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Such a necessary thing a towel, for more than one century has been playing a crucial role in the life of any person. In any home, bath, kitchen towels are used, as well as for hands and other parts of the body. And of course, our well-being and health depend on their cleanliness and freshness, since it is the towels that come in contact with the skin directly. Experienced housewives know that it is very difficult to maintain the original soft form of the terry, because after the first wash it becomes hard, faded and prickly to the touch, and wiping with such a towel is not very pleasant. Today we will tell you how to wash, boil, boil, restore the washed white terry towels in order to restore their cleanliness and pleasant pristine softness and not throw money away.

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Why do towels get stiff?

All dirty towels, when improperly washed, cease to be soft and turn into a hard, prickly “monster” that kills all the wonderful sensations from a relaxing bath. And the thing is in the special properties of terry:

  • The fabric is very easily contaminated, since the loops of the material do not fit snugly together.
  • Regular washing using traditional powders aggravates the situation and the terry becomes tougher and unpleasant to the touch.
  • Terry towels require additional rinsing, since washing particles easily clog the fibers of the material.
  • Mahra is a specific material that does not like moisture or dryness.
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General care rules

To terry towels become gentle pets, they must be properly looked after. We will tell about all the subtleties of washing, rinsing and drying below, and now the basic rules of care:

  1. Do not keep the towel wet for a long time, as it will start to smell unpleasant, as a result - mold may appear.
  2. Do not throw towels in the laundry basket with other dirty clothes. Mahra absorbs moisture and an unpleasant odor very quickly.
  3. It is necessary to wash dirty terry products immediately so that the pollution does not absorb into the fibers of the fabric.
  4. Excessive dryness makes the terry stiff, therefore, it is impossible to dry products from heating devices.

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All the subtleties of washing terry towels

When caring for delicate materials, listen to the recommendations on how to wash washed towels:

  1. Before the first wash of terry, carefully study the label-label and ask what mode of washing the manufacturer offers.
  2. If the label on the product is missing, then wash the product in a delicate mode at a temperature of 40-60 degrees.
  3. Be sure to find out how hard the water in your water supply is. If necessary, add tablet softener to the machine. When washing by hand, pour 100 ml of vinegar into 10 liters of water in water.
  4. Use only liquid detergent for washing. Conventional laundry detergent is poorly rinsed from the fabric and clogs the fibers.
  5. Do not use bleach. Bleach microparticles penetrate deep into the terry and are difficult to remove.As an exception, use bleach when washing a white or light towel, in case when the pollution is very strong and it is impossible to wash it by hand.
  6. Prior to machine washing, manually clean all dirty areas. Remove stubborn stains with laundry soap or ammonia.
  7. Dry the wet soaked towel first and then wash so that an unpleasant musty odor does not appear.
  8. Do not wash in eco mode. The fabric is very hygroscopic and needs a lot of water for washing and rinsing.
  9. In the drum of the machine, along with towels, place some special balls for washing down products. You can use tennis balls for this purpose. After the procedure of whipping balls, the pile will become soft and fluffy.
  10. To wash the washed terry towels, do not boil them. Soak the product overnight in a double solution of detergent, and load it into the washing machine in the morning.
  11. An ideal tool for effective and high-quality washing of terry products is baking soda. Add 0.5 cups of soda to the detergent - this will help eliminate unpleasant odors, get rid of fungi and mold.
  12. When washing off heavy contaminants, choose a detergent without chlorine and dyes. If you use a stain remover to remove contaminants, make sure that the product does not get on clean areas of the towel. After processing the product, be sure to rinse it abundantly in warm water.
  13. Wash terry towels in the washing machine separately from other things, when the drum is full three quarters. If there is no possibility for a separate wash, then exclude products with zippers, buttons and protruding accessories so as not to catch the terry thread.

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How to rinse towels after washing?

  1. If you are using machine wash, turn on an extra rinse cycle to remove all detergents from the fabric fibers.
  2. Do not use a regular rinse aid, as it clogs the loops of terry.
  3. Use a fabric softener that rinses with silicone to rinse. But do not use it too much, since in a large amount of silicone reduces the absorption of tissue.
  4. You can use rinse conditioner for baby clothes.
  5. To level the loops of terry, add some salt to the air conditioning section. If the towels are very hard and old, then salt can be added to the section for washing powder.
  6. After hand washing, rinse the towels in water with vinegar.

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Rules for spinning and drying:

Spin should be treated with caution, since during a strong spin the mahr stretches and gradually loses its properties.

Some housewives prefer not to squeeze out towels at all and hang them immediately after rinsing in fresh air so that the water drains itself. In this case, the mahr is not crumpled and remains fluffy after drying.

If you decide to use the spin mode in the washing machine, then set the minimum: 500-700 revolutions and fill the drum by ⅔.

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Where and how to dry?

After it was possible to wash the washed terry towels, you can dry the products:

  • In an electric car. After such drying, the products become soft, even without using an air conditioner.
  • In the open air. Try to hang towels more often on the street, they love it very much, just don’t dry it, otherwise they will lose fluffy.
  • On the balcony or in a well-ventilated area at room temperature.

