Which powder is better - Ariel or Persil?

A good housewife is always looking for the best options for household cleaning products, so that there will be savings, and the tool will fully perform its functions. Among a large assortment of advertised laundry detergents, it is difficult to make the right choice right away and determine which liquid gel, capsule or powder is better - Ariel or Persil? In this article, we will try to put the benefits of the most popular detergents on the shelves and help you choose a really high-quality powder.

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How to choose washing powder?

Internet forums and blogs are full of information about the results of their own experience of the hostesses. Among so many opinions, it is difficult to determine which one is the most objective and which one is really worth listening to. To reinforce the words with arguments, we present the results of real testing. So it will be easier for you to decide which powder is better - Ariel or Persil.

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Which powder is better - Ariel or Persil?

As stated in the advertisement, the powder copes with any pollution, even the most persistent. Do known powders such as lipstick, mascara, foundation, and ketchup really remove well-known powders?


With a careful choice of detergent, it is necessary to take into account its component composition as indicated by the manufacturer and the real cleaning properties.


  • This powder does not belong to safe phosphate-free products, as honestly indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging of the powder. But it should be noted that to soften the water, nevertheless, phosphonates are used, which are less harmful than phosphates that are part of other drugs.
  • The amount of anionic surfactants unsafe for the human body is 5-15%.

Important! The optimal content of surfactants in the washing powder is 5-7%.

  • The list of active components of the product also includes optical brightener, which is not completely washed from clothes and harms our skin. In fact, it does not bleach, but simply creates an “optical” effect of whiteness, thanks to the luminescent particles deposited on the surface of the fabric.

Important! For real washing and whitening of matter, manufacturers use oxygen bleach, which is not in the composition of this washing powder.

  • The fragrance of washing powder has a rather pleasant aroma and leaves only a slight smell on the clothes, which is easy to drown out with your perfume.

Important! To better understand what substances are used and what they are used for, we recommend that you also familiarize yourself with traditional composition of powders.

Washing properties

So, how does this tool cope with the removal of the above stains in the normal washing mode with a water temperature of 40 degrees? - We make an assessment based on practical notes and experience:

  • Ketchup was completely removed, without leaving even a trace.
  • Mascara left a slight mark, but did not completely wipe off.
  • Lipstick only slightly changed to a lighter shade.
  • The foundation remained almost unchanged.

Important! It is unlikely that you will ever so much and so generously stain your clothes in such a quantity, so take into account the intensity of possible pollution.

It is worth noting that after subsequent washes, stains from lipstick and mascara still disappeared, but the oily layer of the foundation without bleach could not be removed.

Laundry detergent Ariel

This powder is a bit similar in composition to the Persil already described. Will its properties be different to understand which powder is better - Ariel or Persil?


  • 5-15% anionic surfactants.
  • Harmful phosphates.
  • Optical brightener in the composition of the powder is absent.
  • Zeolites are used as auxiliary substances in washing, the harm or harmlessness of which is constantly being discussed. The negative point of such components is their poor ability to rinse, damage to fabrics and parts of washing machines. They also lead to “dustiness” of washing powder.

Important! Opening a new packet of Ariel laundry detergents, you will immediately see and feel the dust particles that quickly spread throughout the room. Such an action can lead to obstruction of the respiratory tract and affect the well-being of allergy sufferers.

  • The powder has an intense pungent odor that stays on washed items for a long time.

Washing properties

As for the “direct duties” of the powder, he managed in the same washing mode almost the same as the previous tested product:

  • The stain from the ketchup was completely removed.
  • The mascara didn’t wash off completely, leaving behind a gray noticeable mark.
  • The fondant spot has acquired a less bright shade, but nothing more.
  • The foundation remained almost unchanged as a bright spot on matter.


Based on the testing, you can conclude for yourself which powder is better - Ariel or Persil. They wash almost the same way, the composition is unsafe, but as for the smell, Ariel has a more intense and harsh aroma. For some, this is a significant minus, but there are many people for whom this characteristic is only the advantage of a detergent.

Important! Based on all of the above, it makes sense to think about using more environmentally friendly laundry detergents, although this is a matter for each user personally. You can choose this from our separate articles:

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Which powder is better - Ariel or Tide?

Another well-known washing powder for which the manufacturer did not spare money for advertising is Tide. What are its characteristics and is it really capable of replacing proven boiling, as the commercials on television assure? Do Tide's washing properties differ from the already proven Ariel or Persil?

For a more objective assessment of the powders, we create the same “working conditions” for them.

Testing Objective:

Wipe coffee, blood, tomato, grass and wine stains on white terry towels.

Testing conditions:

  1. The fast wash mode in the washing machine is the machine in cold water for 25 minutes.
  2. A full wash cycle in water at a temperature of 60 degrees for 65 minutes.

Ariel Test Results:

  1. Fast cycle. In cold water, the powder coped with stains from grass and tomatoes and slightly washed coffee stains. Traces of wine and blood remained virtually unchanged.
  2. Full cycle. All spots were removed from the tissue completely.

Tide Test Results:

  1. Quick wash. Similarly to the previous results, the result of washing in cold water and this washing powder was obtained: the tomato and grass were completely removed, a light trace remained on the coffee, wine and blood were not removed.
  2. Full wash. All spots were washed away completely.

Persil test results:

  1. Quick wash. When interacting with cold water, the powder was able to completely remove traces of tomato and grass from a terry towel, the coffee stain was barely noticeable. Wine and blood remained virtually unchanged.
  2. Full wash. All pollution completely disappeared from white matter.

Test result

All three powders, for which advertising has brought considerable fame, cope with washing stubborn stains almost identically, without exerting a miraculous effect in cold water and coping with problems in hot water. Therefore, to decide which powder is better - Ariel or Tide or Persil, you still have to criterion of price and personal preference.

Important! Whatever laundry detergent you choose, in any case, for the proper care of your clothes, the following information prepared by us will come in handy:

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If you are going to the store next time for washing powder, consider the information in the article. If you have small children, then for safety reasons we do not recommend you to use these products, since their composition is far from the acceptable composition of products for washing things for newborns and older children. To make sure that your actions will not harm the baby’s health, use soap nuts or phosphate-free powders marked “hypoallergenic” or “for washing baby clothes” during washing.

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