Water-repellent shoe polish - which is better?

Frosty weather, reagents, snow porridge under our feet - all this quickly makes our shoes unusable. But even the cheapest is able to maintain its original appearance, if competently looked after it. And this care consists in processing boots or boots with special means. Moreover, experts advise not to save on water-repellent and coloring aerosols, because, as practice shows, at least 10 percent of the cost of this shoe should be spent on shoe care products. The main thing here is to spend money on a really worthwhile product. Therefore, we will try to deal with the issue of water-repellent (hydrophobic, moisture-proof) impregnation for shoes - which is better, right now.

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Impregnation Action

Water-repellent impregnation for shoes is an emulsion or solution. She processes the surface of boots or boots, and the action is as follows:

  1. Water-repellent impregnation, as a rule, treat shoes immediately after purchase, until there are no special pollution and scuffs on it. The impregnation is rather abundantly applied to the surface, the solvent evaporates within a few minutes, and a thin water-repellent layer remains on our shoes. Its molecules do not evaporate and reliably protect the surface from moisture.
  2. The protective agent during processing falls not only on the surface, but also inside the fibers. Now they have minimal hygroscopicity. They repel any moisture, and it accumulates on the surface in the form of separate drops.

Important! Suitable materials must be selected for each material - a note on the application is indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. To understand why this is necessary, read the article “Leather, nubuck and suede - what's the difference?”.

The advantages of using the best water-repellent impregnation for shoes are obvious:

  • The resistance of any material to water and various aggressive components - salt, reagents, pollution, increases several times.
  • Materials after such processing receive additional elasticity, they dry less and retain their original appearance longer.
  • Water-repellent impregnation practically does not violate breathability, and does not violate the coating of shoes.
  • It poses no danger to your skin.
  • Also, any impregnation does not weigh down the fabric.
  • Another of its advantages - processing protects materials from premature fading.

Important! Of the minuses, only one can be cited: treatment with impregnation takes your time, but the result is worth it.

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Types of water repellents

Today, there are several hundred manufacturers of water-repellent impregnations. And they market film-forming products in a wide variety of ways. Everyone assures that their goods are the best water-repellent impregnation for shoes. But let’s first understand what it consists of and what kind of products it is.

Important! Note that all means will work well only if the shoes, boots or boots are made of good materials. Therefore, be sure to read how to choose quality shoes, which will serve you more than one season.


Creamy remedies can be divided into 2 types:

  1. Creams with a thick consistency are mainly suitable for leather shoes (they can also handle other leather products - bags, gloves). The manufacturer introduces a solvent, wax, animal fat, and sometimes coloring components into their composition.
  2. Liquid creams and emulsions will be ideal for warm weather. These products contain very few solvents, sometimes they are generally replaced with water. Therefore, it is not worth hoping that they will protect your shoes 100 percent. Their main function is to give your shoes maximum shine and gloss.

Important! In order not to get into trouble, use our rating best shoe creams.


Water repellent spray

Sprays can be called a universal care product. This is the best water-repellent shoe polish. It is suitable for all materials, without exception. They even process clothes. And there are simple explanations for this:

  • Sprays are applied very easily. No special brushes or accessories are needed for this. You just take and spray the product on shoes, bag or clothes. The main thing is not to do this indoors.
  • If creams and liquids have a limited shelf life, then the spray on their background looks like a long-liver. He can serve you faithfully for several seasons.


Impregnations are fundamentally different from creams and sprays. This tool penetrates deep into the material. This provides longer protection against any external influences. Before deciding, water-repellent impregnation for shoes - which is better, remember that each type of shoe needs a special impregnation with a special composition:

  • If the surface of your shoes is made of suede or nubuck, material with villi, then take the impregnation with fluorocarbon resin.
  • For skin and any other smooth surfaces, purchase silicone-based products.
  • For other materials, products containing water repellents are ideal.
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Means for leather and suede

It is important not to confuse these water repellents, which are used directly for shoes. The consequences can be completely unpredictable. Solving the issue, water-repellent impregnation for shoes - which is better, you should know:

  • Aerosol impregnation designed for smooth skin is completely unsuitable for suede shoes. Treat it with universal means, which include fluorocarbon resins. Wax and grease have the ability to glue the villi and irrevocably spoil shoes made of suede or nubuck.
  • With leather goods, everything is exactly the opposite. The more wax and fat contained in an aerosol or cream, the better it will be for shoes made of smooth leather. It is excellent if the composition of the impregnation includes mink oil, seals or goose fat, since they have a high penetrating ability.

Silicone impregnation has long taken first place in the list of the best water-repellent impregnation for shoes. Indeed, often water, after treatment with such means, simply drains from the shoes, not having time to soak. Protective silicone film gently envelops the entire surface of your shoes, while not affecting the air exchange. The effective action of the product begins after 8-9 hours, so the treatment is usually carried out in the evening. But here, too, have their own nuances:

  • Instead of fluorocarbon resins, manufacturers can use cheaper silicone. In this case, the impregnation will work very differently. It forms an invisible film in the upper layers of the material, which on the one hand pushes water away, but on the other hand prevents the product from “breathing”.
  • Fluorocarbon resin works differently: particles are distributed between the fibers of the material. And if moisture gets on the shoes, then it remains on the surface in the form of droplets that are easy to shake off.

