How to wash shoes in a washing machine?

Not only the appearance of a person, but also the order in the house depends on the condition of the shoes - because we bring dirt into the apartment from the street mainly on boots and sneakers. But the modern housewife does not always have enough time to wipe each pair with a damp cloth and tear it to a mirror shine. And this method is not suitable for any shoes. Some types of products do not require polishing, but a real wash. We will talk about how to wash shoes in a washing machine in this article.

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Hand or machine wash?

Shoes can be washed by hand, and many do. However, this method is not much different from traditional washing in a basin. This method has several drawbacks, and the main one is a meager result with great efforts.

Washing machine much more convenient. Is it possible to wash shoes in an automatic machine? You can, if you follow the technology - select the desired mode and select the appropriate detergents.

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Can any shoes be washed?

Before starting to wash, set aside items that must not be washed under any circumstances. Washing shoes in an automatic machine is not the most suitable option for products:

  • faux leather;
  • of suede;
  • from fabrics, if there are leather or suede inserts.

Important! The leatherette from washing is warped or may crawl away completely, natural suede is quickly wiped off, and artificial suede also has the property of shedding.

It is possible to wash:

Important! It is also necessary to sort products by quality. If there are holes, open seams or protruding foam, it is better to refrain from washing. Threads and pieces of foam will cram into all the holes, so that you risk losing not only your beloved pair of such convenient shoes, but also the washing machine.

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Laundry Prep

So, when asked whether it is possible to wash shoes in a washing machine or in a regular one, they gave a positive answer and decided to take a chance. But do not hope that you can do without the usual methods of processing the material.

Before you put your sneakers or sneakers inside the machine, you need to do a few things.

  1. Shake sand, stones and other small debris out of them.
  2. Wipe off stains of paint.
  3. Wash the soles of everything that is stuck on them. Separately, you can use our instructions and methods to whiten the sole on sneakers and sneakers.

Important! It is best to wash such products in special mesh bags. You can buy them at any hardware store. They are different, so we suggest you read about choosing a shoe wash bag.

But if suddenly there were no bags at hand - put one or two old towels in the machine along with a dirty pair of “little hearts”.

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How to wash shoes in an ordinary washing machine?

There are no special tricks here - old cars have only one mode, and they are extremely undemanding to washing powder. Therefore:

  1. Laundry Powder Choose according to fabric type or universal.
  2. Put the sneakers in bags, all this - in the machine.
  3. In time, the process will take exactly the same time as washing ordinary linen.If your grandmother’s machine has a time setting mode, select the minimum.
  4. For washing white items, you can add bleach for linen.

Important! Both in the old type machine and in the machine, you can wash no more than one pair of adult sneakers or sneakers at a time.

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How to wash shoes in a washing machine?

Washing shoes in an automatic washing machine is both simpler and more complicated than in a regular one. The automatic machine is more demanding on detergents, but on it you can set the optimal mode:

  1. Select detergent - preferably liquid.
  2. Add water softener if necessary.
  3. Choose a program for washing sports shoes.
  4. If there is no special program, select delicate wash mode.
  5. If there is no delicate washing mode, select the shortest time.
  6. Set the temperature - it should not exceed 30 ° C.

Important! Squeezing is not recommended, so this mode is best turned off immediately.

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How to dry shoes?

Regardless of how you washed your sneakers or sneakers, you need to dry them at room temperature. The automatic machine allows you to set the drying mode, but use it in this case is not worth it. From temperature extremes, the material will very quickly lose its quality and appearance.


  1. Let the water drain.
  2. Then fill the sneakers with paper so that they do not lose shape.
  3. Place in a warm (but not hot) and well-ventilated place.

Important! If necessary, before putting the sneakers to dry, wipe the inside with a weak solution of vinegar - this will remove the unpleasant odor. But this method is not suitable for all shoes - for example, it is not suitable for membrane sneakers.

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Have you made sure that washing shoes in a washing machine is easy, but does it look like a new one after such a “bathing”? Then act like this every time the products began to look noticeably worn and gray, the yellow coating is no longer washed with ordinary soap.

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