Shoe dyeing is the perfect color recovery solution

Shoes are the main indicator of the accuracy, style and taste of any person. It is in its appearance that the impression of the owner often develops. But it’s not always, as your beloved couple wears out, it is possible to replace it with an equally interesting and convenient model, or you simply don’t have such a desire. And in this case, the perfect solution would be to paint the shoes. How to do this, than dye leather shoes at home, I also shoes from suede, nubuck and other materials, you will learn from this article.

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Shoe painting - choose the right tool

To properly color your shoes, you need to consider 4 of the most important nuances:

  • form of release of funds;
  • its properties;
  • shade of paint;
  • manufacturer and price.

Important! Be sure to take into account all of the above factors and responsibly choose the right product for all, without exception, characteristics so that the shoe dye does not become “golden” for you and you get the result that you expect.

How to choose the right shoe paint for all these parameters? - Consider the following recommendations:

  1. Paints in the form of a cream or powder, as a rule, last longer on the surface, as they stain the material deeper. Sprays - easier to use, allow for 5 minutes to paint over the entire surface of the shoe well, without unnecessary manipulation. It is such a tool that is best suited for locks, nubuck and other fleecy materials.
  2. Properties are an important indicator of quality and it is they that have a greater effect on the cost of shoe care products. Here pay attention to the degree of moisture resistance and dirt resistance, since it is under the influence of these factors that the dye most often comes off the material, revealing all the flaws.
  3. Hue - a purely individual choice. But if you pick a color similar to the existing color of your shoes, take a half darker. So you will definitely hide all the defects formed.
  4. Manufacturer and price - the choice also depends on your financial capabilities, the degree of trust in one or another tested brand product. Shoe care products and paints from companies such as Salton, Saphir, Twist, Salamander have won good reviews. But there are others - domestic producers of such products, the quality of which is no worse, and the price can be an order of magnitude lower.

Important! If the defects are minor, and the shoes are made of smooth leather, try to start without extreme measures. Just take a suitable shade of shoe polish and thoroughly treat the entire surface with it. It is likely that with such a simple action you can breathe new life into your favorite weekend or everyday couple. To be sure to get a great result, use our tips, how to polish shoes to shine.

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We paint leather shoes

If you set a goal to change the shade of the shoes or if the material is so worn out that you can’t get by with one cream, arm yourself with the acquired product and start acting.

We prepare shoes for painting

To properly color leather shoes at home, initially it must be carefully prepared. For this:

  1. Thoroughly wash the shoes that you intend to restore. Use a soap solution from laundry soap and a brush or sponge.To save your time and energy, if the model allows, you can according to the rules set forth in the link wash shoes in a washing machine.
  2. Dry the product well.
  3. Degrease the surface of the leather material using alcohol, ammonia or a professional product.
  4. Prepare the paint according to the instructions from the manufacturer.
  5. Apply the product to change the skin tone with a brush or a small piece of foam, gently rubbing the dye. Proceed from toe to heel. Do not put extra effort. Pay special attention to the joints with the sole, seams.
  6. Wait for the right time to dry. Place products at this time at room temperature, without direct sunlight.
  7. Apply a protective layer for additional moisture repellent effect.

Important! In order not to paint the extra surrounding interior items, lay a plastic wrap under the shoes.

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We paint suede shoes

Staining principle suede shoes and nubuck is similar. The difference will be as follows:

  1. Do not wash, but steam up the cleaning shoes well over the kettle or using steam generator.
  2. Walk on a cleaned surface special brush for suedeto remove stains and straighten the pile.
  3. Apply shoe polish in the form of a spray, spraying it evenly on the material from a distance of at least 15-20 cm.

Important! Since aerosol particles will always get to the nearest surfaces, choose a safe place or lay a much larger plastic film on the floor than a pair of your shoes.

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Helpful hints:

  1. To make the shoes wear less each time you get home, remove dirt and dust from your skin, suede and nubuck.
  2. Before going outdoors in slushy or snowy conditions, treat the material with protective equipment.
  3. Do not dry your shoes in close proximity to heating appliances - this affects the life of the products. If the shoes are very wet, it is better to fill the inside with crumpled paper or cereals - they will quickly absorb all the moisture.

Important! If you didn’t have an idea with painting or if you would like to further change the design of your favorite shoe, we have several solutions for you. Browse the workshops here "How to decorate shoes?".

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Now you know how to properly color your shoes at home, and you can surely cope with your goal without any problems. Be attentive to your things and they will retain a decent appearance for a long time, and you will always look stylish and neat without wasting time.

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