Important! Before making a purchase, carefully study the composition. Abstract inscriptions “water-repellent component” or “water-repellent emulsion” - a reason to beware. An honest manufacturer will always write the exact name of the ingredients, and a conscientious manufacturer will not forget about fluorocarbon resins.

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Means for other materials:

  • Shoes made of cloth to protect against moisture is useless. It is better not to wear it in rainy weather and wear it only in dry weather. Moisture repellents are powerless here.
  • If your shoes are made of leatherette, then trying to extend its life is useless. No special means are provided for this type of material. And all for one simple reason: leatherette does not absorb any substances. However, you can improve such shoes by using the services of the nearest shoe repair workshop, where the shoes will be additionally sewn and glued, protecting it from moisture inside.
  • Membrane shoes require no less close attention than leather shoes. To do this, use the usual arsenal of impregnations offered in stores specifically for shoes made of genuine leather materials.
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Rating of the best sprays

So that you can navigate in the store, the products of which brand you are ready to give preference to, we offer you a rating of the best impregnations for protection against moisture from those manufacturers that have proven themselves in terms of quality and price of products.


Collonil Nanopro water repellent spray costs about $ 22. This tool is suitable:

  • for smooth skin;
  • velor
  • fur;
  • nubuck.

This composition is based on nanotechnology. Due to this, it forms a film, which envelops the surface with a thin layer of film.

Important! This tool is ideal for autumn and spring, when the street is very humid. But in winter, it is not worth placing great hopes on him. It does not provide adequate protection against chemicals and salt. Another disadvantage of this tool is its pungent smell.

You can buy it not in all stores, but on many online sites Collonil Nanopro water-repellent spray is presented.



This brand has long been recognized as the most popular, is in great demand among buyers, because the price is very budget, less than $ 10. And you can apply the spray for different things, namely:

  • footwear;
  • clothes;
  • umbrellas;
  • breathable Gore-Tex materials.

With all these advantages, the remedy has one minus - a strong and pungent odor.

Important! The manufacturer necessarily indicates this information on the package and strongly recommends processing shoes or clothing with this product in a room that is easily ventilated, and even better - on the street.


Means “Akvabron” appeared on the market relatively recently. Its cost is not the lowest - about $ 25, but the scope is universal. This spray is suitable:

  • for natural materials;
  • for artificial fabrics;
  • for membrane shoes.

This compound provides reliable and long-lasting protection. One treatment may last for 3 months of service. Another plus of the aerosol is that it contains no toxic additives. Also, it does not include substances such as oil, wax, paraffin and solvent. Due to this, the appearance of the treated surfaces does not change, even after several applications.

Important! The disadvantages of the “Akvabron” product include the fact that it can be purchased by reservation.

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Top Impregnation Rating:

  1. Woly Sport. This impregnation is an aerosol. The tool, like others, is developed on the basis of nanotechnology. Its cost is about 7 dollars, its scope is any kind of fabric. This product is considered ideal for sports shoes.
  2. Olvist. This product for consumers has one main advantage - its low cost, the price of such an aerosol does not exceed $ 5. This water-repellent can also be called universal, because it is suitable for processing textiles, smooth and fleecy skin.
  3. Textile Protect This tool differs from others in that it is not released in the usual spray can, but in a bottle with a spray bottle. Compared to other means, its price is quite high. You will have to pay about $ 30 for the spray gun.This water repellent is considered a specialized composition, because the scope is very wide - from shoes to covers and tents.
  4. Nikwax This water repellent does not repel buyers at its cost. The cost of an aerosol is only $ 5. The manufacturer launches this product on the market for different types of materials. This composition can be processed and shoes and even down jackets.
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When you have chosen the best water-repellent impregnation for shoes, you can start using it. First you have to clean the product:

  • To do this, wash it with plain water. This treatment is only suitable for smooth skin.
  • If you have a suede product, then it must be cleaned with a special foam and brush.

Important! It is advisable to use all the care products of only one manufacturer. In this case, they will ideally complement each other.

After cleaning the product, let it dry well. Remember that you must not dry such things near a battery. It is better to leave clothes or shoes indoors overnight at room temperature. The next morning, you can proceed to the direct processing:

  1. Pick up a water-repellent spray for shoes or clothes and carefully read the instructions.
  2. It must be observed in order to achieve the maximum effect of the product used.
  3. A water-repellent spray can have an unpleasant, pungent odor. Therefore, the processing of things is best done in the fresh air, and not in the living room.
  4. Shake the flask with a spray bottle. Hold the product in your hand at a distance of about twenty centimeters from the product.
  5. Press on the piston and quickly move the entire surface of the garment from side to side.
  6. Remember that the product must be applied no less than two hours before leaving the house. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired effect.
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Many consumers, buying shoes, often do not even think about the fact that their appearance can be preserved for a long time. To do this, it is enough to know what is the best water-repellent impregnation for shoes suitable for different materials. Manufacturers today offer a wide selection of sprays and creams that perfectly protect shoes from moisture and dirt. Thanks to these tools, you can increase the service life of shoes several times and save on buying a new pair of shoes, sneakers. It remains only to choose a high-quality spray or impregnation, and forget about such problems as stains or dirt stains (a dirt-repellent is intended for this). Our article and reviews on the Internet will help you with this.

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