How to wash a faded item 🥝 How to bleach shedding things when washing

No one is safe, even with the right washing, from molting things. How to wash away a faded thing and return to it at least not the original, but wearable look? In this article, you will learn the specifics of processing colored and white clothes, taking into account the characteristics of the material.

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How to wipe off a faded thing?

There are many, both synthetic and natural remedies for removing shed stains. Decide what you will use, and get down to business.

How to wash a faded thingYou may need such tools:

You will also need such tools:

  • deep soaking bowl;
  • Washer;
  • sponge;
  • enameled pan.
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How to bleach faded thing?

Despite the fact that the faded white thing looks awful and seems spoiled, it is nevertheless easier to put in order than color. Firstly, it is monophonic, and secondly, when choosing funds, you can not be afraid to damage the integrity of the color scheme. As soon as you find a faded white thing - boil it as soon as possible or wash in a typewriter at 90 degrees. If this does not help, start treating the stains with special tools.

Method number 1

To begin with, use chlorine-containing bleach (Domestos, Ace), it is suitable for both fresh spots and old ones. It is designed to handle things cut after spoilage. The principle of application is as follows:

  1. In a deep bowl, dilute one cap of the product into 5 liters of hot water.
  2. Soak clothes for 1 hour.
  3. Wash in the machine in normal mode with the addition of the same bleach.

Note: This method is suitable only for white fabrics.

Method number 2

It happens that a thing has molted out a long time ago, but you are just sorry to throw it away. In this case, you need to spend a little more time and the same chlorine bleach. It is done like this:

  1. Stir half a cap of the product in 5 liters of water.
  2. Soak the thing overnight.
  3. Machine wash at 90 degrees.

Note: be prepared for the fact that the item may have to be processed repeatedly.

Method number 3

If you have oxygen bleaches available (Vanish, Bos, Lion), you can also apply them as intended. You need to act like this:

  1. In 4 liters of warm water, dilute 1 tablespoon of the product.
  2. Soak the item for 10 hours.
  3. Machine wash at 60 degrees with the addition of powder and the same bleach.
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How else can you wipe faded things?

Folk remedies are both natural and always in stock. It’s easy to apply them, following our advice, and you can achieve the result without the help of a washing machine, saving on electricity. We offer you several tools and instructions for use.

Tip number 1

Try to get rid of faded marks with a soap-soda solution. Follow this instruction:

  1. Take a 10l pan.
  2. Pour 5 l of water and dissolve 15 g of soda and 40 g of laundry soap in it.
  3. Put on low heat.
  4. Put shed clothes in a saucepan and boil it for 2 hours.
  5. Rinse the treated wardrobe in cool water.

Tip number 2

How to wash a faded thingTo return things its snow-white color will help a solution of salt, starch, citric acid and soap. It is done like this:

  1. Mix 0.5 tbsp. salt with 1 tablespoon starch, 1 sachet of citric acid and 1 tbsp. laundry soap.
  2. Dissolve all this mixture in 3l of hot water.
  3. Soak the item in the solution for 14 hours.
  4. Stretch and rinse well after the due date.

Note: Such tips are suitable not only to neutralize faded spots, but also to remove yellow spots of old age and deterioration, for example, white bedding or towels.

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How to wash faded colored thing?

With colored things, things are a little more complicated than with white ones, since there is a possibility of even more damage to the picture. But if you act carefully and correctly, then everything will work out.

Option number 1

To begin with, as in the case of white things, clothes must be washed again and immediately in a machine with powder and at a temperature of 60 degrees. If it doesn’t work, then a stain remover for colored items will come to the rescue.

Note: First, make sure that it is valid for color, otherwise you risk aggravating the situation.

You need to act like this:

  1. Dilute your stain remover according to its instructions.
  2. Soak the item for 40 minutes.
  3. Wash in the same water.
  4. Rinse well in cool running water.

Option number 2

If you do not have a stain remover available, you can always use folk natural remedies. The most faithful ally of the shedding thing is ammonia. It dissolves the recently appeared paint, while leaving the main tone. To get the desired effect, use it like this:

  1. Take the pan.
  2. Pour 5 l of water and 2 bottles of ammonia into it.
  3. Lower the thing and heat over medium heat to a boil.
  4. Remove and rinse.

Note: get ready for an unpleasant ammonia odor! But the result will not be long in coming.

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Useful Tips

To avoid such situations, check out our additional recommendations:

  • Before washing, always carefully select and sort things;
  • try not to wash white things with colored ones;
  • check the drum of the machine before washing for the presence of forgotten things from the previous wash;
  • carefully read the instructions on the fabric and on the tools used;
  • try to handle the faded thing immediately after spotting;
  • in case of heavy soiling, do not be lazy to call for dry cleaning.

Important! If it was not possible to return the solid color of the clothes, use interesting ideas to decorate the damaged place on the fabric. Click on the link with a selection of methods "The second life of the faded thing".

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Following these simple rules, you will definitely be able to easily maintain for a long time the integrity and attractiveness of your entire wardrobe. See for yourself!

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