent methods. For example, salt is capable of not only removing dirt, but also retaining paint inside tissues:

  1. You need to take a bowl and fill it with water at room temperature.
  2. Add a handful of powder and a glass of salt.
  3. Things need to be soaked in this solution for 30 minutes.
  4. Then wash by hand and rinse.

Important! You can use this option only in the case of plain colored things.

Method 3

There is still the option of using vinegar. The fact is that acetic acid is able to fix the color, and after such processing things stop shedding:

  1. It is necessary to take a deep bowl, pour warm water and powder into it.
  2. Then lower the product there for 20 minutes, rinse.
  3. Then follows the usual washing and drying, but only without spinning.

Method 4

Here is another way to wash the dress so that it does not fade. Vinegar is also used here. Only in this case, things are not rinsed in the finished solution, but are erased directly in it:

  1. Warm water is also poured into the bowl, two tablespoons of powder and three tablespoons of vinegar are added there.
  2. Things are immersed in a solution, then you need to gently rub them, and then rinse.
  3. Twisting them before drying is also not necessary.

Important! And there is also a universal method for washing products that are subject to molt - the use of special paint traps. We have issued a special review about one of them. “Wipes for washing”.

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Rules for washing shedding clothes in a washing machine

And now we will get acquainted with how to wash a dress that sheds in a washing machine, so that after completely drying it remains the same bright color:

  • As before washing by hand, the clothes will have to be prepared. You can soak things in an acetic solution using warm water by mixing two tablespoons of powder and three tablespoons of acid.
  • Wash should be at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.
  • Before immersing in the drum, things should be turned inside out and washed without spin.
  • Before hanging them you can not twist - just smooth it with your hands.
  • It is recommended to dry clothes from the wrong side, and be sure to substitute a bowl from below so that water does not accumulate on the floor.

Important! If the washing was successful and you were able to maintain the color of the products, it remains only to finally put them in order and carefully level them. A selection of tips will help you. how to iron things.

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Rules for rinsing shedding things

We have already figured out what to do so that the dress is not painted. But it is equally important to know how to properly rinse such wardrobe items, because it directly depends on how long the fabrics will retain their original appearance.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Immediately after washing, put clothes on the bottom of the bath.
  2. With a shower, shower it with a small pressure of warm water.
  3. Turn each thing over and do the same with the other side.
  4. Turn out all products and pour again at room temperature.
  5. Lower the water temperature slightly and repeat the procedure again.

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Rules for storing strongly shedding wardrobe items

Use the expert advice and your things will always look like new:

  • Dyed fabrics should not be treated with soda.
  • There is a separate category of things that are not allowed to be washed in a typewriter.
  • Before the first wash, carefully read the labels on the things.

Important! When buying new clothes, imperceptibly rub a piece of cloth with a damp cloth, and it will immediately become clear whether it is very colored or not.

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Now you can wear clothes of various colors without worrying about how neat and interesting they will look after a few washings.The main thing is that they are very scrupulous about cleaning them, not rushing when sorting items for washing.

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