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A terry blanket or simply shaggy, which is pleasant to the body, is a real salvation on cool evenings: it is so nice to wrap yourself in it and read your favorite book on a rainy day. But over time, it inevitably loses its pristine purity and attractiveness. Then the question arises: how to wash the plaid at home, so that it still remains pleasant to the touch and retains its original appearance?

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What are the plaids?

Blankets - symbolize home comfort and bring warmth and comfort to the house. Currently, you can choose products for every taste. The most common: cashmere, fleece, fur, acrylic, linen, cotton, silk, grass, as well as rugs from polyester. The answer to the question of how to wash a plaid at home depends on what material this interior decoration item was made of.

How to wash a plaid at home?Since plaids include synthetic fibers that can generate static electricity, the bedspreads attract dust and odor over time, and therefore they simply need to be periodically washed and cleaned of impurities.

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When and how to wash the plaid?

Is it possible to remove the blanket from heavy contaminants and how often can it be washed? More than once a month, you do not need to wash the blanket, because after each such treatment it can deform and lose the brightness of the colors.

Before you decide to wash the product, pay attention to the composition of the fabric, to the general recommendations for washing. You will find all this on a label.

There are 3 options for cleaning blankets:

  1. Handwash.
  2. Machine washable.
  3. Dry cleaning.
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How to wash a plaid manually?

Washing the blanket by hand is a very laborious and rather troublesome process. We recommend washing directly in the bathroom, following this way:

  1. Type warm water into the bath.
  2. Dilute the detergent or carpet cleaner in the water (the cost of the detergent is not reflected in the quality of the wash).
  3. Put the plaid in the soap solution obtained and leave it for a couple of hours.
  4. Work the product over the entire area with your hands, without lifting it out of the water, gently rub the contaminated places (you can trample on your feet).
  5. Move the plaid to the edge of the tub and release the water, opening the drain.
  6. Let the water come out completely.
  7. Pour clean water.
  8. Remember the plaid with your hands or feet and drain the soapy water again.
  9. The washing and rinsing process must be repeated 2-3 times (at the last rinse, add rinse aid to the water).
  10. Move the plaid over and let the water drain.
  11. After 10-15 minutes, roll the product into a roll, lift it by the middle and lean it against the wall of the bath, giving stability to the p-shaped “structure”.
  12. After half an hour, throw the rug over the stick, after placing it above the bath.
  13. After the water drains, hang the plaid on a balcony or street - so that the cover does not burn out, preferably not in direct sunlight.
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How to wash a plaid in a washing machine?

In the washing machine, you can wash small rugs and just those products that can accommodate your drum. These are usually baby or fleece rugs.

There are no cleaning features. Just pick up a special powder and rinse with conditioner. Choose the program necessary for the plaid material: wool or delicate wash and indicate the temperature not higher than 40 C. The spin speed - not higher than 400 (if you spin at high speeds, the product will change its shape or stretch).

Further, to wash the blanket in the washing machine, proceed as follows:

  1. Load the product into the drum.
  2. Place the selected detergent in the appropriate section of the cuvette. We recommend using liquid substances, as they create a little foam and are easier to rinse out.
  3. If you wash a colored blanket, use gel or powder without bleach.
  4. Add rinse conditioner to the designated compartment. It will give the plaid aroma, and also reduce the ability to form a static charge, make the material fluffy and soft.
  5. Choose a gentle mode of operation of the machine: the program “wool” or “hand or delicate washing”. The temperature regime should not exceed 40 C.
  6. If possible - in the program of the machine, set the number of revolutions of the drum during the spin cycle to the minimum value.
  7. Discard the “drying” function.
  8. After all the items completed, press the “Start” key.

Important! You can use industrial automatic machines that allow you to wash enough overall things. Most often, the cost of services includes not only washing, but also drying the product, so without any effort you will get a cover that is immediately ready for use, and the staff serving this department will help you decide how to wash the blanket in the washing machine.

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The subtleties of caring for a plaid from various materials

In order to maintain the attractiveness and integrity of your subject for as long as possible, consider the recommendations below on how to wash a plaid at home from one or another material, and what should not be done.


Synthetic blanket is easy to clean. It can be safely fearlessly entrusted to the machine, but hand washing is also acceptable. You cannot boil polyester, however, the upper permissible temperature limit can reach 60 C, but it is better to refer to the care information indicated on the product label, as some products can only be washed up to 30 C.

