How to color sneakers at home 🥝 how to recolor

Sneakers are literally in every wardrobe - among schoolchildren, athletes, and even glamorous fashionistas. But fabric shoes easily get dirty, so the question of how to paint, paint, colorize, colorize rag and rag sneakers is relevant for many.

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Fashion and comfort

As soon as the street got warmer in the spring, we take out our favorite loafers, sneakers or slip-on shoes from the boxes. Many years ago, this type of shoe was intended only for sports and it looked dull and monotonous. Now - it is an integral element of the fashionable “bow”, which has a lot of colors: from plain white to golden with spikes.

This kind of comfortable shoes has not gone out of fashion for many years. But no matter how good our favorite sneakers are for us, they are not eternal. The fabric may tear, get dirty, shed during washing or burn out in the sun. And sometimes we just get tired of the old colors. Do not throw away such comfortable shoes. There are lots of ideas on how to transform and decorate it, to make it original and even design. This will require your imagination, some time and some decor elements. Transformed sneakers will definitely cost less than the new “Converse”.

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Primary processing

No matter how you come up with “upgrade” your shoes, in any case, you first need to refresh it. First of all, take out the laces and wash them. After that, take care of the whitening of the soles and immediate washing of shoes.

Sole whitening

Be sure to bleach the sole, namely its lateral part and nose at the sneaker. For this:

  1. Mix the baking soda with vinegar to get the gruel out.
  2. Rub the rubber parts with the old mixture using an old toothbrush.
  3. Rub thoroughly and leave for 25-30 minutes.
  4. Gently rinse the dirt mixture with water.

After this procedure, the sole will be like new.

Important! More ways to help tidy up the sole of your shoe can be found in a separate review. "How to whiten the sole of a sneaker?".

Washing sneaker

Next, wash sneakers, moccasins or slip-ons in the washing machine:

  1. Put the sneakers before washing in a special bag for washing shoes or just in an old pillowcase.
  2. Select the delicate mode in the washing machine. Water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

Important! In other washing modes, you can spoil - either sneakers or a washing machine.

  1. Deactivate the spin function.
  2. After washing, allow the shoes to dry naturally.
  3. So that she does not lose shape, you can put crumpled newspapers inside.

Important! If you need more detailed instructions with a selection of detergents for shoes, read another topic - “How to wash sneakers in a washing machine?”.

After your shoes have dried, you can safely experiment with its design. Just think over first what you would like to see as a result, and prepare the necessary materials. And with the intentions and ways of their implementation, our article will help you.

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How to dye fabric sneakers?

If your sneakers, slip-on shoes or moccasins were originally white and eventually lost their color purity or were simply tired, then they need coloring and can be easily transformed. This can be done by specialists in shoe shops or you yourself.

Tools and materials

If you decide to take everything into your own hands, then look at your wardrobe and decide on the color scheme. After that, visit a specialty store and purchase paint for fabric, one or more colors. It can be powder paints that need to be dissolved in water, or acrylic.

To paint the shoes you will need the following items:

  • a container for painting such a volume so that a sneaker fits freely in it;
  • gloves for hands;
  • sponge or old toothbrush;
  • petroleum jelly;
  • vinegar;
  • soda;
  • clean rags and napkins.

There are several options for painting sneakers at home. Choose the method suitable for you and start transforming your favorite couple. Detailed instructions on how to do this are presented later in our article.

Solid color

If you just want to give the shoe a different color, then this method of how to color your sneakers is perfect for you:

  1. Dissolve the paint in water according to the instructions.
  2. Lubricate the rubber parts with plenty of petroleum jelly and dip the sneakers in the paint.
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes, dip them in a container of water and vinegar to fix the color.
  4. After - rinse your shoes well under running water until it becomes transparent.
  5. Dry them in the air, rinse the petroleum jelly from the rubber parts with soda and napkins.


Ombre painting

For such a painting you will need one tone of paint. Ombre is a type of staining when the color intensity gradually decreases from saturated to pale. How to dye ombre sneakers? Use the following guidelines:

  1. Dilute the paint in a prepared container according to the instructions.
  2. Lubricate the rubber parts of the shoe with petroleum jelly in advance so that they do not stain;

Important! You can try the color intensity on a piece of suitable fabric. If it turns out too bright - add water to the paint.

  1. Protect your hands with gloves and dip the bottom of the sneaker into the paint.
  2. Wait a couple of minutes.
  3. Dip again, only a little deeper.
  4. Dip the sneaker several times each time deeper until it is completely colored. Thus, the bottom will turn out much brighter than the top.
  5. At the end of staining, take a clean rag and rub the paint so that the transitions in tone are smooth. If necessary, moisten a cloth with water.
  6. Now let the paint soak for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Dip the sneakers in a container of water and vinegar to fix the color on the fabric.
  8. Rinse the painted shoes thoroughly with running water.
  9. Remove petroleum jelly with soda and an old toothbrush. To do this, dip a damp brush in soda and wipe the rubber parts. Remove residues with wet wipes.

