How to wash the curtain in the bathroom?

When you clean your bathroom, you may run into the problem of a dirty shower curtain. You will learn how to wash the curtain in the bathroom from yellowness and fungus, so that it is like new, from our article. This work does not take much time if done regularly and correctly.

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How to wash the curtain in the bathroom?

How to wash a shower curtainMost of the funds that may come in handy, you will find at home. For some, if necessary, you can go to the nearest store.

Important! Before you begin cleaning, familiarize yourself with how to properly organize the entire process. cleaning the bathroom and toilet with time savings. This information will help you not to make unnecessary movements and quickly achieve cleanliness!

Choose the tool that you want to use when removing mold and mildew from the curtain:

  • soda;
  • detergent;
  • vinegar;
  • washing powder;
  • bleach containing chlorine;
  • “Vanish” or “Ace”;
  • Domestos
  • lemon acid.

You will also need such auxiliary tools:

  • deep pelvis;
  • Toothbrush;
  • towels;
  • cleaning sponge;
  • Washer;
  • clean rags;
  • sponge;
  • latex gloves.

Important! Also learn about how to wash tiles in the bathroom from plaqueto tidy up the entire bathroom. You can use many of the above tools simultaneously for different purposes.

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Types of curtains for the bathroom

The material for curtains in the bathroom is different:

  1. Polyethylene curtains are the most short-lived and the cheapest, so they are easier to replace with new ones. The advantage of such curtains is that every 30 days you will have a new interior in the bathroom.
  2. Curtains from polyester or from vinyl are more durable and washable. To care for them, there are many tools and methods. It is better to wash them, but do it competently.

Important! And we also offer you:

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How to wash the curtain in the bathroom?

First, keep in mind that putting the curtains in order, washing or changing, must be done at least once a month. How to do it right?

How to clean a bath curtain in a washing machine?

To get started, use your laundry detergent. For its greater effectiveness, follow these instructions:

  1. Take a deep basin with warm water.
  2. Add two handfuls of powder.
  3. Soak the curtains.
  4. Leave it overnight.
  5. In the morning, use a toothbrush to remove mold and dirt on the seams.
  6. Throw in the washing machine along with two towels.
  7. Wash without spin and drying.
  8. Hang to dry, spreading over the bath.

Note: the towels will serve as brushes, but before putting them together with the curtains, read the instructions on the labels.

You also don’t have powder at hand, you can wash it in a machine with soda and vinegar. It is done like this:

  1. Put the curtain and towels in the machine.
  2. Add a glass of soda when washing.
  3. Pour a glass of vinegar to effectively rinse and remove mold residue.
  4. Remove and hang to dry.

How to wash a shower curtainMore serious and old pollution can be removed with the help of "Vanish" or "Ace". For this:

  1. Dilute the product as directed on the label.
  2. Soak the curtain for 12 hours.
  3. Machine wash at 40 degrees.

Important! While everything is washed in the machine, inspect other objects in the bathroom.Perhaps you can right now quickly and easily with the help of our tips:

How to manually remove the curtain in the bathroom?

If your curtain is not suitable for machine wash, wash it by hand. Also, more persistent dirt is removed by hand. To get started, you can use improvised tools such as soda and citric acid.

For proper use, follow these instructions:

  1. Make a thick slurry from soda and water.
  2. Using a brush, carefully process the curtain.
  3. Pour 10 liters of warm water into the bathroom.
  4. Add 3 sachets of citric acid.
  5. Rinse the curtain.
  6. Hang to dry.

For weekly care, any detergent is suitable. Use it as follows:

  1. Dilute a small amount in water.
  2. Pour the solution into the spray bottle.
  3. Spray onto hanging curtains.
  4. Wipe with a sponge.
  5. Remove the product with damp rags.

Particularly strong contaminants during handwashing can be removed with chlorine bleaches. Do this with this instruction:

  1. Pour cold water into the basin.
  2. Add a bleach cap.
  3. Soak the curtain for 1 hour.
  4. Brush especially dirty places.
  5. Rinse in running water.

Note: when working with chlorine-containing preparations, rubber gloves must be used.

Another effective option for cleaning bath curtains and removing fungal deposits from them is Domestos. You need to use it like this:

  1. Wear rubber gloves.
  2. Drop the concentrate on your hand.
  3. Spread it over the wet surface of the curtain.
  4. Leave on for 15 minutes.
  5. Hand wash.
  6. Rinse thoroughly.
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Useful Tips

  • Never use spin and drying modes during machine wash;
  • Wash curtains only at a temperature of no more than 40 degrees;
  • Never dry the curtains with an iron;
  • Prefer vinyl blinds - they are the most durable and durable.
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Take one of the described methods into your arsenal and regularly wash the curtains to the bathroom. In this case, the ideal cleanliness in the bathroom is provided to you!

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