Wardrobe Care

Can I stretch a leather jacket?

How to clean shoes from old cream?

How to sew a cardigan with your own hands quickly and without a pattern?

How to shorten a T-shirt 🥝 how to hem the neck on a sewing machine

How to sew a dress dudes with their own hands?

How to clean gold with hydrogen peroxide at home?

What to do if jeans are torn?

How to paint heels on boots at home?

How to whiten a white t-shirt 🥝 how to boil white things correctly and effectively

How to bleach a silver chain at home?

Gum stretched on a sweater - what to do?

How to clean a light leather bag at home?

How to remove scuffs on a leather bag?

How to lighten jeans at home 🥝 how to make it lighten after washing

How to sew a tulle petticoat for a sun skirt?

How to return color to black jeans 🥝 at home

How to stretch a sweater that sat down after washing?

What can be done from an old coat?

Adhesive fabric for clothing repair 🥝 how to use

How to color sneakers in a different color 🥝 how to color and recolor

Patches for clothes 🥝 how to sew

How to remove shine from trousers

How to stretch shoes 🥝 long and wide, quickly

How to whiten the collar of a white shirt at home?

Artificial Skin Care

The zipper on the boot is unfastened - what should I do?

Is it possible to store shoes in the winter on the balcony?

Reduce ring size at home 🥝 if large

How to make stockings from tights with your own hands?

How to decorate a knitted hat with your own hands?

DIY magpie headdress - pattern

How to repair the sole of the shoe if it burst?

How to clean a down jacket?

Slippery boots - what to do at home?

How to whiten a woolen white sweater?

How to store winter shoes in the summer?

How to clean the collar of a down jacket at home?

How to remove rhinestones from clothes?

English lock on earrings 🥝 clasp did not open, how to open

How to remove tan marks from an iron from clothes?

How to remove the puff on a sweater?

How to stretch jeans shoes?

Zipper on the jacket diverges - what should I do?

How to paint a down jacket at home?

How to sew a long sleeveless vest?

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