When machine washable, set to “delicate” mode or “synthetics”. If the product is not very dirty, use a quick wash. There is no need to refuse spinning in the washing machine, the product can be dried naturally and it will not be necessary to iron it.

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A microfiber blanket can be washed manually, or you can entrust the procedure to a machine, observing the following rules:

  1. Carefully choose detergents: give preference to liquid products or shampoos.
  2. Temperature is not higher than 60 C, do not use stain remover.
  3. It is recommended to dry the washed blanket in a straightened form without exposure to sunlight and batteries.


How to wash a plaid at home?The fleece product can be washed both manually and in the machine. The rules for the care of textile items from this material are as follows:

  1. Before washing the blanket, do not soak, as the fleece does not absorb dirt.
  2. When washing by hand, use laundry soap, the water temperature is 35 C.
  3. If there are no stains and dirt on the blanket, then just soak the fleece blanket for a few minutes in the detergent, and then rinse.
  4. If after washing it is thoroughly straightened, then you won’t have to iron it.
  5. The fleece blanket dries very quickly.
  6. For machine wash, select “delicate” mode.
  7. Chlorine-containing bleaches cannot be added, nor should a fabric softener be used, as it will violate the fleece's water-repellent properties.
  8. It is advisable to wash the product alone and not when the drum is fully loaded.

Natural fabrics

  1. Linen and cotton are as easy to clean as synthetic materials. Their washing can be completely entrusted to the machine, reducing the temperature to 30 ° C (this will prevent shrinkage of the fabric). It is better to iron such products not completely dried out - so the procedure for straightening the folds will be much easier.
  2. Cashmere, silk can only be washed by hand in cold water using shampoo. Add the conditioner during the last rinse. Any spin for such fabrics is contraindicated. After getting rid of moisture, lay the product on a horizontal surface and turn it over from time to time until it dries completely.
  3. Before washing a fleecy or fur blanket, it must be thoroughly shaken from accumulated dust, and only then start washing.
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How to wash a wool blanket?

How to wash a woolen plaid at home - this question arises most often with housewives, since it is such products that are very warm, cozy and give a special touch to the interior. But to do this is not always necessary - to refresh the blanket, it is enough to hang it on the balcony or loggia for several hours. Clean off small dirt with a brush.

Important! Despite the fact that many washing machines have the “Wool” mode, it is not recommended to wash a product made of this material.

If you decide to hand wash, then proceed as follows:

  1. Dial in the bathroom or a large basin of cold water - up to 30 C.
  2. Add liquid detergent for delicate fabrics (or detergent for wool).
  3. Soak the wool blanket for 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse the product in water of the same temperature (do not rub!).
  5. Let the water drain by moving the plaid to the edge of the bathtub.

Important! It is impossible to twist and squeeze a plaid out of wool!

  1. Lay the plaid on a horizontal surface and let dry.

Important! Woolen blankets should not be dried in limbo, as its shape will change.

Woolen blanket cleaning without washing

Considering that even the most accurate washing wears out blankets from wool, we recommend replacing water procedures with cleaning. Apply the following home method:

  1. Clean the dust and hair from the blanket by shaking it vigorously.
  2. Prepare the following remedy: 1 tsp. vinegar, 2 tsp. shampoo, 100 ml of warm water.
  3. Beat the prepared solution until a dense foam forms.
  4. Apply the resulting mixture to the surface of the bedspreads with a soft brush for clothes.
  5. After the composition has dried, vacuum the product.
  6. Dampen a soft cloth in vinegar and wipe the plaid.
  7. Brush the fibers thoroughly.
  8. Repeat the procedure by turning the cover side upside down. This will achieve even greater effect.

Important! If you cleverly handle threads, knitting or crocheting, apply these skills to decorate your home. Use the detailed workshops on how to make an originalknitted plaid on the sofa.

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Useful Tips:

  1. So that during storage the blanket does not accumulate dust and dirt, wrap it in an old pillowcase.
  2. It is not recommended to keep such things in plastic packaging, since the lack of ventilation will lead to air stagnation and an unpleasant odor, which can lead to the appearance of moths and other pests.
  3. It is better to tidy up a natural fur blanket in dry cleaning, since this material does not tolerate moisture, and can react to any home remedies in an unpredictable way.
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To preserve the beauty and softness of the plaid for a long time, properly care for it and remember: the softer the texture of the fabric, the more gentle the wash should be. But manual cleaning is able to extend the life and softness of a plaid from any fiber. Follow our advice - and your beloved veil will delight all family members with its warmth and comfort for many years.

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