Important! For a complete transformation, you can dye and shoelaces. Then your old sneakers will become completely unrecognizable. Our ways will help diversify shoes even more, how to tie laces on sneakers.

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Multicolor coloring

If you have the opportunity to purchase several colors of acrylic paint for fabric, then we will tell you a number of ideas for original prints on how to paint sneakers at home.


This is a kind of fabric patterns that came from the east. It is especially associated with Uzbekistan and India. Represents 2-3-color spots, rhombuses, zigzags with blurry uneven edges. In order to apply this technique on your sneakers, a special artistic gift is not required:

  1. First protect the sole and toe with masking tape or petroleum jelly.
  2. Pour a little paint in 2 or 3 colors, each separately, into different covers (from water).
  3. Apply a larger circle, for example, blue, with a foam sponge.
  4. Then, with another sponge in the middle, apply a smaller circle, for example, yellow.
  5. In the middle of the shoe draw a small circle, such as white.
  6. Now with a clean, damp sponge, rub the borders of the picture so that it looks a little blurry.
  7. Let the paint dry for about 15 hours and fix it with a hair dryer.

Marine subjects. Oceania

You can easily depict on a shoe, for example, a drawing on the theme of the ocean:

  1. Cover the sole with masking tape.
  2. Using thin and thick brushes, apply a pattern depicting sea waves and splashes of water onto the white sneakers with thin and thick brushes.
  3. You can add shells with a thin brush, for example.
  4. Let the drawing dry for a day and fix the result with a hairdryer.

Space theme. Galaxy

We all love to admire the stars at night and remember how we dreamed of becoming an astronaut in childhood. To make space a little closer, you can depict a whole galaxy on old sneakers. How to paint sneakers at home on this subject? For this:

  • get acrylic paints in white, pink, purple and blue;
  • still need foam sponges, brushes, an old toothbrush and masking tape.

Painting Method:

  1. First, cover the toe and sole of the sneaker with masking tape so that they do not get dirty when stained.
  2. Sponge a blue background onto the entire sneaker.
  3. Apply blue and violet spots of different sizes in the form of clouds on the resulting background with a brush or the corner of a sponge.
  4. Feather the pattern so that the center is bright and the edges blurry.
  5. At the end, dip the toothbrush into white paint and use your fingernail to brush the bristles so that white splashes fall onto your “nebulae”. It will be the stars.
  6. Repeat the same steps symmetrically on the second sneaker.
  7. Let the shoes dry for a day.
  8. Fasten the stain with a hairdryer.
  9. Remove the tape and insert the laces of a suitable color.

Now your intergalactic sneakers are ready to fly.


Color spray

For this painting technique you only need bright acrylic paints, brushes and masking tape. Even a child will be able to cope with such a task; artistic inclinations are not required for this. To dye fabric sneakers:

  1. To begin, cover with masking tape all the details of the shoe that should not be painted.
  2. Cover the place where you are going to create with oilcloth or newspapers (you can do this on the street for convenience).
  3. Squeeze a certain amount of paint into the lid so that it is convenient to dunk.
  4. The paint should be liquid, so add water to it if necessary.
  5. Put the sneakers on the litter.
  6. Dip a brush into paints and spray them on sneakers.
  7. Let the sneakers dry for 24 hours and iron them or blow them with a hot hairdryer.

Important! Heat treatment significantly improves paint adhesion.

Try to combine bright colors so that the sneakers as a result come out perky, causing associations with the festival of colors in India.

Marker and pen drawings

In order to apply a small fancy pattern, you can use markers on the fabric. Similar markers are sold in needlework stores or hobby centers:

  1. Come up with an ornament.
  2. Put it with a simple pencil on the shoe fabric.
  3. Then draw with markers.

Important! Some craftsmen apply ornament or lettering with a simple pen. A similar print looks quite original and stylish.

Other interesting ideas for drawings:

  • Polka-dot sneakers or moccasins look very cute. To do this, simply make a stencil in the form of a circle and with the help of a sponge and acrylic paint apply evenly “peas” over the entire surface of the shoe.
  • Black and white sneakers will look classic. Just paint over the black spots with acrylic paint.
  • You can apply a geometric pattern, cells, stripes or a Greek meander to the fabric. For such patterns, it is more convenient to use fabric outlines. You can simply apply a bright edge to the outline.
  • Just large strokes in different colors will look interesting.
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How to paint sneakers?

If for some reason you do not want to give the sneakers to the shoe workshop for painting, you can try to do it yourself. Moreover, the process is not a difficult job.

Stages of painting:

  1. Clean your sneakers of dust, dirt, shoe polish or wax, and dry them thoroughly.
  2. Degrease the surface. You can use a solution of laundry soap and ammonia for this purpose.
  3. Prepare the paint. It should match the type of material your sneakers are made of. It can be water-based paint, powder, acrylic, spray paint, cream paint and others.
  4. Put on gloves.
  5. Protect the sole with masking tape.
  6. Take out the laces and color your sneakers.

Important! Try to do this in one go, as the color may come out patchy. If you spray paint nubuck or velor - do not hold the can too close to the shoes, otherwise there will be stains. Spray from a distance specified in the instructions.