Before hanging the terry towel to dry, shake it thoroughly so that the loops straighten as much as possible.

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Ironing terry products is not recommended, as high temperatures can damage the integrity of the loops. After ironing, the fabric loses its fluffiness and softness.

If you still need to iron the product, then use for this purpose, the steaming mode and the temperature is not higher than 150 degrees. Better apply vertical steaming. Iron the decorative elements on the towel with a warm iron without steaming.

Useful Tips:

  1. If after washing the towels become stiff, soak them overnight in clean water. Water will wash all residual detergents. In the morning, rinse the towels, gently squeeze and hang to dry in the fresh air.
  2. If elongated loops appear on the product after processing, then do not try to straighten them, just cut the problematic threads. Towels do not belong to knitted, but to woven products, therefore, after cutting the threads, the matter will not bloom.

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How to wash the washed terry towels at home manually?

Hand washing always has a lot of advantages, since you directly follow the process and you can add various ingredients to the water that will help to soften terry towels efficiently and effectively.

The process is carried out in the following sequence in order to qualitatively wash the washed terry towels:

  1. Draw warm water into the bath. Do not use bowls for washing, as the terry absorbs water well.
  2. Dilute liquid detergent in water.
  3. If the water is hard, add vinegar (1-2 cups of vinegar per ⅓ bath).
  4. Wash the product.
  5. Leave to sour for half an hour in soapy water.
  6. Drain the soapy water.
  7. Rinse the product thoroughly under high pressure to remove all detergents from the fibers.
  8. Draw clean warm water into the bath.
  9. Pour some salt into the water. Salt will help fluff the product and make it softer.
  10. Leave the product in water for half an hour.
  11. Rinse the towel in salt water.
  12. Drain the water.
  13. Unscrew the towel very carefully.
  14. Hang to dry in the fresh air.

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How to whiten washed terry towels?

Clean and fresh towels are the decoration of the house and the pride of the hostess. Each has its own secrets of the wonderful transformation of old and washed towels into snow-white “swans”. Today we will talk about some recipes that help whiten washed terry towels.

Method number 1. Boiling

Our grandmothers also used this simple method:

  1. Pour water into a bucket or boil.
  2. Add a mixture of laundry soap and soda ash.
  3. Place towels in a container with soapy water.
  4. Put on fire and simmer for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Allow the water and contents to cool.
  6. Rinse the laundry in plenty of water.
  7. Dry your towels in the fresh air so that the smell of soap disappears.

Method number 2. We use hydrogen peroxide

For this method you will need:

  • 15 liters of boiling water.
  • 4 tbsp. tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.
  • 1 tbsp. a spoon of ammonia.

Mix all the ingredients, dip the laundry in the solution and leave for 30 minutes. The result on the face - no pollution and a noticeable bleaching of the tissue.

Method number 3. Potassium permanganate + laundry soap:

  1. Prepare two basins at once.
  2. Fill the containers halfway with boiling water.
  3. Rub the laundry soap on a coarse grater.
  4. Pour soap shavings into the first basin.
  5. In the second basin, dilute potassium permanganate to obtain a red color.
  6. Pour the contents of the first basin into the second.
  7. The mixture should turn brown.
  8. Place terry towels in this solution.
  9. Leave the laundry for 6 hours.
  10. Rinse thoroughly.
  11. Air dry.

Method number 4. Bleach towels with vegetable oil

This is the most unusual, but effective way to restore the whiteness of towels. Oil softens all impurities and helps remove them.

Proceed as follows:

  1. For 15 liters of boiling water, take ⅔ cup of any washing powder, 3 tbsp.tablespoons bleach, 3 tbsp. tablespoons refined vegetable oil and 3 tbsp. tablespoons of vinegar essence.
  2. Mix everything thoroughly until the powder is completely dissolved.
  3. Soak the laundry in the solution overnight.
  4. Squeeze the towels in the morning.
  5. Wash terry products in the washing machine.

To facilitate the whole process, first dissolve the powder and bleach in the water (preferably powder), and then pour the oil into the mixture. Otherwise, a film of oil formed on the surface will complicate the dissolution process.

Method number 5. Soak before washing

If you are not ready to endure the smell of boiling or you do not have time for this procedure, then use the method of soaking before washing.

You can soak:

  • In salt water. Pour salt in a bowl of cold water at the rate of 1 tbsp. spoon per 1 liter of water. Leave the dirty towels in the solution for a couple of hours, and then wash.
  • In the laundry soap. Wet towels generously with household soap. Put the processed products in a plastic bag. After a day, rinse the towels in cool water. This method will allow you to get rid of greasy stains, remove yellowness, an unpleasant odor and very effectively wash washed towels.
  • In dishwashing detergent. Soak the towels in a dishwashing solution for 10 minutes. And if you need to bleach cotton or waffle kitchen towels, then drop a small amount of ammonia into the water.
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We hope that our advice and recommendations helped you to wash and bleach the washed terry towels, because the comfort in our house consists of pleasant little things, including snow-white, soft, fluffy and fresh towels.

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