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Delicate washing is a special mode of processing things during washing, which is characterized by a particularly careful attitude to the fabric. The name may vary depending on the manufacturer and type of washing machine. It is recommended to apply for specific household items and wardrobe. In more detail, you will learn all the distinguishing features of delicate washing and its use from this article. So what does delicate mean?

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What are the names for delicate washing?

Delicate wash - what is it?What program does delicate mode mean (gentle wash)? If you use an automatic machine, this mode is probably programmed in it. The name may not coincide with what is given in this article. Variations can be different - these are:

  • delicate wash;
  • handwash;
  • specification of fabrics - for wool, for silk.
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What is the difference between delicate washing?

What is the difference between a hand wash and a delicate wash? Each mode of the washing machine has several parameters:

  • temperature;
  • washing time in the washing machine;
  • spin speed;
  • the presence and speed of drying.

For delicate washing, there are quite clear indicators - these are:

  • shorter or normal duration - within 1-2.5 hours, but during this period more attention is paid to the first stage of removing dirt and rinsing;
  • less sharp drum movement;
  • an increased amount of water is used;
  • temperature of 30, maximum 40 degrees;
  • the minimum number of revolutions during the spin cycle is 600-800 or even its absence;
  • lack of drying function.

Important! If your model of a washing machine with mechanical manual control, in addition to all the specified parameters, set a double rinse.

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Why do you need delicate washing?

First of all, delicate washing is the protection of things from complex fabrics from deformation: stretching, shrinkage. In addition, this mode allows you to:

  • extend the life of the item, due to less impact on the structure of the fibers;
  • exclude a change in the shade of clothing;
  • prevent it from tearing or skewing on the canvas.

Important! Often this mode is used to wash clothes in a business style. If you wear one, read more about how to wash shirts in a washing machine.

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What fabrics need delicate washing?

Understanding which mode is needed for your item is easy. Just look at the label on the wrong side - usually all recommendations are indicated there. If one is not found, take note of the following rules.

Fabrics that always wash only in the “delicate wash” mode are:

  • natural fabrics - wool, silk;
  • artificial - organza, viscose, rayon, modal, polyester, elastane, tactel, lycra.

Most often it is in things made of wool that problems arise after washing. And for sure you have a lot of such products in your wardrobe, because they are so convenient, pleasant to wear. Therefore, be sure to use our recommendations and secrets, how to wash woolso that they do not change in size, shape, and the threads remain strong for a long time.

Important! This applies directly to tissues.There are recommendations for using a gentle washing regime in a washing machine if:

  • the item is made in bright colors;
  • has relief elements;
  • differs in complexity of style;
  • It has a lot of decorative details - buttons, inserts, ruffles, etc.
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Other modes in modern washing machines

To quickly figure out your new washing machine and understand which thing and in what mode to wash, check out the list and description of other possible functions of your equipment.

Delicate wash - what is it?Popular types of washing:

  1. Daily is the optimal cycle for those who every day have to deal with a certain amount of dirty things that are needed tomorrow. Most often, this washing mode is used in the washing machine to process work clothes. The procedure takes about 40 minutes at a water temperature of about 30 degrees.
  2. Fast is another mode that is suitable for everyday use or for those who are not ready to wait for a full cycle. This function is usually used for clothes with little soiling. This saves time, electricity, water and washing powder - it needs half as much.
  3. Intense - ideal for very dirty clothes or linen. The process lasts a long time - at least 2.5 hours, the water temperature in this case is from 60 to 90 degrees, the drum makes more intensive revolutions. In no case should you use this washing regimen for delicate fabrics, even with complex stains.
  4. Economical. Its essence is the economical consumption of all necessary resources - water, electricity, powder. The only drawback is that such a cycle takes longer so that all the savings do not ultimately affect the quality.
  5. Preliminary - this is, in fact, the soaking function, which lasts with the use of powder and water at 30C for about 2 hours. Next comes the usual wash.
  6. Stain removal is a very interesting and necessary function. It is used directly to remove complex stains on tissues. The main feature is the use of low temperature, up to 40C.
  7. Footwear. This is a mode especially for thorough washing of sneakers, sneakers, shoes and boots. Although in those machines where it is absent, practical housewives sometimes use delicate washing, removing the spin and setting the minimum temperature, time. If you want to try cleaning your favorite pair this way, read more in our article, how to wash shoes in a washing machine.

Important! All of the listed modes of washing in the washing machine - this is not a complete list of modern features. To more clearly understand what your equipment can do, how to ease your household problems, ask the seller the right questions before you buy. So you will be able to purchase exactly the unit that is ideal for you. Be sure to consider:

  • number of people in the family;
  • hobbies and main occupation of all family members,
  • the presence of young children;
  • own household habits - how often do you like to wash and how much time are willing to spend on it;
  • acceptable budget for system maintenance.
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Now it’s probably easier to handle the wash. Follow all the recommendations in this article, always look at the labels on the clothes and set the correct washing modes on the washing machine. In this case, you can easily minimize personal involvement in the process of removing dirt from various tissues and keep all household items in pleasant cleanliness and freshness.

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