  1. If the color is pale, then repeat the painting after a few hours.
  2. Let the shoes dry for a day and you can safely wear your updated sneakers.
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Decoration with sequins, rhinestones, sequins, spikes

Sneakers or slip-ons look very glamorous in a brilliant performance. In order to “upgrade” your tired shoes, you need to purchase the following items in specialized stores:

  • sparkles (in bulk in jars) of one or more colors;
  • fabric glue;
  • spikes or rhinestones for emphasis.

Decoration Method:

  1. To get started, cover the rubber parts of the sneaker with masking or simple tape and prepare everything you need.
  2. Take a large brush and apply glue to the fabric.

Important! Do not apply glue immediately to the entire surface, otherwise the farthest sections will dry before you can sprinkle them with sparkles. Work in parts.

  1. Next, generously sprinkle this area with sparkles of the desired color, slightly press them with your fingers.
  2. On the bottom, you can apply glitter darker.
  3. At the final stage of the decoration, tap the shoes a little so that the extra sparkles disappear.
  4. Inspect the sneakers. If there are empty areas, apply glue and add glitter.

Important! Some craftsmen immediately mix glue with sparkles and apply this composition to sneakers.

  1. It remains to place accents in the form of rhinestones or conical metal spikes. They can be fixed with a glue gun, for example, on the front of the sneaker.
  2. Instead of laces, you can insert satin ribbons.

Now you will have a fantastic look in your “new” old sneakers, and catch the envious glances of your friends.

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Interesting ideas for transforming old sneakers

If you are ready to take the time not only to color the sneakers, but also to more thorough actions, take yourself one of the ideas below.


This idea will be especially interesting for children and adolescents:

  1. Make a pattern of small wings (left and right).
  2. Transfer the picture to 4 pieces of artificial thin skin (2 facial and 2 reverse, mirror images).
  3. Insert between them a piece of felt or other dense fabric, glue and cut along the contour. You should get two wings.
  4. Make holes along the edge, corresponding to the holes for the laces.
  5. With a permanent marker, draw a feather pattern on both sides symmetrically.
  6. Let the resulting decor dry and lace it to the shoes, one side of each sneaker.

Thanks to this decoration, your legs will literally acquire wings.


Down with the shoelaces

You can replace the laces with elastic fabric:

  1. Take a wide elastic band or other dense stretch fabric.
  2. Measure the length from the sole (outside the side) to the eyelets on the opposite side.
  3. Cut and sew a little diagonally, tucking the edges of the elastic.
  4. On the upper part of the sneaker you can cover the eyelets with an elastic band, or you can sew them under them.

Now you don’t have to spend time tying shoelaces and sneakers look creative.

Applique and embroidery

If you have embroidery skills, you can give your shoes originality with your own hands.

  • Take a simple pattern or ornament, apply a sneaker to the fabric and embroider it with a cross or stitch. It can be flowers, initials or a geometric ornament. Everything that your fantasy tells you.
  • You can buy ready-made applications in the stores for sewing and needlework and sew them on shoes.
  • You can also crochet laces from cotton threads. It will take no more than half an hour, but your sneakers will be with a twist.
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How to make new shoes from old?

Very often in our bins are old shoes that are very comfortable, but not fashionable or just tired. Throw out their hand does not rise, and do not want to wear in this form.

If you spend a little time on them and be smart, you can get a “new” pair of shoes without much expense. What can we do for this? - Here are some of the simplest options:

  • Repaint. Get a shoe paint from a specialist store that matches the material your shoes are made of (for suede, leather, nubuck, etc.). Protect the sole with masking tape and paint your shoes well according to the instructions on the paint package.
  • If the shoes are fabric, then you can apply patterns on them with contour acrylic paints. And also with glue for fabric and sparkles to give them chic.
  • You can fix brooches, bows, artificial flowers, buckles on the capes of shoes with a glue gun.
  • If the nose of the shoe is peeled, apply a layer of glue and sprinkle generously with sparkles. Then, when the glue dries, cover with clear nail polish on top.
  • Summer sandals and open shoes can be embroidered with beads or sequins.
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Tips for remaking old shoes from Andre Tan

The tips of a famous fashion designer will help transform old shoes according to the stylish trends of modern fashion:

  1. If you want to transform old high-heeled shoes and make them more effective, then decorate the backs and heels with rhinestones and stones with the help of special glue or glue gun.
  2. You can stick a zipper over the entire length of the heel. It will look very stylish.
  3. You can sew “covers” for high heels from different fabrics. A cover made of fabric “under the metal” looks especially attractive.
  4. You can also paint the entire sole of the shoes red with nail polish or acrylic and get fashionable “louboutins”.
  5. Ankle boots will look more fashionable if embellished with fringe, chains or fur.
  6. You can also use beads, buttons, knitted elements or appliqué in shoe decoration.
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There are actually a lot of ideas for giving old shoes a new look. In this article we have posted only the most interesting and simple finishes for sneakers and sneakers. Following these tips, you can enjoy wearing your favorite shoes for a few more seasons.

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